I Wish I’ll Never Read This…Gil….please stay Longer….

28 05 2011

Rest In Freedom
Je T’aime

DOWNLOAD # Ghost Feet – Wires and Chords EP

25 05 2011

Not all my posts are made like this, and its also pretty rare i start writing about something i didnt listen first.
I just launched the player of the new Dropping Gems signed artists duo Ghost Feet, and what a good start.
Do like me, and listen. Read if you feel like it

Dropping Gems is proud to present the debut EP of our newest crewmembers, the Olympia-based duo Ghost Feet. The four tracks held within lay out a pretty convincing argument for the existence of supernatural beings, specifically ones that haunt the undersides of dead leaves or the tops of pine trees. The young duo combine the talents they’ve come to be known for through live performance, with Hobbes employing a range of drum machines, synthesizers and gritty sonic textures to build a framework for Qloq’s eerie guitar melodies. Their respective talents coalesce on Wires and Chords into a tight spectrum of tempos and moods. Some tracks bubble with the energy of ghost children during recess at midnight elementary school (“Pull Ups”), while others contemplate ancient laments as old as the land itself (“Bog”). We’re gratified to share this EP with the world, both for the tracks themselves and the suggestion of what’s to come.

DOWNLOAD # Ahnnu – Levels EP

24 05 2011

After the massive weekend i just had, as we hosted a DnB night on saturday
we had the great honor to bring DJ Flight from Metalheadz & boss of Play:Muzik, also Craggz & Parallel
That night was rockin, both artists gave us a fuckin amazing lesson of Junglism…
Will maybe upload you the recording soon, or never.

So today i needed some “no beats” music, and i just slept on the new Ahnnu since a month.
First EP was pretty dope, it calls Koko u can get it HERE if u didnt yet.
I ABSOLUTELY recommend you to have a listen on Koko EP first.

As i said i didnt wants beats so much, i wanted ambient atmosphere today…New Ahnnu is perfect

DOWNLOAD # Kärleksdödensweeetslowstockholmsummer, A Mix by AyGeeTee

21 05 2011

Waking up
BigSun & 23°C for now_Checking the soundcloud fam’
and AyGeeTee, from London, who got his EP released on AMDiscs
is bringing us this superb ambient mix full of all the shit he got into his mind
Trust me, its great for the wake up
More to come about this guy, as he’ll release a remix for forthcoming
Lord Boyd EP as well on AMDiscs

If you didnt get it, AMDiscs is one of my favourite label of last year and will be in 2011

DOWNLOAD # Madhandmade – Madhandmade

20 05 2011

Dope beats from Japan // Dig It

DOWNLOAD # You’ll Soon Know Show on NTS w/Special Guest S. Maharba

19 05 2011

Up In Blood exxxclusives Mixtapes via BTS (Sold Out)

Just relaying the info from You’ll Soon Know, last week NTS radio hosted the YSK show with very special guest and favourite of mine producer S.Maharba. I hosted a show on UB radio, (Bangkok) for more than a year about 4 years ago, and i posted about it i guess over here. It was called The Library. Since im not on it, archives are not available but i played S.Maharba since the very beginning. It’s a great pleasure to see that things are popping up now with this super fast sold out (one hour) Up In Blood mixtapes, plus many recent showcases and so on now a very special show, with live & interview. When im crazy about something, be sure to bookmark, without being pretentious, we are a lot of people all over the web to discover great artists years before Pitchfork does. So close your favourite Hype bookmarked useless websites please. Especially when those ones talk shit about Matthew Davids Music

I guess if the DL limit is reached, they will upload it again or unblock the soundcloud limit…but in case its not, i still can share it so dont hesitate to Holla me

(u better bookmark punka**)

DOWNLOAD # Danny Corn – Hyp Hyp & Ginger Chunk [Frite Nite Trax #8]

19 05 2011

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