DOWNLOAD # Vince Staples & Michael Uzowuru – Winter In Prague EP

17 10 2012

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She said just pray to sweet Lord Jesus. But He can’t do shit when you bleeding. Still ain’t
got no food in that freezer. You gon’ do whatever you need -­‘Cuz-­ God don’t come when
it’s niggas at the door. Shimmy shimmy ya I’m gon’ give it to ‘em raw


I am in a bad mood today, or should i say a very angry one, or frustrated by again injustice but this time happening at my work. Im seeing one of the strongest man i ever met, falling day after day into craziness, almost 3 years without a pay check from our bosses that were supposed to protect him_This guy helped them with the security during demonstrations for their union. And now this same union peoples putting him out and suing him. Lies over and over again, creating fake proofs, asking letters from his colleagues to testify he was a violent man, same colleagues who told him they’ll never let him down. Mutherfuckers afraid, mutherfuckers don’t want to loose their job, their daily shit day by day they’re swallowing since ages, mutherfuckers dont wanna die, they dead already, mutherfuckers think they’re right or wrong but they’re destroying one man standing life for money or better positions or promotions. Mutherfuckers should die, mutherfuckers should be home without pay with bills all over the table stacking, rents unpaid and looks of people of your fuckin crappy projects they just see on TV when HE’s leaving there. What do they know except their little life, little position, little mind, small dry hearted. Take your hand back and wait for better days, we’ll hit you back. Strong. No compromises mutherfuckers.


Some days its pretty hard to cheer up, and we’re all here 2012 all fucked up around us, no way to run, or escape or fight until cops caught you and break your life in pieces, ask you for money you dont have, that you will ask to your bank with high rates to pay back and will end up broken by the Machine__Eyes get darker as heart is bleeding when u cant even show compassion in this modern town, modern city so modern it let his own childrens sleep outside at winter. Nothing changed since Middle Age and the ones who will say it changed are the one who can enjoy those changings.

Some days i just wanna listen to this song Lord and many others alike: Locusts by Invincible & Finale, La meilleure des Polices by La Rumeur, Le Silence n’est pas un oubli from Lunatic, Rohff’s Générations Sacrifiés

Today im just frustrated and sad cause again Mutherfuckers, Pigs are taking away everything from someone that has already nothing left. 6 millions ways to die: choose one__Completely going nowhere with those words i agree but somedays blogging is also a necessary outlet if you dont want play it Michael Douglas style into your office__
Mutherfuckers will pay

Here’s fuckin dope EP by Vince & Michael, if you didnt know, now you know.






You just finish to read the post N°999

It’s been 5 years im doing this blog, writing some times, some times not_But most important is the music // The blog is suspended for now as im preparing something special to celebrate the post N°1000_
Its still hard to think i made it to 1000 alone, but in 5 years its not really a big success lol // Almost 80,000 views all time with mostly people from USA, Uk & Japan_Some peeps come here to steal topics (i know who you are) , some comes here to discover underground music_Big up to you both

Thank you to everyone who sent me warm messages, or hating messages. I love you as well, u bring so much laughs in my mind everytime i read you guys….so dont stop sending me message of hate & jealousy.

Sincerely yours_BRRRRRAP

DOWNLOAD # V.A. – Robot Soup [Potholes Music]

16 10 2012

Almost hitting 1,000 posts on SoWhat, so im happy to pass the info about a good site i’m checking very often:
Potholes In My Blog, who’s also releasing music and they doin’ it well.

Check out this 17 tracks compilation called Robot Soup featuring a bunch of crazy composers, at least I love them & i wish you will as well: Suzi Analogue, Kidkanevil, Elaquent, James Pants, B.Lewis, Monster Rally….wait…there are more?
We are very proud to bring you the fourth entry in our producer showcase series. Robot Soup arrives but a few months after our previous release, Cosmic Island, which served as a follow-up to Space Toast and Midnight Snacks. And like those compilations, Robot Soup contains never-before-heard instrumentals from some of our favorite producers here at Potholes. It also revolves around a central theme of the cooler temperatures that have already made their way across the globe.

We’ve gathered 17 tracks from a beyond-gifted and varied ensemble of artists. These include the likes of Thelonious Martin, James Pants, Suzi Analogue, Sourface, Kidkanevil, and B.Lewis, all of whom, like their cohorts, bring a distinct and engaging interpretation on how the fall/winter months impact our lives.

Thank you to Theodore Taylor III for the beautiful cover and poster design.

You’re not seating in economical class right now. Your seat ain’t close from engines. And there are no babies in this plane to trouble your enjoyment_Trust me, this is all 1st Class, fresh & best quality from different parts of the world.
It’s already opening with a very retro-atmosphere beat science by Mr Pants, and after just the few names you saw floating you are already not…..reading….me……anymore.


Have a good fuckin time with this fuckin good compilation_Big Shouts to Potholes

DOWNLOAD # Brolis – Untitled

16 10 2012

Fresh, very fresh_im in a rush right now

Enjoy this again // Believe in Brolis

DOWNLOAD # Mo’Kolours – Brave [from HAND7009XX]

15 10 2012

I think it’s too late for you to grab the physical release, cause its sold out at OHM bandcamp…but who knows maybe over Discogs?

Anyway, here you go for this free gift, and what a gift!! It’s been almost 9 months since Mo’ released Banana Wine, a 8 track EP
that you can grab here digitally (physical release also Sold Out….yup!)

Two brand new cuts from the Mauritian marauder Mo Kolours as a warm-up to the final EP in his trilogy of releases for One-Handed Music.
‘Brave’ shows Mo’s rhythmic prowess at its simplest: a drum beat and perfectly manipulated sample are sometimes all you need. This one builds and builds and leaves you wanting more.
‘Dredd Music’ is a hypnotic soul cut with a nod to Jamaica, a captivating sufferer’s chant over a typically loose rhythm from the South London-based percussionist.
Only available on the vinyl.

Brave is a f* hypnotic tune, and as they said: it “leaves you wanting more” This drum loop / fingers clap blend is amazing & those backgrounds reminds me of….Calibre.
Yup, the DnB-Jungle-Liquid funk producer with tracks such as Ponderosa with dBridge or others tunes in the vein of Redeyes or Mutt.

Really love this tune and i hope you’ll enjoy it too

DOWNLOAD # Supreme Cuts – Whispers In The Dark (ReAnimation)

11 10 2012

One of my 3 fav’ band of the year is dropping again a new EP, but this time with only remixes from their highly acclaimed LP called Whispers in the dark. Which is one of the best shit that came out this year, but no one really talked about this…or maybe they did but i feel a bit in a same state of mind as the time we bring Ben UFO in Paris and no one showed up…You know: a bit too early_Thats exactly the purpose of this blog. So lets keep on this way

SupCuts 1st EP & LP can be bought via Insound HERE and even if it’s not sold out yet, i really suggest you to bought those ones, i have a feeling it will be collector soon or later…just sayin’
So here’s a remix EP from the LP, so not all tracks have been remixed, “only” 6 but its better to have 6 dope ones than 12 so-so tunes. Lets check it out about the remixers: we have mister Brenmar on a side, freshly signed but not newcomer’s Howse (if you were playing it a year before TriAngle signed him big up to you bro), also; and this is not a surprise: Chicago’s duo The-Drum who are completely on fire at the moment: from productions for young genius Haleek Maul to their brilliant EP released via MischkaNYC (get it here) those folks completely satisfied my ears over the last months so i can tell you now they will be featured in the top 10 of the year. Alongside those 3, we have Astro Nautico’s The Range from Providence who also just released his Disk EP via DonkyPitch, check it out here, it’s quite crazy one. Don’t worry cuz, if you’re broke get his free EP material righ’HERE. Well this is already a fuckin dope team i confess, but to add a bit more madness to this we have nothing else than Juke’s mass murderers  Sich Mang also from Chicago____Last, but not least Physical Therapy came to bring their tasty fingers on Sup’Cuts materials.
The result is a very very eclectic remix EP, and after the whole listen i truly felt i listened to more than 6 tunes…so i cant do differently than telling you to drop over the soundcloud player and grab them one by one. Maybe i will do a zip with all into it with artwork later on this week______ Peace & believe in Supreme Cuts !!

DOWNLOAD # Suhnraw – Groove – Volume.1

11 10 2012

Here we go for another installement, and getting closer from the 1000th post_
i fuckin dont know what to do about that…ask Philip Glass an interview?
Whatever its not the topic (yet) and we’re gonna listen to this quite good beat collections, if soul & cuts are your thing.
Read: if you grew up with 90’s hiphop there are plenty chances what u’re about to listen will rock your day.
And let’s say it: if you’re a MC, you’ll got what u need ova’here_16 dopeness to smoke up.
Even if its pretty hard to know who from who is the real one, we’re not here to talk with words and make a buzz, we’re here for listening to good music when it’s not experimental one. And this what it is: dope kick ass beats.
At least, this guy looks more than humble, as listening to this piece he did while ago, mentioning Dilla used the sample when some don’t even know who he is. Have a listen_

And why doing one Nas remix when you can Two?

Ok i think i’ve got all your attention by now. This guy is quite talented, but please dont think he’s just doing basic beats.
What i really like about Soundcloud, in a way you just refresh your TL and u got all those amazing music coming straight to your ears when not even 2 hours ago it was still not bounced from people’s machines…

So what did Suhnraw did last night?
This headnodda


Have a good afternoon Fam’

LISTEN # Carhartt Radio October 2012: Madlib – Medicine Radio Show Pt. 2

10 10 2012


Yep_Paris_This saturday_Hope you have your tickets // For now enjoy this


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