[INTERVIEW] El Mahdy Jr. – The Spirit of Fucked Up Places [BOOMARM006]

3 06 2013

THE SPIRIT OF FUCKED PLACES is out on June 25th via Boomarm Nation

I don’t know where you are located at the very moment you are reading those words, but in Europe the weather has been completely loco the last 3 months: Spring never showed up, rain is falling like never before and most of farmers are about to have the worst year ever…and that is just about the weather. Everyone around me feel tired, bones full of water & so i’ve been looking for some partial rainbows around to warm me up, and think about anything else but Music.

Three months ago, you might have heard the compilation i put out called Still Life,
i had the chance to host one tune by El Mahdy Jr. I can say that i was very happy he accepted, as he was into my Top 5 producer to start for this compilation.
He sent me an absolute killer song (as usual) and i had the opportunity to hear it in Istanbul couple of weeks later…

Here’s the tune, still free for you to download, enjoy_

I met him in Istanbul last december during the Rough Visions night, organised by Gantz & Stiver.
I can’t really describe you how much i’ve been blast off by this night and specially Mahdy set. Of course i wanted to see Gantz…by the time he’ll show up in Paris i’ll be old i guess (read that dear hypster promoters).
It was so rough sounds and all i love into dub was melting so perfectly with his universe…full of arabic sounds from Raï to Egyptian drums or Anatolia lost singers…Its one thing to develop this kind of music, but its another thing to bring music with that much Heart inside. Well, the good thing is that EVERYONE on this planet will be able to experience what i experienced with his forthcoming debut LP on Boomarm Nation, this late June. This post is already a reason for you to listen to him more, or for the very first time.

THE SPIRIT OF FUCKED PLACES is out on June 25th via Boomarm Nation

His debut release will be out June 25th digital & limited vinyl (be quick) via Boomarm Nation.
And believe me, this is nothing like u heard before, put trends & hype on the other side of the table cause this is a 200% true believers music, and even if im listening to it since 2 weeks, i can’t just forget about it, and there’s not a single day i didnt listen to it entirely….on a repeat mode.
Feel free to listen to the clips below, and if you feel it don’t hesitate and order this piece of music, cause they will be no repress of this debut release…Trust me, it’s GOLD

THE SPIRIT OF FUCKED PLACES is out on June 25th via Boomarm Nation

I asked him to do a lil interview some time ago, and also invited him to remix a song i really cherish by Cheikha Rimitti, who is consider by most of people as the one and only Queen of Raï music in Algeria.  Read the interview below and listen or download for free this remix.We both agreed to give this piece to everyone_
We hope you’ll enjoy it, and maybe start to listen to her magnificent music, or at least fall into Algerian music,
which is to me one of the most intense i experienced.

1) Hi there, thank you for taking some time for this interview.
How are you today? Where are you writing from?
i am good thanks … i am in istanbul right now working hard but everythig is kool. . .
2) Can you enlighten the newbie reading this, by introducing yourself in few words?
Well i am mahdi aka el mahdy jr i sample the 3rd world attitude study sociology and do some translation to survive … i am from algeria born and raised in sidi bel abbes known as the city where RAI music was born. and than moved to turkey where i am still living right now
3) Besides all the artistic paths anyone can choose, why did you choose music? or why music choose you? When & how this happen?
Even when i was a child i was always attracted by the effect of culture on music my father had a nice archive of records that he bought from UK in the 60s 70s from bob marley to pink floyd, top of the pops compilations, james brown, the doors… so it was pretty cool to discover all this in a very young age and cant forget all that rai cassettes moving from hand to hand around and played loudly every where in the city but always ignored and classified as evil music so when my family moved to turkey i have noticed the same classification for arabesque music which is musicaly very rich but represent the “evil” side of the society ignored and no one wants to hear what is realy about. so even the people that call themselves “open minded” are blinded by this prejudgement and that was my point you cant ignore some thing that exist. and you should try to listen to those different stories. and i started sampling…
4) What part the music take in your everyday life, and what is your music purpose? Like, do you recognise music any particular purpose or is it just for the fun of it?
Music is like coffe and cigarettes for me … you can stay alive without but whats the point in living a life like that.. story telling can be a prupose its like you walk in a street of a city that you never have been and without any strangeness… listening to radio in a hotel room maybe or sweat in a collective taxi …
5) Your universe is exploring a large range of different sounds and styles..How do you start a tune? Is there any first step you follow everytime or is it everytime different? Where do u take your influences from?
it always starts the same i hear a song some where and i am stolen till i find what was it and than start to play with it chop it cut it add some remove some and than you have something with the same spirit but in a different form… my sources are arabesque muic, rai drums, radio stations, old cassettes, sahel music, malian guitar, dub, old school rap …
6) Your first material will drop on a US based label called Boomarm Nation, can you tell us a bit more about this connection with Portland scene, and how its related to your works in Turkey.
there is a strong family spirit going on you can feel it even if i am in the other side of the world those guys are realy like brother for me. i am a big fan of christopher (sahel sound) and from there i discovered  boomarm nation. and i met Gulls a great guy who runs the label and E3 a very nice akh (brother) and i love the music they do all that sub saharian remixes, dub sounds, … they care about music and thats very important
7) Can you describe us a bit about the underground scene in Istanbul? I met you there and it looks like a very very growing fast scene with a unique atmosphere. What is it that make it so special? Any recommendations for readers who never heard about it?
well i am not realy a part of this scene, till the last three months i was living in Konya the  middle of Anatolia no hype shit real culture and was surrounded with real people who have real problems nothing fake…big up every single one of them! the big boss Gantz organized Rough Visions and asked me to play and you cant say no to a boss ; ) but yeah there is a big energy lot of talented people doing very interesting moves and they are all somehow connected to each other i guess thats what makes it special …
8) Can you tell us about the artists you’ve been discovering recently, any musician you heard that blow your mind?
well i am not opsessed with trends and newness i prefer to dig the roots. amazones de guinee are sick , islam shipsey realy blowed my mind you should give look.. and i cant take myself from listening SCIENTIST…
9) About the Still Life compilation, 2 questions:
Can you tell us more about your track “Limited Material” 
limited material is sampled from an anatolian anthem a version of a song called zahidem recorded in a wedding. so tryed to build an atmosphere on it… its all about elektro bağlama! hope you enjoy it
What do you think about the whole compilation, did you discover any particular people inside?
well the compilation is realy eclectic very rich sounds in it. but my fav is Yuki Sato he is my man. lovely style a king without a crown big respect.
10) So what’s next for El-Mahdy Jr? Any collabs, forthcoming materials or new projects for 2013? 
sure there will be things coming… i can tell you to expect some collab with gantz.. with el rass / al hamorabi …. and an album will be out from boomarm nation which makes me very excited. there is some tunes that i made in very wierd places / situations… i am realy happy big up every one who supported me …
11) And last one will be a open one for you. The “traditional” 3 wishes !!
If you had 3 wished that would happen right here right now, what will they be?
3_sunraspaceship (for transportation issues)…
Here’s El Mahdy Jr. & X_J remix of Cheikha Rimitti’s Nakhla, from Nouar LP (2000)
Enjoy, Share & Play Loud

THE SPIRIT OF FUCKED PLACES is out on June 25th via Boomarm Nation

FORTHCOMING # Supreme Cuts – Whispers In The Dark

7 07 2012

Here’s a post for those who felt into that soup when it was ready_for those who didnt
and didnt feel the posts about them or Haleek_Damn son, im sorry
Pass your way then, and come back later i might posted smtg else

1 – Whispers PT1
2 – Lessons Of Darkness (Apology)
3 – (Youngster Gone Off That) Sherm
4 – E2
5 – Ciroc Waterfalls
6 – Intermission
7 – Whispers PT2
8 – Belly
9 – Epitome
10 – 18th
11 – Val Venus
12 – Whispers In The Dark



Whispers in the Dark out July 10th, and this is gonna be f* amazing_Believe Me
July 10th u know where to go and what to do_& smoke it

DOWNLOAD # House Shoes – The Makings Pt.1

27 04 2012

Real Ni**az Know…..

….but if you dont know, then you’re lucky enough cause House Shoes,
Detroit HipHop pillar, underground Legend, one of the closest Dilla friend, amazing producer, music analyst, underground soldier
is gonna drop his very 1st LP Let It Go on June 19th via Tres Records.
To celebrate, he compiled tracks from his crates into 2 parts.
Here’s the 1st part, including some of my very fav tunes such as Locusts by Invincible & Finale, Purest with MED  or Danny Brown’s High



16 03 2012

QUAKERS # Quakers (Stones Throw // Catalogue Number: STH2284LP)


JULIANNA BARWICK – Sanguine (M’Lady’s Records // Catalogue Number: MALADYS5)


KUTMAH # Presents Worldwide Family Vol.2 (Brownswood Recordings // Catalogue Number: BWOOD082CD)


MADLIB # Medicine Show: The Brick (Stones Throw // Catalogue Number: MMSBOX1001)


KING BRITT # Presents Fhloston Paradigm EP (Hyperdub // Catalogue Number: HDB060)


JULIA HOLTER # Tragedy [CD Edition] (LEAVING RECORDS-NIGHTSCHOOL // Catalogue Number: LSSN008)


TECTONIC RECORDS # Presents Tectonic Plates Vol.3 (Tectonic // Catalogue Number: TECPAK02)



ROB # Make It Fast, Make It Slow (Soundway // Catalogue Number: SNDWLP40)


CUPP CAVE # Retina Waves (Ramp Recordings // Catalogue Number: RAMP049)


DREAM CONTINUUM (Machinedrum & Om Unit) # Reworkz EP (Planet Mu // Catalogue Number: ZIQ313)


JIMMY EDGAR # This Ones For The Children EP (Hotflush Recordings // Catalogue Number: HF033


LONE # Crystal Caverns1991*Vulcan Mill Acid (R&S // Catalogue Number: RS1203)


FORTHCOMING & DOWNLOAD – THEESatisfaction – Enchantruss [SubPop]

7 03 2012

Even if their name doesnt means anything to you, there are big chances you heard her into Black Up LP by Shabazz Palaces.
This tack featured Palaceer Lazaro & it’s a free download from SubPop

THEESatisfaction are Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White. The pair live/laugh/love/dance and create in Seattle, WA. They write, produce and perform their own material: funk-psychedelic feminista sci-fi epics with the warmth and depth of Black Jazz and Sunday morning soul, frosted with icy raps that evoke equal parts Elaine Brown, Ursula Rucker and Q-Tip. Immediately embraced for their singular sound, unflinching commentary, and immortal groove, Stas and Cat made friends, fans and family from coast to coast via their own immaculate grind; a combo of sharp digital hustle and self-booked, self-financed tours that connected them to like minds everywhere. Even crowds with nary a right foot between them find the steps when indoctrinated with THEESat’s unorthodox but right-on-time rhythms. Like their comrades Shabazz Palaces (you may have heard these two on the 2011 Shabazz Palaces album Black Up), THEESatisfaction came upon the scene with lovingly handmade CDs of their self-released mixtapes, the first of which was 2008’s That’s Weird. All has been in preparation for the album they’ve envisioned for years, their debut full-length on Sub Pop Records, awE naturalE.

You better enjoy now or wait 2056

awE naturalE drop on March 27, 2012 via SubPop

FORTHCOMING # Moa Pillar – About the Unskilled Worker EP [JUMB008X]

25 01 2012

Any releases coming from FuseLab got my attention.
You might had chance to check out some of their past releases over here:
Soosh, Aeed or Ohsaurus
If not, if you missed those & others, you can start by visit their Bandcamp HERE or their website HERE

Some of my friends are really damn mad about Moa Pillar works
(BigUp Marie!!!)
the previous EP catch all our attention, and if travels rates were not that expensive,
be sure we’ll have book him. In a near future who knows?

Fedor Pereverzev aka Moa Pillar re-creates a rare and in fact unique mood:
serious, with very considerate attitude towards the listener.

This sentence took from Alpha Pup release page, is really well done.
The past EP
was so much more rough than this one, clearly less focused on soundscapes & textures. Well, as im listening to the EP now for the 2nd time of the day, i can tell you that Mr Pereverzev totally considerate your attention.
The EP is opening on a very aerial textured song with softs lo-fi guitar & classy late breaks & beats
that remind me works of Teebs & Burial or more recently Ghostek.
After the first song, you know it’s gonna be beautiful & complex. Cause don’t be fool: that can go together. IDM is already a label, just don’t underestimate yourself. This music is very very accessible, if you give it the proper tools:
Good Headphones or Speakers quality & 30 minutes of your life.
Bass are quite important here (if you read this blog, you already know): about subs of course but you’ll hear it
its also a matter of notes and compositions of the bass, that are more worked than a “simple bassline”
The second thing i truly fall in love for is those distortion / saturation Moa Pillar brings in this project, he uses it as instruments and not only as a general background as Matthewdavid works sometimes. Those saturations are important as much as all varieties of sounds he creates. All this, gives you a great cocktail of where the electronic music is going in 2012. Drums are evolving & surprise you as much as Machinedrum / Sepalcure can do it: from a complete lost in those noises that create rhythms to the “classic” drop of the drums…He also use a lot of delay “SP404 style” that gives this hand made texture: rough & free, better than a delay worked over & over on softwares.

Before you launch the teaser of this new EP, take some time to watch Moa Pillar interview, talking about
Nature, Buddhism or Russian Scene in a backstage style…(well i think its toilets but hey…)

In this interview, Moa Pillar confess he composes a lot of downtempo and thats why his past EP was so more rough,
cause he wanted to cut with this…So here’s what i think, but this 2nd EP is clearly the result of this balance:
downtempo meeting with probably his vision of what music will be in the future: Making music go faster.

About the Unskilled Worker is Moa Pillar in the broadest sense, without grated devices but with the same ideas. In essence, it is impossibly vague but very fresh bass music with completely switched off “lasers” – they are replaced by musician’s favorite ethnic instruments. With the help of them and his own neon voodoo Moa tells the timeless stories of the ancestors and the birth of something new.

The title track About the Unskilled Worker is kind of my favourite of the EP (don’t get me wrong: the whole EP is great)
It even bring me dope DnB memories: those Subs are just too efficient as it’s 12:31 in Paris, and i just had lunch:
pretty good digestion now.

1. Halt and Collapse In Black Mine
2. Nature Theme 1
3. Dolwyddelan Tower
4. Monastery Theme
5. Nature Theme 2
6. The Song of Waiting at the River
7. Nature Theme 3
8. About the Unskilled Worker
9. When Mountains Will Rise In Your Hands
>> Release Date: Feb-14-2012 <<
Moa Pillar on Facebook or  Twitter
FuseLAB on Soundcloud

PRE-ORDER & DOWNLOAD # Robert Glasper Experiment’s Black Radio [Blue Note]

6 01 2012

Robert Glasper Experiment’s Black Radio
Out February 28th on Blue Note


1. Lift Off/Mic Check (featuring Shafiq Husayn)
2. Afro Blue (featuring Erykah Badu)

3. Cherish The Day (featuring Lalah Hathaway)
4. Always Shine (featuring Lupe Fiasco & Bilal)
5. Gonna Be Alright (F.T.B.) (featuring Ledisi)
6. Move Love (featuring KING) >> DOWNLOAD
7. Ah Yeah (featuring Musiq Soulchild & Chrisette Michele)
8. Consequence Of Jealously (featuring Meshell Ndegeocello)
9. Why Do We Try (featuring Stokely Williams)
10. Black Radio (eaturing Mos Def)
11. Letter to Hermoine (featuring Bilal)
12. Smells Like Teen Spirit


Robert Glasper Experiment has kicked off 2012 with the release of the new single “Ah Yeah” this week through all digital retailers. The track—which features Musiq Soulchild and Chrisette Michele on vocals—is the lead single from Glasper’s highly-anticipated forthcoming album “Black Radio,” which will be released by Blue Note Records on February 28.

“Black Radio” showcases Glasper as a multi-talented producer, songwriter, keyboardist, and bandleader, and features many of his famous friends from across the spectrum of urban music, seamlessly incorporating appearances from a jaw-dropping roll call of special guests that also includes Erykah Badu, Bilal, Lupe Fiasco, Lalah Hathaway, Shafiq Husayn (Sa-Ra), KING, Ledisi, Meshell Ndegeocello, Stokley Williams (Mint Condition), and yasiin bey.



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