WATCH & SUPPORT # Unlike U: Trainwriting in Berlin

26 12 2011

The Berlin transport company (BVG) has sued us in order to refrain us from distributing the movie regarding the places
the action documented in UNLIKE U took place in. To understand all of this you’ve got to see the movie yourself.

This is probably the main reason you have to see this documentary, even if you’re not a writer. And mostly, cause
we are defender of the Freedom of Speech, and the liberty of the press. Its “i think” a very wrong tactical choice
that the BVG just took, im a bit confused about them cause videos about graffiti on trains are all over the web…
and for once, there’s this DOCUMENTARY (which is very different from a Graffiti Video) showing a real interest
into writing culture in Berlin, and doing an excellent work of documentation, interviews & questionning the motivations
of writers, and what is it to keep on painting trains & subways in 2011, at a time when BVG has almost all the security
procedures & equipments into their hands to catch and find writers.
Why writing on trains? Why keep on writing and taking so much risks for drawing your name or characters?
When did it start? How the movement evolved since the last 25-30 years?
And, what the Berlin scene so special in the world to any writer?
All those questions, and more are decrypted in this excellent documentary.

Before you start watching, put your ass in the sofa and open the weed box
i just wanted to remind you that the directors are being sued by the Berlin transit authorities
you can read more about it in details over HERE & show some love over their Facebook HERE

For now, seat down, relax, start to shake some cans
paint will be ready by the time you finish to watch this


PRE-ORDER # Ma Ligne, a Book by FUZI [U.V-TPK]

28 02 2011

The train line Paris St Lazare – Mantes La Jolie runs from the western suburbs into the French capital. FUZI and his group UV (Ultra Violent) used the “double étages” and “trains gris” for fifteen years as work basis and image carrier, as their territory and mistress. “FUZI,” “RAP,” “SALO,” “KISS,” and “VOYOU” drip down the smooth grey surfaces of the functionalist architecture. The leather on the benches is slashed; the windows smashed.

This book is a collection of photographs created between 1996 and 2001, an archive of vandalism, a contemporary document of “brutal insouciance” accompanied by the artist’s poems and texts. It wasn’t just about slamming, hammering and smearing one’s name everywhere to become known, it was about leaving behind a trace, both in the space and in the heads of the passengers.

This required a rigid approach: employing the surveillance methods of the rail police (SUGE) and conductors, only with reverse circumstances. A routine that was synchronized with the gaps in train schedules and intervals between security checks; rhythmized by station stops and coach compartments; locating, painting over and photographing—maintaining the line. Within the rules and regulations of society, they created Temporary Autonomous Zones for themselves, in which they could briefly experience absolute freedom, expressed through an archaic “aestheticism of chaos.”
Andreas Koller)

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DOWNLOAD # GROOVEMENT 6th FEB 11 // Agent J [TRILOGY inside]

9 02 2011

Maximum respect to Groovement crew for playing last TRILOGY tune. Instrumental is by Trilogy and me, and the voice….yeah come on you know it’s TRILOGY baby

So happy about feedbacks we got, thanks a lot James !!!
Sky’s the limit & we keep on’


“Daedelus has a new EP out on Ninja Tune March 21st, I’ve included the banging TOKiMONSTA remix here. The Trilogy track I know nothing about except it’s amazing. mynameisjOhn has this crazy EP out at … Big up Darkhouse Family, new stuff forthcoming on Fat City Recordings.

WATCH # Niklos works

8 02 2011

_Niklos is young_Niklos is talentuous_Niklos is looking for works_see





Contact him, if you need a kick ass design…and yeah, i didnt publish the finest
Cause the finest is On Working

WATCH # Robot Rainbow

3 02 2011

DOWNLOAD # 22 Minutes 03 [One for ma kidz]

27 01 2011

Art Attack 2

The Path to Revolution

We are going to invade with our protest art a shitty art gallery (Culture Shock), which, as per its ideology, gives space to underground artists – well, then it’s all ours anyway – and we will declare total protest.

Meeting point = Praça Benedito Calixto, Rua Cardeal Arcoverde @ Rua Lisboa,
next to metro stations Clinica and Sumare.
Time: 3pm, Saturday Sept 6th, 2008.

Protest slogans:
Long Live Tagging
Art as Crime
Crime as Art

All for the Tagging Movement


Tracklist including YUk, Teebs, Matthew David, Phat Kat, Flying Lotus, Eleven Tigers, DJ Rashad & Phed Mak Som Tam for my curious music lovers // Download it, grab your headphones, go out & go steal some paintings //


Watch # «Triple-Word» , a DIZASTER Exhibition

6 10 2010

Yesterday night was Dize Exhibitions Opening at Studio 55 Gallery
5 minutes walking from Sarkozy House. When i think about all the people that was there, drinking beers, smoking trees, with the security cops 100 meters from us, that can’t move cause of their situation, smelling our Hash and Weed, it make me smile. Ahaahahahah REMOOOOVE YAAAAA !!!!
Big Up to the fam’ & If you are in Paris drop by the exhibition, there are also Quite nice furnitures from Pierre Cardin

Super Nova (Details)

Super Nova


Halloween (Details)

Halloween (Details)


Clumsy (come closerrrrrr)

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