DOWNLOAD # GOTH-TRAD – Exclusive Mix Recorded @ Dubspot NYC, August 2012

20 09 2012

And yeah_last month Goth Trad had a workshop at Dubspot office NYC, and it was a live streaming but i was sleeping and i couldnt check it out….so sad, but there’s always a good news and its this one: the special set recorded /// It’s full of exclusive dubs and very deep materials. All the best u were looking for.
It’s not too late if you just discovered this music to educate yourself_cause our music is actually fighting loads of misunderstanding, and the Big Brother is very hungry. Know your enemy

We are very excited to present the latest Dubspot podcast from “The Sound Originator” himself, Japan’s very own Takeaki Maruyama a.k.a. Deep Medi Musik recording artist GOTH-TRAD. For those who are not familiar with his work, get ready to be introduced to one of the most remarkable electronic music artists and performers working in the field of bass music at the moment. Head over to Dubspot Blog for tracklist and more info:

Tracklisting (massive thanks to Evil Concussion)

01. GOTH-TRAD – Grind (dub)
02. GOTH-TRAD – Dark Path (DEEP MEDi)
03. Karma – Meanings (dub)
04. GOTH-TRAD – Cosmos (DEEP MEDi)
05. GOTH-TRAD – Axis (dub)
06. GOTH-TRAD – Seeker (DEEP MEDi)
07. GOTH-TRAD – Man in the Maze (DEEP MEDi)
08. GOTH-TRAD – Departure (DEEP MEDi)
09. Distance – Traffic [GOTH-TRAD Remix] (Planet Mu)
10. GOTH-TRAD – Air Breaker (DEEP MEDi)
11. GOTH-TRAD – Itinerant Priest (DEEP MEDi)
12. Pampidoo – Synthesizer Voice [GOTH-TRAD Remix VIP] (dub)
13. GOTH-TRAD – Cut End VIP (dub)
14. Johnney Osbourne – Fally Rankinig [V.I.V.E.K. Remix] (Greensleeves Dubstep)
15. GOTH-TRAD – Meteor (dub)
16. GOTH-TRAD – Born To Know (dub)
17. GOTH-TRAD – New Epoch (DEEP MEDi)

DOWNLOAD # Truth – Love’s Shadow LP [part1] + J:Kenzo & Perverse remixes

6 09 2012

For everyone familiar with Truth, you might have copped this bangers already_For all of you guys who don’t know much about ’em, this is a nice entering: their new album for free, splitted in 2 parts. Announced couple of months ago, Truth warned us those materials will blast our speakers_and it was an amazing surprise to see the first tunes coming out as Remixes !! by no one else than 2 heavyweights in the game right now: J:Kenzo & Perverse__I cant really talk about’em now but you better keep your ears open for J:Kenzo LP dropping very soon. Anyway, for now, here are those 2 remixes if you missed it, and it’s dope ones.

Defy Records and Truth today release the first installment of Truth’s “Love’s Shadow” Album. The entire album is being released for free, split between a sampler (already released) and two EPs.

This is Truth’s second full-length album and features collaborations with some of the Dubstep scenes biggest artists such as Datsik and Kromestar. Further down the track will be a remix album containing work from J:Kenzo, Riskotheque, Marchmellow, Vicious Circle, Biome, Seven, Megalodon, Perverse, Von D, DJ Madd and Optimus Gryme among others.

The pedigree of Truth‘s releases to date speaks for itself. Among the tsunami of music unleashed on the Dubstep world by this duo from New Zealand (which includes appearing on 24 vinyl singles in the past 3 years) are three vinyl releases on Mala’s foundational Deep Medi label, a recent 12” on the mighty Tempa Records and a debut album (Puppets) which has gone on to become a classic since it’s release in 2010.

Truth are currently on a 6 week release tour which covers the Outlook and Burning Man festivals, a 20 date Europe tour, a New Zealand tour and multiple USA bookings.

“Love’s Shadow” Release schedule:

Wednesday August 22nd
2 track album sampler + 2x remixes

Wedneday September 5th
Love’s Shadow EP #1 (4 tracks)

Wednesday September 19th
Love’s Shadow EP #2 (4 tracks)


Love’s Shadow
Raindancer (featuring Yayne)
Reality Twist (with Kromestar)
Time (featuring Yayne)
Too Late (with Datsik)
Death Row (with Crushington)
Southern Nights

Here’s the 1st part with 4 tracks. Pretty different ones from downtempo to OG distorted Coki or 16bit styles wobbeleys
This is pure quality products from Truth’s studio, and it feels great to hear them back // DUB BE GOOD TO YOU




DOWNLOAD # Hatcha – King Toes (Free Wav DL)

26 08 2012

Heavyweight Mr Hatcha dropped a free tune about a month ago, and i think it didnt get the feedback it should…Anyway, if you never heard about Hatcha and pretend to know anything about Dubstep_then u might revisit your history son
DL limit has been reached over Sin City account but you can grab it here for free courtesy of Mixmag_and its a wav

DOWNLOAD # The Dub Mechz [Dub Mechanics] – Misunderstood / Inverted Life [FREE WAV]

14 05 2012

I’ve been 200% hooked by those guys_Dub mechz formally known as “the dub mechanics”
Big Up to Von D for spreading the good word.
Recently released a 12″ on Deep Medi _ I can only tell you to follow those cats
Big Tings Agwan_Buy Their 12″ HERE




The mechanics have been producing for about 7 years and for the past 2 years have decided
they have something special to share with the world…

Oh by the way_there are both .WAV format
Dubheadz !!!

NIGHT # Samedi 21 Mai @ GLAZART **Limited Touch presents** DJ FLIGHT, CRAGGZ & PARALLEL and HUGABASS

7 05 2011

>> LINE-UP <<

Play:musik / Metalheadz /

Product Recordings

Funktastics / Under Pressure Records

Limited Touch / Press:Play

@ Glazart
7/15. Av. porte de la villette – Paris 19
De 00:00 à 07:00
Prix : 12

Download # D1 – 15 Free Tunes

9 09 2010

Cool yo
As a dj, i still have that mentality of no showing tracklist Bambaataa thing
but It’s not my tunes and its cool to share this…It’s not everyday an artist is giving 15 tracks unreleased LP from a Dub Police crew member. Let’s call it like this
Here it is ya free tunes of the day, thanks to D1 & You Dun Know


Samedi 29 Mai 2010 # LIMITED TOUCH@Glazart [CYANTIFIC (Hospital-Uk)*SUBTERRA (31 Records-Uk)*SKS (Vandal Rec-Fr)*TAKTILE TOUCH CREW (Limited Touch-Fr)]

18 05 2010

SAMEDI 29 MAI 2010

Limited Touch@Glazart

CYANTIFIC [Hospital – UK]

SUBTERRA [Frequency, 31 records, Invisible – UK]

SKS [Vandal Recs, Dirty Dancin’ – FR]

K.SPE, DANNY & X_J [Taktile Touch, Limited Touch – FR]

@ Glazart
15 Avenue Porte de la Villette – Paris
De 00:00 à 07:00
Prix : 10€
Metro Porte de la villette

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