Miami Basel Report with REVOK

14 12 2009
Revok is back and he offers us a wicked compilation of shoots from Miami’s Finest Basel production. Beware, Colourfull inside

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1st Light by Paul Chan

22 09 2009
…Daily Pictures…

Thanks to Ma Nigga for the Sunrise’s Dream
Listenning Chopin’s Mazurkas, played by Iddo Bar-Shaï at the same time

…Great Combo…

TOKIMONSTA # The Functional Dysfunction Podcast

1 09 2009
If you read this blog, or/and if you interest about the music i like
I dont need to introduce her…..

If you dont know, make yourself a favor and spend one mo’hour on da web

Go Download

Tokimonsta – Forgetting Numbers
Mono/Poly – Red & Yellow Toys
Shlomo – Hot Boxing the Cockpit
(This Shlomo was my tune of August…..Thanks TOKI 4 Playin’ it)
Zwicker – Traumdeuter
Johnny Farmer – Death Letter(Organized Noize remix)**
Tweet – Call me (TOKiMONSTA remix)
Simo – Wop Wop
Frank N Dank – Shut It Down(Devonwho remix)
Flyherro – So Serious
14 KT & Dibiase – Going Fine
MF Doom – Favorite Ladies (TOKiMONSTA sultry remix)
Michael Jackson – Butterflies (Mndsgn remix)
Tokimonsta – Moving Forward
Ophrap & 5th P – So Beautiful (prod Afta-1)
Elaquent – The Love
Teebs – WLTA
Roachman – Bushka**

**: old timey, personally discovered dopeness.

Mary Anne Hobbs Interview on SonicRouter

26 08 2009

Brilliant Interview about Mary Anne past, experiences, projects & music visions…
On excellent Sonic Router Blog (u should subscribe if you never did)


Sonic Router’s Tweeeeets
Mary Anne on BBC 1
Mary Anne Myspace


17 08 2009

Silence is death_it supposed to be a sign of sabotage…*Missing*ma*niggerz*

Amaze Me

14 08 2009

555 KUBIK | facade projection | from urbanscreen on Vimeo.

I watched those guys months ago….it was already Amazing
This one is great, i cant imagine what they will do in the future…


Rye Rye & M.I.A. # Bang Bang (Stanton Warriors Remix)

11 08 2009

This is why Fidget is just a trend…and Hip Hop Still Kick Yo Ass

Peace to the WARRIIOOOOORS for THAt Killa RMX

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