DOWNLOAD # Gantz – Salvo

16 02 2014


No Comment_ Merci Gantz


[DOWNLOAD] Free IZWID Black Label by Seven Davis Jr

9 12 2013

IZWID 002 is available worldwide.
Thats for the news if u missed it since 2 weeks.
IZWID001 is already into my collection, massive heard it couple of weeks ago, people jumped on themselves, jumped on me, cried for a track name…All they got was Barrington Levy as sirens and it felt dope.

But today the post is more about the good people at IZWID who gonna provides a serie of free downloads, you can already grab a free Esgar tune called Rude Boy HERE (click right save as) & also a Se7en Davis Jr one called I don’t wanna answer HERE (click right save as). For sure, each release will get a non-album track as a free download so keep your eyes on the website or subscribe asap to their mailing list to receive exclusives.

Today i received this info that Se7en Davis Jr pays homage to this Prince classic CONTROVERSY, recorded in 2013 exclusively for IZWID.

Make sure you grab this_FUNK

[WATCH] Jeremiah Jae – Shake Stunt (feat. Oliver the 2nd) – Official Video

26 11 2013

Director: Chris Martz

So f* trippyyyyyyy background___Dope video from ‘Dirty Collections Vol. #2’ EP

[STREAM & DOWNLOAD] #DirenMuzik – Dayan: Music for Gezi

30 07 2013

An electronic music compilation bringing together producers from Turkey and abroad for #Gezi solidarity.

It’s not over the front page of newspapers this morning. And don’t worry, i’m not gonna bring back the topic about what should be on front page or not…in an era we can make our own online, to not be exposed to mass medias. But that is just my point of view of course. Anyway #Gezi kinda disappeared from “BreakingNews” live feed radar, but it is still boiling or at least, people are still aware and ready to strike back any governement’s decision that appears to not serve the People.
We all remember the horrible and violent actions leaded by police and governement in Turkey not only Istanbul, and everyone has been deeply shocked that lives has been lost. Is it just me or is this happening more & more the last 10 years?  Of course we can communicate more but damn cops acted like fury the one we saw spraying every f where hysterically almost like it had a bee or something stuck into his mask. There were people having picnic with kids. How can you not see them? But since, the pepper spray has been used like EVERYWHERE the last 5 years. I’ve been worried a lot for the people i met there or the ones i didnt have a chance to talk with. Information is everywhere, and so propaganda, and so democrazy so to be aware, to know what’s going on daily, you need to think local. More information treatment you have, less raw the info is. Local is something i’ve been thinking a lot recently, in those days of globalisation, information access, it controls attempts, and also seeing that problems are not solved where i write you from now, all i can see is that it exists EVERYWHERE.  I can’t save the whole village i crossed and broke my heart in many places i’ve been. Looks are the same when i’m back here. Think local and do your best around you everyday, cause any act is gonna start something, or change something.

Here’s an amazing proof of local work: An electronic music compilation bringing together producers from Turkey and abroad for Gezi solidarity. 50 tracks for Gezi, believe it,

You don’t want me to review 50 tracks. Really you don’t,
but if you were wondering why so many of your friends told you:

Istanbul is the shit

Then, launch this__Plenty of  opportunities to play it again.
many of those got recordings from the demonstration
also used for compositions purposes, it’s very eclectic
Très bien
you can also download your chanson préférée.
Isn’t it amazing?

[BUY & DOWNLOAD] Gantz – Karma lies EP

1 06 2013

Absolutely dope & unexpected 3 tracks from Gantz, including collab with Stiver.
As always, they delivered dope works, Gantz show a different side with fuckin mental Karma lies track,
guttered & dark, with great vocals like falling into boiling wax…Dope experimental
2nd tune will more than satisfy Gantz addicts, me first. …i tell you:

Istanbul finest

DOWNLOAD # V.A. – Robot Soup [Potholes Music]

16 10 2012

Almost hitting 1,000 posts on SoWhat, so im happy to pass the info about a good site i’m checking very often:
Potholes In My Blog, who’s also releasing music and they doin’ it well.

Check out this 17 tracks compilation called Robot Soup featuring a bunch of crazy composers, at least I love them & i wish you will as well: Suzi Analogue, Kidkanevil, Elaquent, James Pants, B.Lewis, Monster Rally….wait…there are more?
We are very proud to bring you the fourth entry in our producer showcase series. Robot Soup arrives but a few months after our previous release, Cosmic Island, which served as a follow-up to Space Toast and Midnight Snacks. And like those compilations, Robot Soup contains never-before-heard instrumentals from some of our favorite producers here at Potholes. It also revolves around a central theme of the cooler temperatures that have already made their way across the globe.

We’ve gathered 17 tracks from a beyond-gifted and varied ensemble of artists. These include the likes of Thelonious Martin, James Pants, Suzi Analogue, Sourface, Kidkanevil, and B.Lewis, all of whom, like their cohorts, bring a distinct and engaging interpretation on how the fall/winter months impact our lives.

Thank you to Theodore Taylor III for the beautiful cover and poster design.

You’re not seating in economical class right now. Your seat ain’t close from engines. And there are no babies in this plane to trouble your enjoyment_Trust me, this is all 1st Class, fresh & best quality from different parts of the world.
It’s already opening with a very retro-atmosphere beat science by Mr Pants, and after just the few names you saw floating you are already not…..reading….me……anymore.


Have a good fuckin time with this fuckin good compilation_Big Shouts to Potholes

DOWNLOAD # Mo’Kolours – Brave [from HAND7009XX]

15 10 2012

I think it’s too late for you to grab the physical release, cause its sold out at OHM bandcamp…but who knows maybe over Discogs?

Anyway, here you go for this free gift, and what a gift!! It’s been almost 9 months since Mo’ released Banana Wine, a 8 track EP
that you can grab here digitally (physical release also Sold Out….yup!)

Two brand new cuts from the Mauritian marauder Mo Kolours as a warm-up to the final EP in his trilogy of releases for One-Handed Music.
‘Brave’ shows Mo’s rhythmic prowess at its simplest: a drum beat and perfectly manipulated sample are sometimes all you need. This one builds and builds and leaves you wanting more.
‘Dredd Music’ is a hypnotic soul cut with a nod to Jamaica, a captivating sufferer’s chant over a typically loose rhythm from the South London-based percussionist.
Only available on the vinyl.

Brave is a f* hypnotic tune, and as they said: it “leaves you wanting more” This drum loop / fingers clap blend is amazing & those backgrounds reminds me of….Calibre.
Yup, the DnB-Jungle-Liquid funk producer with tracks such as Ponderosa with dBridge or others tunes in the vein of Redeyes or Mutt.

Really love this tune and i hope you’ll enjoy it too

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