DOWNLOAD # Bahwee – Sketches

24 08 2011

Can’t really tell you more about this, as im at work now
But you know what is all about MHD !!!!!
So here’s “new” Bahwee shits full of unreleased tracks

If you new here, type bahwee into the MAYBE
and maybe you’ll find other Freebies, Interviews & more about
the man Bahwee and all MyHollowDrum Family


Sketches is a collection of old ass tracks + more recent shit that i decided to put together for yall as a thank you to everybody thats been fucking with me up to this point.  As some of you may know, i got this ep called The Gap coming soon that some of you might hate so this is sorta like an apology to all of you who liked Flavors and shit. I say that because I feel like im doing some different things on the next one, and not to say that i dont like my old shit, cause i do.. but its just that im not making stuff like this these days. Consider this the last of the pure hip hop joints, or who fucking knows man, i will probably go back on my word later. Fucking regardless, i hope that you find a couple in here that stick with you. I guess you could consider this the Flavors Bsides album. Some of these date back to 06 and basic “sketches” or ideas and whatnot.  Big ups to Frans & Cheez of D&S Studios on the cover art and thanks again to everybody fucking with me, i love all you guys.

We Love You Too Fam’ !!

DOWNLOAD # 22 Minutes 52

22 08 2011

Uploading this cause its my bday and i feel like gifting to yall

Including Ohsaurus, Salva, unreleased Trilogy, The Heliocentrics, DemHunger, Gonjasufi & Kutmah, yUk & Co.Fee
Hope you’ll enjoy!

Today I Am Thirty One

22 08 2011


19 08 2011

Yes Bro’

For the massive

if DL reach, go check out comments Fam’
U need this !

DOWNLOAD # The Hers (aka Dem Hunger) – Earth Household

18 08 2011

Open everything you can open & play this
So Beautiful im gonna listen to it again
and again and again
Love it so much cause it reminds me of Cliff Martinez’s Solaris OST

DOWNLOAD & LISTEN # Neeeeewwww Kutmah Beats & Gonjasufi Remix

18 08 2011

So yeah thats great, just when i turn on the internet, Captain Falafel aka Kutmah uploaded bunch of tracks
So im just posting some i really really enjoying, for the rest just click the link after the listen


(some people replied me: He’s free… But i guess they never read what happened to him )


WATCH # Antifa, Chasseurs de Skins [English Subs]

17 08 2011

Today a post specially for people overseas, and who knows maybe some french readers?

Here’s a french documentary about antifascist groups & gangs in early 80’s in Paris.

This version got english subs, and its the one and only one doc. about this movement you’ll ever see. A very important era of Paris city, unknown from most of the people outside of the city, showing the changing from Rock to beginning of HipHop & how the society has been changed by a minority of people, who decided to protect themselves from Nazi band & clean up the streets. MAXIMUM RESPECT


IMDB # A French documentary on how groups of youth in Paris generated a backlash against the NeoNazi skinhead subculture, and by doing so earned themselves the nickname Chasseurs de Skins or ‘Skinhead Hunters’.

The doc. has been cut in parts, check out on youtube for the rest
here’s just 1st Part…and check for the rest here

Part2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5


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