DOWNLOAD # . Bija – Explorations: Volume 001

22 08 2012

This is unexpected and completely unknown_and fuck, this is really good.

This is the first, in what will hopefully be an ongoing series of experimental tracks; crossing all genres of electronic music. I write a lot of tracks and love all genres within the realms of underground beats. The tracks here, covering everything from IDM and glitch, to future garage, and ambient, chill, more minimal forms of “dub”. The “Exploration Series” will fall between my eps and lps, which tend to have a particular “theme”, while these will focus on being a collection of experimental explorations. Pick it up for free or toss a couple of bucks if you’re really feeling it……..

. Bija is a producer from Athens, Greece_As an european, im pretty aware about what’s going on in Greece since 3 years now, and if most of my producers friends are taking every inspiration from life in general, this artist surely has a lot to say. As listening to this series of “experimental” tracks, i can confirm: this man talks. A lot.
You might remember some of those post-garage, Burial school drums artists i talked about such as Mirror State or Ghostek, well here’s another artist to discover in that vein, even if to me i found more similarity with deep dnb sounds than garage: ASC, Instra:Mental, D-Bridge…Basically all Exit Records/Nonplus family. Im into DnB since ages even if i never post about it, i played with many artists and i booked quite a lot. This guy deserves all your attention_i hope his music will emerge more than 16 FB likes..maybe cause of you if u like it, u gonna share it___To my dear dj friends, you’ll found here almost anything you were looking for intros or deep atmospheric sets, trust me:
_This is top notch IDM Deep Bass_

Please press:play

Another banger LP is available here, and you gotta check also the man behind all the additional field recordings:
Gluid from Kampen, Netherlands_He’s an extraordinary composer, his soundscapes are next level and it would be such a pity if you missed him_Between Animal Collective’s crazyness machines choirs & Steve Reich’s repetitiv lobotomies:
please go dive with Gluid & listen/download this track called Lure_be sure to check out the soundcloud to get more freebies___________________________________________________

We wish you the best . Bija




CLASSICS # Radio Nova 2001 – DJ Volta’More Breaks // Laurent Garnier // Roniz Size Reprazent

24 04 2012

Here we go for another archive tape_I went to my dads about 2/3 weeks ago
and i found a bag full of tapes from my college/highschool era

Here are Two complete side for you // I wont let stuff up for so long
only about a week, so get it now if you dig // If you wanna get next ones, cause i might not
post here all i will upload >> Follow this Soundcloud Account HERE

A Side is 45 minutes from DJ Volta radio show called More Breaks, on Radio Nova
This one is from May 2001, recorded on shit Hi-Fi discount i had when i was 10
Sorry about the sound, but charm is there_Volta is one of the pioneers of Jungle/DnB in Paris
alongside Science, Anakyne, MrActiv, Willyman, Otis & im sorry if i forget some of you guys
OneLove BLACK LABEL !!!!

B Side is a bit particular, but i think u’ll love it
End of Volta show, as i recorded all of it. Then its going on another show from Radio Nova
this one by Monsieur Laurent Garnier, yes correct_We were enough lucky to be blessed by Garnier
DJ Mixes every week, full of brand news promos….Damn i miss Vinyls Era, real readers will understand
And u wont have all Garnier show, cause i used this cassette to release a performance i caught on TV
Roni Size Reprazent Live @ St Malo, France 2000
I dont think this has been released, ever…I was zapping the f* TV and i see this
i couldnt believe it that Reprazent was on TV, Live and Fuckin wicked
So i just plugged TV and recorded straight from it // Charming
The tape fucked up a bit when i digitalized it // But its all Good

And Joy

NIGHT # Samedi 21 Mai @ GLAZART **Limited Touch presents** DJ FLIGHT, CRAGGZ & PARALLEL and HUGABASS

7 05 2011

>> LINE-UP <<

Play:musik / Metalheadz /

Product Recordings

Funktastics / Under Pressure Records

Limited Touch / Press:Play

@ Glazart
7/15. Av. porte de la villette – Paris 19
De 00:00 à 07:00
Prix : 12

Samedi 28 Aout # Limited Touch Special Carnival w/ULTERIOR MOTIVE uk ** WIN TICKETS **

26 08 2010

And yeah its Notting Hill this weekend and we’re in Paris celebrating with one of the most fresh duo in the DnB scene. Subtitles last signature’s Ulterior Motive will be our Carnival Guests.
Alongside, we have 2 of biggest heads of France scene: DJ Science from almighty early ages of Jungle, member of Rane Serato DJ Crew. Right? Ahaha And also Stalefish, Boss of french label Step Express.
Warm up will be execute by Drazel & Snowball from very active crew Breakbeat Exploration (Exploration Music). Check their podcast if u digg some deep & intelligent drum n bass.

Hosted by Taktile Touch Crew djs



Ulterior Motive – Medium Promo Mix by Ulterior Motive Uk

Zero T & Ulterior Motive – Breach [Subtitles Music (UK)] by Ulterior Motive Uk

Ulterior Motive & Judda – Infrasonic – Subtitles 074 by Ulterior Motive Uk

10 EUROS // All Night Long // Open Air Smoker Terrace // 2 BARS


Download # Breakbeat Exploration Guest Mix #8 – NotioN

27 07 2010

You won’t mind some deep & minimal drum’n’bass right?
Sorry, but its been quite a long time i didnt post about DnB (except for the Forthcoming Commix Remix LP)
So yeah, Breakbeat Exploration Fam’ over here in Paris, who really keep it real into music,
never sold their ass to Dancefloor shits are getting more & more busy with their regular podscasts.
As a proof, the guest of this 8th edition is no one else than NotioN.
Download after the jump

With releases on Nu Directions, Celsius and Broken Audio plus forthcoming ones planned on Cylon, Phunkfiction and Influence to name a few, these guys are well established in the ‘scene’. They also host a podcast called ‘Lost between time’ (latest episodes are available on their soundcloud).
NotioN are our guests for this month’s Breakbeat Exploration, showcasing some of their new tunes and some of their favourites from artists like Submorphics, Dub Phizix, Atmospherix, Linden and more.


01. Submorphics – Revelation – (N/A)
02. Dave Owen – Bit o’ that – (N/A)
03. Vibes – Mystline ‘Tribute To Nujabes’ – (N/A)
04. Brother – Work it out – (N/A)
05. Submorphics – Strauss roller – (N/A)
06. Vibes – Stu’s shoes – (N/A)
07. Bass’Flo – Dreamwalker – [Mount Everest E.P] – (Offworld Recordings)
08. Bulb + N4m3 – From the moon – (DubKraft Dub)
09. Blue Motion – Computer love [Blue Motion L.P] – (Influenza Media Dub)
10. NotioN – Because – (Phunkfiction Recordings Dub)
11. Atmospherix – Brightness – (N/A)
12. NotioN & Second Self – Step with it – (Influence Records L.P Dub)
13. Heavy1 – Lovin the dark – (Rubik Digital)
14. Atmospherix – Dead soldier – (N/A)
15. Linden – Stealth – (N/A)
16. Dub Phizix – Dreamcatcher – (N/A)
17. NotioN – Iota – (Phunkfiction Recordings Dub)

I really really suggest you to check about this crew, and specialy their graphist designer who make KICK ASS Flyers
I Played one night for them, in this small underground venue, where you can smoke hidded from cops…
Atmosphere was MAD, people were screaming when i dropped Headhunter & Martyn…
So yeah, if you wanna listen intelligent music in Paris into Bars.. Just go to theirs

More infos on NotioN :

Just to remind you, all the Breakbeat Exploration mixes/podcasts are now hosted on phuture frequency.
Please, dont forget to subscribe to their rss/itunes feed here

Forthcoming # COMMIX – RE:CALL TO MIND [Metalheadz]

21 07 2010

This is gonna be one of the best release of the year // All styles

Commix – Recall To Mind

LP 12” Sampler
A: Be True (Burial Remix)

2 x 12” EP Part 1
A Belleview(dBridge Belle-Reviewed Remix)
B Change (A Made Up Sound Remix)
C How You Gonna Feel (Pangea Remix)
D Japanese Electronics (Instra:Mental Moog Remix)

2 x 12” EP Part 2
A Emily’s Smile (Sigha She’s Still Smiling Remix)
B Satellite Type 2 (Marcel Dettman Remix 1)
C Strictly (Kasem Mosse “Needs To Feel Edit” Remix)
D Spectacle (Two Armadillos Remix Rhythm of Life)

Limited 10” Single
A Satellite Type 2 (Marcel Dettman Remix 2)
AA How You Gonna Feel (Pedestrian Remix)

1. Japanese Electronics – (Instra:mental Moog Remix)
2. How you Gonna Feel – (Pangaea Remix)
3. Change – (A Made Up Sound Remix)
4. Belleview – (dBridge Belle-Reviewed Remix)
5. Be True – (Burial Remix)
6. Strictly – (Kassem Mosse “Needs To Feel Edit” Remix)
7. Spectacle – (Two Armadillos Rhythm Of Life Remix)
8. Emilys Smile – (Sigha She’s Still Smiling Remix)
9. Satellite Type 2 – (Marcel Dettmann Remix 1)
10. Satellite Song – (Underground Resistance Remix) listen/buy

Yes your eyes are ok, your brain is sane as well….For now

– say word –


“When Commix made the original “Call to Mind”, one of their aims with the project was to reference the various styles that had influenced them. “Be True” was a nod to the heavily chopped up and looped samples that J-Dilla had made into a style of his own, “Bellevue” was an attempt at trying to create a minimal techno aesthetic within a drum & bass timeframe, and “Change” was their attempt at doing a modernised take on the Bristol sound of the late 90’s.

When the idea for doing a remix project came about it was important to them that it continue this theme, but also that they bring in musicians that have recently flourished and brought something different to their particular genre.

In keeping with the album the launch party features a line up that is unlikely to be seen in one place again. From the pioneering techno productions of Berghain resident Marcel Dettman to the mood evoking sounds of Instra:mental and of course Commix themselves; this launch party is a platform to present the “Re:Call To Mind” album in the club environment. Additional “Re:Call To Mind” collaborators Pangaea and Pedestrian complete the main room line up. East London record label and party Electric Minds host room 2, with Commix providing a remix for new label signing Duffstep, he joins label founder Dolan Bergin with support coming from Minkioni.

The party takes place in loft spaces 1 & 2 of London’s up-and-coming cross-arts centre, Rich Mix. A huge Funktion One sound system and full production will be installed in both rooms, which are fully sound proofed and noise restriction free. The Rich Mix is just 1 min walk from the new Shoreditch over ground train line, which is easily accessible from both North and South London. Old Street tube is also just a few minutes walk away.”

Commix’s “Re:Call To Mind” Album Launch Party

Room 1 – Commix, Marcel Dettmann, Insta:mental, Pangaea, Pedestrian
Room 2 – Duffstep, Dolan Bergin & Minkioni

Friday 8th October 2010 – 10pm-5am
Venue: Rich Mix 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, E1 6LA Nearest
Transport: Shoreditch Overground (1 min) / Old Street Tube (5 min)

All ticket info from: / 07958 614 297
£8 – £15 in advance through Resident Advisor

Samedi 29 Mai 2010 # LIMITED TOUCH@Glazart [CYANTIFIC (Hospital-Uk)*SUBTERRA (31 Records-Uk)*SKS (Vandal Rec-Fr)*TAKTILE TOUCH CREW (Limited Touch-Fr)]

18 05 2010

SAMEDI 29 MAI 2010

Limited Touch@Glazart

CYANTIFIC [Hospital – UK]

SUBTERRA [Frequency, 31 records, Invisible – UK]

SKS [Vandal Recs, Dirty Dancin’ – FR]

K.SPE, DANNY & X_J [Taktile Touch, Limited Touch – FR]

@ Glazart
15 Avenue Porte de la Villette – Paris
De 00:00 à 07:00
Prix : 10€
Metro Porte de la villette

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