Syclops – I’ve Got My Eye On You (DFA, 2008)

30 09 2008

I’ve been listening to this album since i found it on a blog one or two months ago (can’t remember which one sorry)…About all mysteries around this band’s members faces n shit, i really don’t give a F*µù…
As my favs producers are mostly playing on stage with masks, i’m not gonna spend time to tell u why or who is behind Syclops.
Just the fact is, Maurice Fulton produced, arranged & Wrote that LP…This reason isn’t the only one to be mo’ curious about them.
The best one is this extract from that pretty good LP called I’ve got my eye on you.
Ok it’s a DFA record but…what else?

Syclops # The Fly

Ok, it’s not a brand new exclusive super VIP record, but it’s a good one
So check it out

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This Record can be purchase at
DFA Official Webstore


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