DOWNLOAD & BUY # Jed & Lucia – Helium EP [Letherette Remix includes]

31 03 2011

Fresh from Yesterday, Jed & Lucia just dropped this fantastic 4 tracks EP i absolutely recommends you
You can buy a digital version for only f**** 4bucks, Helium original is already a great song
I’ll play that s*** for sure on saturday (if you in Paris, im playing alongside very ridiculous artists such as Rustie, Machine Drum, Jimmy Edgar, Musique Large Crew, Youthman, Zig16….RSVP HERE)
probably more the Letherette remix cause i f**** love the breakdown/drop in the middle
Plus 2 extra refix from previous choons, honestly just have a listen and you’ll pay probably more for this
Cant get a fuckin wax of this, such a shame but my 404 will eat this no problem

On the other side, BTS is dropping this exclusive mix to celebrate
Jed & Lucia‘s music

“A new voice for electronic music. Jed and Lucia are the Northern California duo of Mark Reveley and Emma Lucia. Together they create heavily sedated electronic folk that instantly brings to mind groups like Zero 7, Boards of Canada or The Bird and The Bee.

Mark and Emma started making music together in 1995, playing together in various groups until starting Jed and Lucia in 2005. Superhuman Heart, their sophomore LP, was released in 2010 and one of the year’s under the radar gems. Built around the duo’s folk guitars and ‘60s style harmonies, the album hinted at a new direction for the group. Experimental atmospheres and beats covered the album, but it wasn’t until Reveley heard his music remixed by up-and-coming electronic producer, Shlohmo, that he was inspired to take his sound elsewhere.

You can DOWNLOAD & Read the rest of article at BTS


INFO # Mary Anne Hobbs is returning to the RADIO !!!! YES F*** YES!!!

28 03 2011

2 minutes ago via her twitter


DOWNLOAD # Dos Anos – Mixed by Kab [MyHollowDrum]

25 03 2011

No Tracklist for now…

(honestly….yeah….for ever)

photo/art: P-LO




25 03 2011

!!! Not To Be Missed BERLINERS !!!

DOWNLOAD # Kidkanevil – ill on a journey / my dreams roam round / over withered fields – A Mix for Japan

25 03 2011

A tribute mix for Japan. All Japanese music aside from a few tribute tracks

Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto – Trioon I
Daisuke Tanabe – B F R 12
HASYMO / Yellow Magic Orchestra – RYDEEN 79/07
Harada Ikuko – Drifter
Sonicbrat – The Sun Will Rise Again
Makoto Moroi / Toshiro Mayuzumi – Variations sur 7
Theory of Relativity – Vermont Kiss
kidkanevil – One For Tokyo
BudaMunk – Samurai Assassin
Himuro Yoshiteru – Missing Links
Amenta – Live4Ever (Daisuke Tanabe remix)
Nujabes – Mystline
DJ Krush ft DJ Shadow – Duality
Humiwo Hayasaka – Piano Concerto I. Lento
Lullatone – Marching To Sleep
Cosmos Factory – A Hidden Trap
Riow Arai & Tujiko Noriko – Once Again
Toru Takemitsu – Rain Tree
Maki Asakawa – Uramado
Joe Hisaishi – Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Opening
Nintendo – Cave
YMCK – 8 Ban me no Niji
Secret Of Mana OST – I Closed My Eyes

If you enjoy please make a donation

DOWNLOAD # Micachu VS Kwake Bass – BTS Radio Meat Batch Mix

25 03 2011



Micachu – Melting Patio’s
Kwake Bass – Hands & Knees
Micachu – My More Bile
Kwake Bass – Got Shot Wiv A Snare Gun
Roots Manuva – Dub Style (M.A.T.H.E.S Remix)
Kwake Bass – Ahmen Beatheart
Michachu – Dips
Kwake Bass – Mad Fonk
Micachi (feat. TiRZAH) – Beat 12
Kwake Bass – He Lied
Micachu (feat. Brother May) – Black & Decker
Kwake Bass (off the wall by Confucius MC) – So Hard
Micachu – Could Complain
Kwake Bass – Soundcheck (Speakers Corner Quartet Remix)
Micachu – Go
Kwake Bass (feat. Daisy Kelly-Granger) – Lady Daisy

DOWNLOAD # J | | | | | M – The Vice Grip EP [Ounce]

23 03 2011

Big Shouts to Ounce, following the lil’video for Teebs & JaeR gig in Paris,
Chicago doesnt sleep….Some enormous tunes over here
I post Valerie one but have a listen over the rest
Some dope S****

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