DOWNLOAD # The People / The Scene / The Life / The Soul – a Global Compilation by TheSoulElectronic

29 02 2012

I will always remember those artists i wrote about, years before mass music media look back on dem.
Nothing pretentious, really.
Some just report/forward Mass Media informations & some look deeper.
I’m convince that we are more into the last section, but some days audience/readers/listeners aren’t really at the Rendez-Vous…
So i guess “Mass” media get more audiences & of course most of time have support from big beverage brand or street wear made in 3rd World..
You know what i mean, so here we go for another deeper post.
(Its gonna be a quick one, i have a major meeting with my bank. And guess what? Not the kind of cool one…but thanks god, the Internet is (still) free)

I just bumped into this pretty pretty prodcution by Sibian & Faun, and a surprise never come alone: the tune is from a free compilation
I let you listen to this first. Plug your speaker please

Quite nice uh?
When i reach the website for this compilation, it says “welcome, human”. So either they’re not, or either its a music to listen with our soul.
Some will say Animals has no soul, but you & I knows this are bullshits. Right on, im gonna moove my ass to the bank (i bring a Tiger.)

(a real one)

And we go enjoy this compilation inna di suburbs bus. Number 285 Paris Transit System, if you wanna meet my Tiger & I


We bring you our first compilation, The People / The Scene / The Life / The Soul, featuring sixteen exclusive tracks from a range of exciting producers. The compilation was a collaborative project between ourselves, Generic People, The Leaving Scene, and Life Crushed— and if you’re at all familiar with these blogs, surely you understand why they’re three of our favorites. A huge thank you is in order to our lovely blogging peers, as it was a pleasure to collaborate with such thoughtful, dedicated individuals. An even bigger thank you, of course, must go out to all contributing artists— and especially the four who contributed a track on our behalf: tasteful newcomer Mig Dfoe, the outrageously skilled Memotone, the deep and revelatory Sarp Yilmaz, and finally, the red-hot bass duo Sibian & Faun. We cannot thank these guys enough!

Take a look at the tracklist (diligently arranged by Riley of TLS) and download the compilation below. We very much hope you enjoy what you hear.

Download: The People / The Scene / The Life / The Soul

01. Apple Bottom – Girl Cry
02. George Jetson – Birthday Sex
03. Sarp Yilmaz – Disco Inferno
04. Lex – What Else
05. Mosis – Waiting Games
06. The Blank – Say It All
07. Sibian & Faun – Remember
08. Stavrogin – Interval
09. Mig Dfoe – Zero
10. Deadbit – Collided
11. Strict Face – Bad Girls Ha (JD’s Club Fuck)
12. Nehuen – I Was There
13. Adlane – I Feel Good
14. Dro Carey – Gunmouth
15. Memotone – They Feel It Moving
16. Tony Devotion – King V.2

(via The Soul Electronic)

DOWNLOAD # AMDISCS – A’M 2012 Compilation

29 02 2012

Maybe their name is not anymore unknown from you by the time: LordBoyd, AyGeeTee or Teams have been floating around so u defo need to check those artists out (again) and especially this LP by Teams’s Dxys Xff also look for Lord Boyd in the Maybe section on your right ————————————————————-> Here ——->
Their common point is that they putted out their materials via AMDiscs and AMDiscs are kind of this prolific, around 94 references already, tons of mixes, remixes & also a Festival called Creepy Teepee, also their materials came out on tapes, vinyls, CDRs and so on. So between the amount of materials they have to show, it’s a good news they put out this compilation (free) full of 22 new songs, exclusive including premiere by Honeydrum from their upcoming 7”, featured also ‘Control’ by Police Academy 6 & Arrete: if you didnt check this shit already, you missed something in your life.

Hey, in fact skip the rest of my bullshits words, grab this compilation asap. Play it all day, all week, all night.

Don’t miss Digital bonus version of “A’M 2012” with additional 31 tracks available for purchase with tees designed by AMDISCS & made by NVR MND – (NY-Brooklyn) via : AM2012.BIGCARTEL.COM & WWW.AMDISCS.COM

DOWNLOAD # Compa Ft. Bjork – To Me

28 02 2012

Compa just offered this, ENJOY

28 02 2012

DOWNLOAD # BADBADNOTGOOD – Live at Koko, London (January 21st, 2012)

26 02 2012

Two years ago, i had the privilege to join my friends to Sètes for Worldwide Festival
They have been elected best talent search of the year and it was a whoa time, a monster one.
This year, 2012 i wish it will be them to play on Friday…or maybe Opening for Robert Glasper Exp…? ; )

Here’s latest recordings by BADBADNOTGOOD, if you missed the previous post, click the Category tag below
Please make yourself available for the next 30 minutes. Sit back & Enjoy

Recorded LIVE in London, England @ Club Koko
January 21st, 2012

Mixed By The Wonderful Club Koko Sound Engineers & The BBC

Special thank you to Gilles Peterson for bringing us out,
We Love You Gilles. Also shouts out to Dave OD.


released 21 February 2012
Keys – Matthew A. Tavares
Electric Bass, Synth Bass – Chester Hansen
Drums & Sampler – Alex Sowinski

Cover Photo – Jade Cooling

DOWNLOAD & PRE-ORDER # Sun Drums – Sun Drums – Sun Drums – Sun Drums

23 02 2012

“Our shortest track on the EP is five minutes long, you know… that could be a problem for some people (…)

Manchester based label Everybody’s Stalking can be proud for signing & releasing what can be one of the best EP of the year, under the name of Sun Drums…And im not that far from the reality. This EP is a very unique piece of work, and it announce what i hope to be a long & creative carrier. To know more about this Liverpool band, i really suggest you to
>Read The Interview at THE DOUBLE NEGATIVE now<
You can also launch the EP while reading their words. Fo’sho

If the digital version isnt your cup of tea, you betta know you can pre-order now a 12″ Vinyl format from Everybody’s Stalking bigcartel HERE. If not, and if digital is your friend then introduce it to your other friends, or burn a cd & play it in a car (anyone’s car) while you go enjoy forest for this week-end. If you have no forest around you, build one.
I love forests.

I know it doesnt really sound like a review cause im not even talking about the songs now, but believe me its the 3rd times i listen to it entirely this afternoon. And its promising. And you’ll love it. I Dare You.

DOWNLOAD # South London Ordnance – Fjörd

23 02 2012

Despite apparently appearing from nowhere, 23 year old producer and DJ South London Ordnance has quickly gathered support from a wealth of established industry figures including Mary Anne Hobbes, Mosca, Dark Sky, Hackman and more – whilst remaining a firm favorite amongst the underground crowd.
His tough, percussive tracks reference the contemporary Swamp 81 / Hemlock sound, but maintain a certain musicality often found lacking amongst the new breed of producers pushing the crossover UK techno sound.
Recent projects include a mixtape for LuckyMe, while his guest recording for Mary Anne Hobbes’ XFM show drops on the 24th Feb. With four or so releases lined up this year, including a debut EP on Dutch imprint Audio Culture – not to mention a guest slot on Rinse with Seb Chew and shows up and down the country,
2012 could well be this young artists’ year.


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