DOWNLOAD # Co.Fee – Bermuda EP [My Hollow Drum_MHD003F]

6 10 2012

YUP……If u wanna more use the search bar // Have been talking about him-them for a very long time
Spread Love, Share this as much as you can_or Play it “just a lil louder”



DOWNLOAD # Beat Soup Live from Poobah – Jonwayne X Jeremiah Jae X Detective Tully [08/17/12]

25 09 2012

Well…nothing else to say except that i’m f* happy Poobah are now posting more Beat Soup sessions from the shop.
Here’s the recording from August 17th with Jeremiah Jae, Jonwayne & Detective Tully_You might never heard about D.Tully and if you’re not in L.A.
there are plenty chance you didnt cross his way in or oit of Poobah. Tully is behind stage managing for LowEndTheory, he’s a member of MyHollowDrum and also involved in Futura,
the night created by Teebs & Asura. So get to know the guy ; ) Concerning the 2 other aliens, they had pretty busy activities recently:
JaeR for the release of his Brainfeeder imprint, and Jonwayne…well he’s surely on something else already, so u better follow the cat here
And if you’re wondering why 2 of the most crazy producers around are teaming for this session, then it means you completely missed La Cassette

Anyway here are the 3 recordings, live from Poobah
You kinda know what to do now: Light it up Turn it up !!!

Broadcasted live at 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Friday, August 17th, 2012.




DOWNLOAD # Bahwee – Flavors 2

4 06 2012

Is it The Gap? Im not sure…It’s Flavors Part 2
If you follow the blog you know all about Bahwee, if not

Look here

alt link

MY HOLLOW DRUM New Website Launch

5 02 2012

I just back from Jogjakarta few hours ago, and im in Singapore for a week.
I wont post so much, so its just to announce you that MHD launched their new website


Bookmark, dig it and expect round of amazing music in 2012
Coming out soon will be The Gap LP by Bahwee, and announced also yUk LP after this summer-late 2012
Click the tag to discover this great and talentuous family

Will post about my trip when im back in Europe next week, i bring tons of old trad indo music
plus amazing collection of street arts, believe me Jogja scene has nothing to envy to rest of the world

HipHop Non Stop

DOWNLOAD # Yuk – Of Wilderness

26 12 2011

Basically, my favorite Christmas gift of the year…
Im waiting for the next Yuk LP as long as it takes for the security
to leave the train matter how long it takes
Here are 10 remix/collabs absolutely essential from this year
rework of Teebs, Knx or Run DMT, Ras G
If you’re not familiar with Yuk, let me tell you its about time…….how long are u gonna wait
Your weed wont smell the same anymore, trust me yaallll

” A selection of remixes from this past year. Wanted to share these songs through some sort of yuk. collection.
Official and unofficial remixes for and/or from:ahnnu, run dmt / happy family, Teebs, Ras G,
Mane Mane, Ana Caravelle, Anenon, knxwledge, devonwho, and mndsgn.
Also a celebration to coincide with the launching of the “of wildermess” blog.
Sort of an all things yuk. sonic & visual journal. Several upcoming releases this year both art & music!
l o v e & l i g h t “

– yuk.


DOWNLOAD # Teebs – Hi hat..unreleased pop remix 07

25 11 2011

Merci Teebs


DOWNLOAD # Bahwee – Sketches

24 08 2011

Can’t really tell you more about this, as im at work now
But you know what is all about MHD !!!!!
So here’s “new” Bahwee shits full of unreleased tracks

If you new here, type bahwee into the MAYBE
and maybe you’ll find other Freebies, Interviews & more about
the man Bahwee and all MyHollowDrum Family


Sketches is a collection of old ass tracks + more recent shit that i decided to put together for yall as a thank you to everybody thats been fucking with me up to this point.  As some of you may know, i got this ep called The Gap coming soon that some of you might hate so this is sorta like an apology to all of you who liked Flavors and shit. I say that because I feel like im doing some different things on the next one, and not to say that i dont like my old shit, cause i do.. but its just that im not making stuff like this these days. Consider this the last of the pure hip hop joints, or who fucking knows man, i will probably go back on my word later. Fucking regardless, i hope that you find a couple in here that stick with you. I guess you could consider this the Flavors Bsides album. Some of these date back to 06 and basic “sketches” or ideas and whatnot.  Big ups to Frans & Cheez of D&S Studios on the cover art and thanks again to everybody fucking with me, i love all you guys.

We Love You Too Fam’ !!

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