DOWNLOAD # Aaliyah feat. Drake – Enough Said (Shlohmo Remix)

26 08 2012



DOWNLOAD # K.RUDD – W.I.M.I. [When Innovator Meeets Improvisor]

7 06 2012

Don’t be the fool missing those gems, 100% produced by SomeWhere Else !!! WUT ???!!!!
(except some ShlohmoS ; )

It’s all dopes, it’s all smokes, it’s all for yaz know trippin’ Brothers

Fuck i dont wanna talk at all / One ting sur’iz dat shit is WICKED BRO / 7 minutes til work done and i go fly

Most of those are great but ok my Fav’ Toons out there R =
WYN Anthem,
Mario Kart,
Tones (Feat Agendas),
257 (Feat Lonnie Ro.),
and Of Course
Fvck The Illuminati



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DOWNLOAD # Shlohmo – Fine, Thanks [Free]

20 09 2011

Back after almost 10 days without posting: 5 days of Festival working & 4 days of relaxing in Amsterdam.
And yeah Amsterdam is still amazing city, probably the best for anyone who wanna let the pressure goes away.

– Anyway –

Following his recent mix for Fader and his acclaimed first album, californian based producer Shlohmo is back with this nice free compilation:
Just hit 10K followers on facebook, so i thought i’d prepare a little present. this should not be taken seriously. please. all the tracks are at least a year old, if not over 2 years old. but i still had some feelings for them and thought you guys might enjoy 🙂 9 tracks in all.

o and get ready for the bad vibes release party this friday @ the downtown independent in LA. i will be playing bad vibes live all the way through. that means loop pedal, guitar, bass, keys, vocals, and everything else. all on my lonesome. we’ll see how it goes… video will be streaming live online. if it goes good, maybe i’ll bring the live set to ur city 2


DOWNLOAD # Shlohmo – Remixes part2

9 06 2011

1-Wacka Flocka Flame # Hard In Tha Paint (Shlohmo’s sit down remix)
2-Kelis # Milkshake (Shlohmo remix)
3-Gucci Mane # I’m Da Shit (Shlohmo Remix)


DOWNLOAD # ‘I’ll Be Your Friend’, a FOF Summer Sampler

8 06 2011

artwork by Angie Samblotte

Here it is, the awaited Summer sampler from FoF fam’….Most of the tracks here are well known
But if you never heard of the label of more than 2 artists featured, i hardly suggest you to grab this (free) item

Don’t Sleep, and download after the jump!

01. Shlohmo – “Places”, from the ‘Places EP’
02. Groundislava – “Creeper Shit”, from the ‘Book of Tech EP’
03. Salva – “Wake Ups”, from ‘Complex Housing’
04. Mexicans With Guns – “Highway To Hell” ft. Freddie Gibbs and Bun B (Ridin Dirty 7″ Mix), from ‘Highway To Hell’ 7″
05. Shlohmo – “Pretty Boy Swag” (Soulja Boy Pop Massacre), from ‘Pop Massacre’
06. Salva – “Blue” (My Dry Wet Mess Remix), from ‘Complex Housing’
07. Groundislava – “Animal” ft. Weary, from ‘Groundislava’
08. Groundislava – “Shlava” ft. Shlohmo and Jonwayne, from ‘Groundislava’
09. Shlohmo – “Post Atmosphere” (Baths Remix), from the ‘Camping EP’
10. Mexicans With Guns – “Icaros”, from ‘Friends of Friends Vol. 3′
11. Salva – “I’ll Be Your Friend”, from ‘Complex Housing’
12. Mexicans With Guns – “Me Gusto” ft. Chico Mann (Toy Selectah Remix)


Download # 22 Minutes 15 by X_J

21 12 2010

artwork by X_J

Almost all north europe was stuck under the snow for the last 2 weeks // I don’t wanna think about how much Canada or Russia are laughing at us now…Ahahahaha 15cm of snow and all the so called “Develop World” is paralysed…Anyway, HipHop isn’t

Here’s my latest selection of HipHop in 22 Minutes, dont ask me why
I started this and now i will keep on & on

Featuring Kidkanevil, Swede:art, Letherette, Machine Drum, Jr & PH7 and of course my fav’ peoples over L.A. represented by Teebs, Bahwee & Alex K for HW&W + MHD // Keep It Real & Think about other people stuck in the cold that live in the streets, Its Christmas yo….Think Twice

Much Love & Lets get ready for 2011…It’s Ours !!

Download # Teebs & Friends – Live Open Wide Transmission Part III with Take & Shlohmo

18 09 2010

Last & Thid part of Teebs & Friends Open Wide, this time its a again a big thing as he invited Take & Shlohmo. Let’s say 2 figures of Beat Music in Cali. Take has really nothing to proof to anyone, his last album dropped on Alpha Pup is one of my favourite this year. And when you’ll listen to it
(if not yet???YO!DON’T SLEEP I TOLD YA)
you’ll understand why Teebs invited him for this Transmission: i think they really share this passion for atmosphere created from noises. Melodies running beats: Only Mountains & Ardour are Master-Pieces.
I usually bring Teebs & Take in a mix for sure, it’s ComBo Yo!
Next guest is Shlohmo, from Wedidit and he’s having quite a big activity recently. Releases on FoF, EPs featurings Shigeto, LowEndTheory guest, an avalanches of Remix and one to come on Gonjasufi’s remix LP forthcoming on Warp. So yeah, if you REALLY NEVER heard about Shlohmo, then it’s your lucky day.

Click Click Boom, Enjoy

Will post about Teebs LP soon, but with all press, magazines he’s having those times, he dont really needs my wrotes ahahaha.

If you have it yet, please support by buying it. Will be out soon on Gatefold Double Vinyl, CD Digipack w/ art booklet, and all digital formats – flac, wav, mp3

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