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13 08 2015

Once again,it has been a distant past where I found it impossible to unravel a real musical gem due to the amount of things one can listen to, watch or read about. Honestly, I have to admit that blogging has been far away from my mind since everyone is connected to the same music networks these days.Let`s call it the “gentrification” of music.

On one hand,it is the evolution of discovering new music.On the other hand,listening to what we want cause’ its just there: be it on youtube,wherever streaming is possible or despite the quality of the music and the sound is.

In the landscape where everyone is a f*ing DJ,collecting music in any forms of the sake of collecting,everyone is a maestro, everyone saw everything, listened everything, know everything. And if you dont know you still can pretend to go pee and watch your smartphone for an answer u missed while talking. To this very day,I listen to a shitloads of music and unfortunately or fortunately,I still buy records.

 “I know”

I hear this shit all the time. So yeah im here alone writing about this fantastic record i bumped into.

The tune on is called LIFE IS A KILLER. And its like 16Bit eated Zackey Force Funk for breakfast and shit him like a mutant speaking Eprom. The release is rough, some stuffs reminded me the early Blue Daisy compositions i cherish, some would just fit perfect in any GLK voodoo dance, some you can make love with a billion times in a night…
Who is Sebastian Paul? A vocalist, producer, songwriter based in Los Angeles according to the only infos available.
Again? A beat producer from L.A.?

Yes its from Cali it smooth, funky and shrooms are flying.

How long have i not paid for a digital release on Bandcamp?
So many excel sheets or references i never bought cause u have simply no time and no rest for your mind.


Get to the link, click, listen

Enjoy it until it comes out from your worst enemy’s mouth.

 Its free its loud its funky

and scary

and poetic

and makes me super horny

DOWNLOAD # Co.Fee – Bermuda EP [My Hollow Drum_MHD003F]

6 10 2012

YUP……If u wanna more use the search bar // Have been talking about him-them for a very long time
Spread Love, Share this as much as you can_or Play it “just a lil louder”




25 09 2012


Yes_Yes_F* Yes_ That session has been recorded, i was waiting n waiting for this___and let’s say it together: Thank You Poobah & H+R for letting us the opportunity to listen to this !!!
So here’s the poster, and all participants sessions are available for listen/download after the jump. All…except…RAAAAAS G one !!!! Daaammnn Where dem trees????

Let us just come back to the topic & Click for your fav’ artist below, spread the word !!!

Join us for a very special BEAT SOUP: Road Kill Edition at POOBAH Records in Pasadena to celebrate the release of HIT+RUN Presents “ROAD KILL Vol. 2”. Featuring live performances by COMPUTER JAY, HOUSE SHOES, HASHIM B., ABCNT, SCUMBAG TONY and CONTACT FIELD ORCHESTRA, plus FREE Live Screenprinting by HIT+RUN. Bring your own t-shirt or hoodie and get an exclusive FREE screenprint on it! Also with complimentary beverages courtesy of Hubert’s Lemonade.
POOBAH RECORDS (2636 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107)
6pm-9pm | All Ages | FREE

* Broadcast live at 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Friday, August 3rd, 2012 *

6:00pm – 6:25pm : HASHIM B
7:00pm – 7:25pm : ABCNT
7:30pm – 7:55pm : COMPUTER JAY
8:00pm – 8:25pm : HOUSE SHOES
8:30pm – 8:55pm : SCUMBAG TONY  (CRIMEKILLZ)




DOWNLOAD # Beat Soup Live from Poobah – Jonwayne X Jeremiah Jae X Detective Tully [08/17/12]

25 09 2012

Well…nothing else to say except that i’m f* happy Poobah are now posting more Beat Soup sessions from the shop.
Here’s the recording from August 17th with Jeremiah Jae, Jonwayne & Detective Tully_You might never heard about D.Tully and if you’re not in L.A.
there are plenty chance you didnt cross his way in or oit of Poobah. Tully is behind stage managing for LowEndTheory, he’s a member of MyHollowDrum and also involved in Futura,
the night created by Teebs & Asura. So get to know the guy ; ) Concerning the 2 other aliens, they had pretty busy activities recently:
JaeR for the release of his Brainfeeder imprint, and Jonwayne…well he’s surely on something else already, so u better follow the cat here
And if you’re wondering why 2 of the most crazy producers around are teaming for this session, then it means you completely missed La Cassette

Anyway here are the 3 recordings, live from Poobah
You kinda know what to do now: Light it up Turn it up !!!

Broadcasted live at 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Friday, August 17th, 2012.





3 07 2012

Right now, i feel like a marathonian. I just end up my run after almost 50km non-stop.
I have no more sttrenght, my legs hardly support my weight. Im going under this Sponsor tent
get some water or whatever chemical beverage is available around.
I need some fresh air, this marathon was difficult one. I get out of the tent, have a walk and breathe.
Suddenly, i hear “Freeze, Dun Move, On the Ground”
Obviously, those pigs are dealing with the wrong Ethiopian.
I can run. Faster. Longer. Really…

Here’s my 2nd marathon starting.
And here’s the announcement of the 2nd volume of Hit+Run’s Road Kill.
Believe me, i didnt even get some time to recover from the 1st episode
(Review & infos here)
and those cats are already announcing a new one, full of 26 new tracks…

It’s ok. I run faster. I run much more longer…until TUESDAY, JULY 31st, 2012


Second installment of the HIT+RUN Presents “ROAD KILL” compilation series.
Volume 2 includes 26 exclusive & unreleased tracks from the Los Angeles, London, San Diego, San Francisco, Tucson, Orange County, Sacramento and New York underground,
available on a limited-edition digipak cd featuring: 


01. Contact Field Orchestra “Cfounk”
02. Mophono (feat. Bellow Garmon) “Old Illusion”
03. Psychopop “Masters 2012”
04. Jonwayne “Dropped Calls”
05. Gnar “Combat”
06. Kutmah “Smile Today”
07. Pablo Ygål “Love Is The Master Key”
08. Abcnt (feat. Ali Baba) “Abnormal Arrival”
09. So What (Feat. N8 NoFace & Zackey Force Funk) “Kill’t”
10. Free The Robots “Snake Charmer”
11. Darkhouse Fam “Thick Thighs”
12. Tony Nickelplated “Crushtron”
13. Dibia$e “Deal With It”
14. Dirg Gerner “Azul y Blanco”
15. House Shoes “Murder Music”
16. Nobody “Dungeon”
17. Computer Jay “Uppercut From Above”
18. Superdeluxe “You Are Somebody”
19. CX Kidtronix “Gnarly”
20. Hashim B. “Hitto-Ando-Ruuunnn!”
21. Om Unit x Sweatson Klank “Old English”
22. Strangeloop (feat. Van Detta) “Higher”
23. Bomarr (feat. Zackey Force Funk) “Don’t Swim With The Sharks”
24. Co.fee “The Chase”
25. N8 NoFace “Enemies With Me”
26. Carlos Niño “Bashar”

Also available on iTunes (with BONUS TRACK “War” by Crimekillz) and also digitally through Bandcamp

**Each digipak order comes with a FREE limited-edition CREW sticker.


Oh, and, if you didnt cop the 1st volume, its not too late at all, check the previous link in the article.
If you are too lazy to scroll back, here’s what KUTMAH made of it in 25 minutes.
Do i really need to tell you to click this? And Joy


DOWNLOAD #Proximal Records presents Beat Stew Vol. 4

21 06 2012

If you remember the great compilation Proximity One: Narrative of a city that came out 2 years ago
you’ll be very happy to know that Proximal records just released another dope (free) compilation featuring more
than 20 new brand productions by various well-known and; what is interesting us here: new names that startin to
emerge from the under-undaground. Of course, we have here Sahy Uhns but also AD Bourke, Co.Fee, recently RBMA graduated Claude Speed or Dreams & Deflon. For the rest, let your lil inside bug get crazy and discover a bunch of fresh
dope new sounds made in Cali. Don’t look for 100% HipHop here, this comp’ offers you a great & eclectic landscape of
many styles from Downtempo to Boogie, Beats to IDM…Enter your email & have a mutherfuckin good day

>> Stay Connect with Proximal Records Here <<

DOWNLOAD # K.RUDD – W.I.M.I. [When Innovator Meeets Improvisor]

7 06 2012

Don’t be the fool missing those gems, 100% produced by SomeWhere Else !!! WUT ???!!!!
(except some ShlohmoS ; )

It’s all dopes, it’s all smokes, it’s all for yaz know trippin’ Brothers

Fuck i dont wanna talk at all / One ting sur’iz dat shit is WICKED BRO / 7 minutes til work done and i go fly

Most of those are great but ok my Fav’ Toons out there R =
WYN Anthem,
Mario Kart,
Tones (Feat Agendas),
257 (Feat Lonnie Ro.),
and Of Course
Fvck The Illuminati



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