DOWNLOAD # Rapping With Paul White – The DJ House Shoes Mixtape

31 07 2011

Ya dun need any intro for dis aight?
HouseShoes x PaulWhite x GuiltySimpson x Med x ATCQ x TalibKweli x Tranqill..& more

You wont find anything better today, so play tha shit Download tha Shit
Show some love threw links and close your web tabs in search for new music
It’s Just Here !!!

100% Paul White beats. Mixed by DJ House Shoes. Download this, then check his podcast HERE

Life Is Flashing Intro
Trust featuring Guilty Simpson >> DOWNLOAD FREE <<
A New Way
Get Down RMX* -Nas
One Of Life’s Pleasures RMX* featuring Danny Brown
Hype Strings*
In The Good RMX* not featuring The Visionaries
The Doldrums
Run Shit featuring Marv Won
Holla RMX* featuring Prince Po
Guitar Riff Pt. IIII*
What’s That Funny Smell?
Dirty Slang featuring Guilty Simpson
Classic RMX* featuring MED and Talib Kweli
Rotten Apples featuring Tranqill
Love To Japan*
Never Too Late*
Stressed Out RMX* featuring ATCQ
Guitar Racing*
Getting Lucky*
Wiltering Heat*
Up Close*

*non-album exclusives

(via One Handed Music)

LISTEN # Oum Kalthoum – Sahran Le Wahdy

29 07 2011

LISTEN # Björk – Crystalline (Omar Souleyman rework)

29 07 2011


BUY # LA♥JPN♥LA Vol. 1 – Various Artists

28 07 2011


27 Tracks made by 27 Great Artists from WestCoast
If you leak this, or if you give any DL links, you’re a real F* basterd

>> All proceeds go to Japanese earthquake relief <<

SUPPORT & BUY at iTunes

SUPPORT & BUY at Boomkat

GO JAPAN!!! We Love You !!!
Fuck You Japanese Governement & Fuck You TEPCO !!!


28 07 2011

BUY # Knxwledge – Hexual.Sealings.LP

27 07 2011

This guy is a machine, or a chronical insomniac, or maybe a sleepbeatmaker
But months after a months, new productions comes to blow my mind
and this new LP doesnt disappoint me AT ALL
Damn good reworks/remix/chopped, call it as you want of


So… do NOT hesitate to spend 8$ for this, you won’t regret it…seriously
Also don’t miss this very great composition he did as a tribute for our beloved Gil…

DOWNLOAD & BUY # Matthewdavid & Odd Nosdam – Swedish Fish [LR014]

27 07 2011

If you’re not into Ambient, you can pass your turn.
If you’re into it, many chances you already copped / listened / waited / enjoyed this piece.
If you’re curious and open minded enough, JUMP

Featuring the centerpiece “Swedish Tapes”, a nineteen-minute ambient performance piece from Odd Nosdam,
recorded at the Swedish-American Hall in San Fransisco, 2010, and four B-Side Matthewdavid collages.

BUY Cassette HERE
BUY Digital HERE

And as usual, LR fam’ gave us a free song from the album, a new collage by Matthewdavid called Reunited


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