30 11 2011

This is a message from BNE to every graffiti writer and street artist around the world. Please read this message in its entirety and forward it to other members of our culture. If anyone would like to support by translating this into other languages for us besides Spanish or Japanese, please contact

Our goal is to raise at least $500,000 dollars before March 1st, but I believe that we are capable of raising the full two million dollars or even more. When united in large numbers, the power of the people is massive. With everyone’s support, achieving this goal will not be very difficult.







And Then You Can DONATE Money for kids & their families for them to DRINK CLEAN WATER

You Just Get Your Pay or about to so dont tell me you cant give 20$




DOWNLOAD # Low Leaf – Surf [Produced by Snorlax]

30 11 2011


Honestly the Best Music i’ve discovered this month….
Will post more about it soonish
But i cant really tell you anything else than listen to the EP
Which is really really fuckin great
For now just play this again and again like im doing

If Download limit reached get it over Bandcamp

DOWNLOAD # Kito & Reija Lee – Sweet Talk (ARP101’s Boogified Mix)

26 11 2011

Hell Yeah Funky


DOWNLOAD # Redeyes – The Night Air Mixtape

25 11 2011

If you ever ever never heard of Julien Salvi aka Redeyes, dont worry, you already did
Cause he’s the one did that Pusherman thing, Mayfield Disco Liquid DnB
And so much more Soulfull anthem via Creative Source, Bingo or Spearhead.

So it’s been a while a mixtape wasnt out but productions is still on the go with his soul project TRILOGY
Also a release coming out next Week via Chateau Bruyant alongside Youthman, Sweed, Mael…
He cooked you this mental recipe, only him and few others
can keep this sooouuuul man alive selection goes like that

New Fresh Mixtape from Mr Redeyes Yo!!
(Brownswood, Ninja Tune, CIA, Creative Source & on & on)
Full of Deep/House/Bleep/Soulfull/Bass/Techno influenced Beats

DOWNLOAD (via Mediafire)

01 Fatima – Red Light

02 Jamie Woon – Night Air

03 Gang Colours – Village & City

04 Presk – Headway

05 Falty Dl – The Sale ends

06 The Weeknd – Thursday

09 Julio Bashmore – Ribble to Amazon

10 Mosca – Orange Jack

11 Martyn – Ghost People

12 ARP 101 – U

13 Ifan Dafydd – Miranda

14 Cooly G – Landscapes

15 Joe – Rut

16 Pangaea – You and I

17 Sepalcure – Me

18 Mount Kimbie – Carbonated

DOWNLOAD # Teebs – Hi hat..unreleased pop remix 07

25 11 2011

Merci Teebs


DOWNLOAD # Ghostek – Mutual Surrender

24 11 2011

New Ghostek….Get Mad again

DOWNLOAD # Sorrow & Owsey – Sweetheart of Kairi EP

24 11 2011

Remember about 3 days ago i was talking about that Hiatus & Shura
remixes EP with Danny Drive Thru, Sorrow & Owsey. That im sure you are still enjoying….
Well, things cant be better as SORROW & OWSEY just released this 6 tracks project
called Sweetheart of Kairi, including a remix by Stumbleine.
Modern atmospheric, deep 2step & avant-garde textures are making the difference
in this superb & cohesive project. If you’re into Burial, Ghostek or if you’re into your bath…
or facing a proper sound system, feel free to Press:Play // Seriously, you won’t regret it

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