WATCH # Mon Faso, a Documentary about Burkina Faso

29 06 2011

Was doing some researchs for the next trip to record stores,
and checked my usual website. Mondomix is one of them, and while i was reading the latest edition
i found about this 6 short portraits of Burkina Faso peoples.
Mon Faso means My Faso
Sorry for non-french speakers…My african dudes will mostly understand all of it
French same, if you want english subs you should request over at this email HERE
Anyway u still can have a look and get all those atmospheres that make Africa our Mother Land
I feel sorry that one of the greatest man lost his life as a martyr long time ago
named Thomas Sankara. You should check about this man.
As you should know who was Steve Biko or Patrice Lumumba


Movies & Original Project by photographer Anaïs Dombret & Director Sylvain Poutiaz
Launch the player and keep on your work or whatever you are doing now
and feel atmospheres. Remind me of Frikyiwa records, those ambient & soundscapes by
Lipitone’s Bougouni  & Louis 2000’s Bignona. Those 2 LPs are Master-Pieces.
So dig it


WATCH # NYPD shuts down Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun release party with violence

29 06 2011



(via Lady Jay Diamond / Respect)

WATCH # Actress – Supreme Cunnilingus

28 06 2011

DOWNLOAD # Co. Fee – Knocksteady Podcast 49

28 06 2011

MHD 4 Ever
Co.Fee dropped this 45 minutes mix of live beats
Go Download it and show some love over at Knocksteady

If you didnt grab his recent EP via MyHollowDrum, its still available as Digital

BUY # Ichiro_ – Noon EP

28 06 2011

Sorry ya’ll i’ve been quite busy last week, working on this amazing
Richie Hawtin x Anish Kapoor gig…plus one of my best friends wedding
last week-end. So dont need to tell you, that this monday and tuesday i feel like F*
We are lucky enough to watch our thermometer grow up to 36°C (42°C in my office yesterday)
And we’re french, you know…We sucks…So no AC

Anyway, i listened to this yesterday and it kept my ears fresh for 30 minutes
If you’re not working, take a ice bath, smoke a big one
And press:play

Til Ichiro_ hit peoples ears, you can play this again and again.
Keep your eyes on Ichiro_ if you’re doing it already

DOWNLOAD # Mirror State & Buck UK – Unseen EP

20 06 2011

Let’s start this new week with some freshness
Following his remix for Rora Realis 2 month ago, Melbourne based producer
Mirror State is dropping this fresh EP in collab with Buck UK
5 beautifull and deep tunes including a remix by Sorrow
Highly Recommended

Happy Monday all

DOWNLOAD # Om Unit X Lorn – Obsidian

15 06 2011

#OBSIDIAN thats the name

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