PRE-ORDER # Ma Ligne, a Book by FUZI [U.V-TPK]

28 02 2011

The train line Paris St Lazare – Mantes La Jolie runs from the western suburbs into the French capital. FUZI and his group UV (Ultra Violent) used the “double étages” and “trains gris” for fifteen years as work basis and image carrier, as their territory and mistress. “FUZI,” “RAP,” “SALO,” “KISS,” and “VOYOU” drip down the smooth grey surfaces of the functionalist architecture. The leather on the benches is slashed; the windows smashed.

This book is a collection of photographs created between 1996 and 2001, an archive of vandalism, a contemporary document of “brutal insouciance” accompanied by the artist’s poems and texts. It wasn’t just about slamming, hammering and smearing one’s name everywhere to become known, it was about leaving behind a trace, both in the space and in the heads of the passengers.

This required a rigid approach: employing the surveillance methods of the rail police (SUGE) and conductors, only with reverse circumstances. A routine that was synchronized with the gaps in train schedules and intervals between security checks; rhythmized by station stops and coach compartments; locating, painting over and photographing—maintaining the line. Within the rules and regulations of society, they created Temporary Autonomous Zones for themselves, in which they could briefly experience absolute freedom, expressed through an archaic “aestheticism of chaos.”
Andreas Koller)

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WATCH # Horfe inna di London

28 02 2011

DOWNLOAD # Slapparatus, Mixed by Dibiase [Mondayjazz#172]

21 02 2011

Slapparatus is a decent journey into ever vibrant Californian beats phenomena. And a guide to it is non other than Mr. Dibiase aka Dibiase aka Dibia$e aka Diabolic’s productions coming all the way from LA’s very own Watts. He is wicked producer and a beat battle warrior with RedBull Big Tune 2010 champion title under his belt. At the moment he releases his material through Fat City, Jazzysport, All City and Alpha Pup. On the last mentioned label he also released his debut LP Machines Hate Me in 2010. So last year were quite large for him and now he wants to share it with you. Combining past, present and future his mix has all the necessary elements of groove, depth and bumpiness. And knowing that a big part of tracklist is by Dibiase’s own killah’s, wonders about level of production shouldn’t be an issue. Plus it delivers perhaps the biggest variety of Mondayjazz shoutings ever recorded on the mix and Dibiase deserves a big shout out back for that!
And don’t leave Slapparatus only for Monday, it’s real beauty lies in a Sunday’s afternoon walk through the neighborhood.


DOWNLOAD & BUY # AL PD – Reliques EP [Cascade Records]

20 02 2011

Artwork EP by Skyler Bieberly and Yusf Ali

You might heard Alex AL PD works through the label Sassbologna, here’s a snippet of almost 15 minutes from his EP called Reliques, to be published on French Label Cascade, based in Paris. Don’t Sleep

Tracklist / Exclusives Tracks from the new EP RELIQUES by AL_PD

01_hein by AL PD
02_litnel by AL PD
03_greater kabob by AL PD
04_skee-ball by AL PD
05_hurl by AL PD
06_tart by AL PD
07_17b-6 by AL PD
08_calidream by AL PD



DOWNLOAD # Lucky Me Podcast – Oneman >>Ninety Three Mixtape<<

18 02 2011

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this tracklist is killin’ me


LITE – Drops
Mobb Deep – Quiet Storm [inst.]
Bad Autopsy – Pour It On
Zed Bias – Music Deep Inside
Damage Daneeka – Creeper
French Fries – Charlotte [Canblaster remix]
Boddika – Basement
Search & Destroy – Candyfloss [Toasty remix]
Unknown – Knock, Knock
Pelican Fly – Bendin’ [Jay Weed remix]
Boddika – Soul What
Prince – I Would Die For You
Velour – She Wore Velour
Marcus Intalex – Under Surveillance
Oneohtrix Point Never – Nobody Here
Scuba – Twitch [Jamie Vex’d remix]
Fantastic Mr Fox – Peep Show [Desto remix]
Joker & Rustie – Tempered
Addison Groove – Sexual
Ikonika – Space Ugly
Gil Scott Heron & Jamie XX – NY Is Killing Me
50 Cent & Justin Timberlake – Ayo Technology [Acapella]
Girl Unit – WU
Wiley – Shower Eski [Mickey Pearce remix]
Digital Mystikz – Lost City
Starkey – Miracles
Desto, Clouds & Jimi Tenor ft. ChaCha – Time Bird
Wiley – Saw It Coming


18 02 2011

LISTEN & BUY # ManeMane – Mane2Mane [UUU09]

16 02 2011

Two days ago was the release date of (finally) new Mane Mane tape.
Sorry i was too busy spiting on V-day,
and also it’s getting really tense at work.
Some unions shits going on and of course its always the lil people that get the shit, never the boss himself.

I posted about yUk remix for Mane Mane Skin Fox EP recently,
there were this wicked video by Miko Revereza as well for this gem.
And we were honestly waiting, like calm cool kids we are.

There are almost everything you need into this material, from 7 to 77 years old.
Sorry im old enough to had a chance to play with my parents to MB games, you know…
Dice, pawns, playing cards, talking each other…Today is about buying the tape or buying the digital. Guess what? I think you should buy the tape, and if you want a digital….im eating blue cheese into my office.
So lucky to be in France. You know…Where cheese has smell

Check out links over the Soundcloud if u wanna buy, or if u wanna play this on repeat mode
(goes well with a good Pic Saint-Loup 2008)

Oh and yeah….It’s mastered by Matthew David


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