Michael Jackson # Remember The Time [J-Rocc Remember (The MAxx) Remix]

14 04 2010

Seems it’s a good day /// DONUTS MJ !!!

Remember (The) Maxx by jrocc

BAOBINGA & TRG # I Get Ruff (Build Recordings)

14 04 2010

Shit, this is happening…Out in June 2010 // Be carefull to not play it again & again & again & againaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

Baobinga & Cosmin TRG – I Get Ruff by Build Recordings

Sick Tune

New ILLUM SPHERE (April 2010)

14 04 2010

Illum Sphere is getting more and more busy every minutes….What the fuck man, This Kidkanevil remix is just supoooowwwwwer Huge // Release Release Release date please !!!!!

kidkanevil- When Doves Bounce (Illum Sphere’s Rebounce) by Illum Sphere

Nice Nice- One Hit (Illum Sphere’s None Hit Wonder Mix) by Illum Sphere

Titan by Illum Sphere

Supercharged by Illum Sphere

New ERROR BROADCAST releases (April 2010)

14 04 2010

those of you who follow this blog (and get that i moved from blogger to wordpress), knows that am pretty big fan of all what Error Broadcast can release…In no particular order, they released excellent eps & lps by the man Comfort Fit, alsothe great  AEED lp that i played many times since i copped it, including into The Library (Cop It Here) Also Pixelord Lucid Freaks LP with a remixes edition including Coco Bryce & DZA from Russia

Its April 2010, and E.B. has 2 HOOOOOT release on fire right now, first is by B_Ju, an EP called DogDay with remixes by 1000names from Sofia (signed on Svetlana Industries as well) and Great Ghostly artist Mux Mool (what a hot Spring for him !!!!)

Dont wait go grab thatridiculous EP and please pay artists !!!!

Also this month, a new release by KenLo Craqnuques a LP called Cailloux Germés

Be Sure to stay connect with the Error Broadcast Team & Get latest releases (free or not) from dem
– Show Some Love –


14 04 2010

This is a true wicked EP from Bandcamp…Yeah there are tons of bullshits around it
also Very great stuffs to get if u dig that ocean of pages
So yeah Eleven Tigers aka Jokubas Dargis is a wicked producer to watch in 2010, will explose soon. No Doubt on this

You can first start to grab the deepasssssss rmx he did of Black Strobe’s Shining Bright Star HERE

Also a Talk Talk rework available as other Freebies on his Soundcloud HERE

Mary Anne Hobbs discovered him threw his tune Prosthesis and played it in Experimental.
That’s already a reason to bookmark this artist guys…However, i’ll stop talking and let you enjoy this great and for now, i dont hope!!! unknown EP

Note that Eleven Tigers played LIVE ! recently besides TRG, Geiom; Julio Bashmore & Forsaken.
For Sure he’s now on the best way to Hit Ya Speakers

If you dont have a proper system, please go get one or forget about bass mizik


DJ House Shoes Presents An Experiment in Instrumentation (2010)

2 04 2010


An Experiment in Instrumentation is definitely one of the stand outs among the beat tapes in my opinion. There is not many words to describe the tape. There is also no lane it can be categorized in. Its a step in a new direction. A step of growth in my production. And most importantly, it’s new material for my people. Enjoy, & all feedback is appreciated.

SMOG – Scion CD 30 (Free Download)

2 04 2010

Big tings Agwaaaaan

SMOG‘s Pressa


Featuring tracks from 12th Planet, Doctor P, Distance, Kelly Dean, DLX, Kemst, Dj Evol, Datsik, Von D and more…Do i need to say more?

Christmas !!!!!

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