[STREAM & DOWNLOAD] #DirenMuzik – Dayan: Music for Gezi

30 07 2013

An electronic music compilation bringing together producers from Turkey and abroad for #Gezi solidarity.

It’s not over the front page of newspapers this morning. And don’t worry, i’m not gonna bring back the topic about what should be on front page or not…in an era we can make our own online, to not be exposed to mass medias. But that is just my point of view of course. Anyway #Gezi kinda disappeared from “BreakingNews” live feed radar, but it is still boiling or at least, people are still aware and ready to strike back any governement’s decision that appears to not serve the People.
We all remember the horrible and violent actions leaded by police and governement in Turkey not only Istanbul, and everyone has been deeply shocked that lives has been lost. Is it just me or is this happening more & more the last 10 years?  Of course we can communicate more but damn cops acted like fury the one we saw spraying every f where hysterically almost like it had a bee or something stuck into his mask. There were people having picnic with kids. How can you not see them? But since, the pepper spray has been used like EVERYWHERE the last 5 years. I’ve been worried a lot for the people i met there or the ones i didnt have a chance to talk with. Information is everywhere, and so propaganda, and so democrazy so to be aware, to know what’s going on daily, you need to think local. More information treatment you have, less raw the info is. Local is something i’ve been thinking a lot recently, in those days of globalisation, information access, it controls attempts, and also seeing that problems are not solved where i write you from now, all i can see is that it exists EVERYWHERE.  I can’t save the whole village i crossed and broke my heart in many places i’ve been. Looks are the same when i’m back here. Think local and do your best around you everyday, cause any act is gonna start something, or change something.

Here’s an amazing proof of local work: An electronic music compilation bringing together producers from Turkey and abroad for Gezi solidarity. 50 tracks for Gezi, believe it,

You don’t want me to review 50 tracks. Really you don’t,
but if you were wondering why so many of your friends told you:

Istanbul is the shit

Then, launch this__Plenty of  opportunities to play it again.
many of those got recordings from the demonstration
also used for compositions purposes, it’s very eclectic
Très bien
you can also download your chanson préférée.
Isn’t it amazing?

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