Forthcoming # Scuba – Triangulation (Interpretations) [Hotflush]

28 10 2010


This has been announced few weeks ago by Scuba, that he will deliver a new version of his master piece LP Triangulation. You guys know what am talking about, Scuba LP is one of the most innovating this year, why? Maybe cause he’s in charge o one of the most progressive label on the planet? Who signed this very obscure band u never heard about called Mount Kimbie? or Ramadanman?

Anyway, this is not for fainted, on November 15th you’ll get this on your turntables or people in their ears

01. Before (After)
02. Latch (Will Saul & Mike Monday Remix)
03. On Deck (FaltyDL Remix)
04. You Got Me (I Got You)
05. Tracers (Deadbeat Remix)
06. So You Think You’re Special (Joe Remix)
07. Before (Deadboy Remix)

Released by: Hotflush Recordings Ltd
Release/catalogue number: HFCD003i
Release date: Nov 15, 2010


Also will come on Hotflush, the second release of Scuba under his alias SCB, which he uses for Live, here’s a a lil snippet of his anthem Hard Boiled, VIP version + an exclusive new tune ready to break your knees

SCB002 will hit stores on November 8th, don’t expect Digital that soon

This is simply Too Good & Too Heavy & Too Future again

Forthcoming # Nosaj Thing – Drift Remixed (Alpha Pup Records)

28 10 2010

Hey yo, it’s about time !!

Last march, i told you about this forthcoming project: a group of very unknown guys will remix Nosaj’s Worlwide acclaim first LP on Alpha Pup
Kind of very anonymous doods, livin mainly under coconuts trees…
No doubt, it’s oneof the most awaited album

Jokes besides, i just woke up and i get this amazing remix that will be feature on the LP, Mr TAKE takes control. A few days after the first remix hit your hears (The Jamie XX one => JUMP <=), TAKE posted his remix via his Soundcloud. You know im an extra big supporter of his music, Only Mountain LP never leave my records bag // WAX RULES

Watch this

1. Quest (Low Limit Remix)
2. Voices (Dorian Concept Remix)
3. Us (Dntel Remix)
4. Caves (Teebs Remix)
5. Fog (Jamie xx Remix)
6. Us (Jon Hopkins Remix)
7. Coat of Arms (Daedelus Remix)
8. Light #1 (Take Remix)


Oh yeah, i know, thery’re all extra super talentuous, and anonymous was just to make you wet // Im sure you’re more now

DON’T SLEEP ON THIS, NOVEMBER 2nd just be at your store and be sure to get your visa number to order this master-piece on WAX :!!!



Download # Muted – Izanami EP [Manifesto Music]

27 10 2010

New Label

Manifesto Music cares not for commercial success, profitability, pointless and self defeating micro sub genre pigeon-holing and other external factors that diminish both the impact of the music and the ideas and creativity of artists. Manifesto Music has been set up to advocate the simple idea of music as art, and to provide a platform for musicians and producers to get their music into the public domain, freely and readily available for all. All Manifesto Music releases are released free of charge and you are encouraged to share them wherever and with whoever you wish.

New Artist

Muted is one of the new wave of producers currently making inroads into electronic music with his take on the more stripped back, minimal sound within the 174bpm framework. Hailing from Iceland, the cold, eerie feel of his geographical location is ever present in his music and no more so than in this, the ‘Izanami EP’, for Manifesto Music.

This collection of music is something of a paradox – cold, yet full of emotive warmth, minimal in its construction yet packed full of subtle nuances. From the ethereal opening track ‘Space’ through to sublime title track ‘Izanami’ it is a release that provides a deep, richly rewarding listening experience and Manifesto Music is proud to put this out as its debut release.



Download # Pariah Carey – Keeping The Winter Alive

27 10 2010

Tomorrow, we go demonstrate again in this fuckin Paris City // Japanese turists please stay inside your hand bags shops on Champs Elysees. Serious stuff will start now, we have been very kind til now
Yeah…no one from suburbs arrived yet, after a month of strikes, they are ready
Watch for your mobile phones, cameras, handbags and all HANDS UP BITCH


Download this shit its too loud to describe
I want to riots tomorrow, more than never before


Download # Pavel Dovgal – Sacred Chants Of Shiva (Comfort Fit Remix) [PMC070]

21 10 2010

Before Pavel’s LP drop soon your ears on PROJECT MOONCIRCLE (yes…again!)
Here’s a very very good remix by THE MAN Comfort Fit
You can recognize his long basslines….Really love this one
Comfort always on Top & Pavel reaching Sky
Dope Association


Oh yeah…Pavel LP is Dope // WATCH OUT

Download # Boiler Room 25 – Hessle Audio Ft. Ben UFO, James Blake, Elgato & Untold

20 10 2010

Amazing Set

Boiler Room #25 Hessle Audio Takeover w/ James Blake, Untold, Elgato & Ben UFO. by PLATFORM

Untold’s Set
Rhythm For Reason – Music In Search Of The Light – Formation Records
Unknown – Get Down (Old Skool Mix)
Q Project (Alliance Remix) – Champion Sound
Dubster – Euphony – Bodysnatch
X-Rated Movie – Wheel Of Bass – Ibiza Records
DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – In Effect – Slammin’ Vinyl
Bizzy B & TDK – Sensi Tip – Big City Records
Tango – I Can’t Stop The Rush – Formation Records
Thomas Hogan- Night Stalker (DJ SS Remix) – Face Records
DJ Hype – Shot In The Dark
Venture FM – Hell raiser

Elgato’s Set
D Dastardly & P Perfect – Rhythms (Got ‘Em) – Confetti Dubs
Chris Mack – Baby Gonna Rock Dis (2 Step Dub) – First Class Records
Groove Chronicles – Faith In You – Dat Pressure Records
Phuturistix – Deepdown – Locked On
Nude – Digitize – ShelfLife
Tee Francis – Tell Me Why (Steve Gurley Remix) – White Label
The Reelists – Freak Mode (D’n’D Dub) – Go Beat
4 Most – Nicole’s Theme – Utmost Records
Scallywags – Hot Tub Dub – Scallywags
KP – I Need A Rhythm – White Label
Kartik – The Way We Freak (Steve Gurley Remix) – Red Rose Recordings

Ben UFO’s Set
Blake Baxter – One More Time (Bass mix) – Logic Records
Happy Trax – Volume 4
Appointment – Through Space – Live Jam Records
Chez Damier – Help Myself – Drive On Music.
Portable – Don’t Give It Up (Cassy Remix) – Sud Electronic
Low Tec – Use Me (Laid mix) – Laid
Made Up Sound – Demons
Smokin’ Beats – Times Are Changing – White Label
Lerosa – Seeker – Enclave Recs
Elgato- Blue – Hessle Audio
Mood II Swing – Function
DJ Koze – I Want To Sleep – IRR
RIP Productions – Deep In You – Ice Cream


Download # Red – The Nuts (Bandcamp)

20 10 2010

This disserved to be listen, Trust me
Some excellent choons over there


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