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4 10 2010

Illum Sphere is back from a Tour over Asia & Australia…Delivering a weird kick ass mix // Essential for this Autumn opening



20 01 2010
-Twenty Ten: Avalanche of Master-Pieces-

“Who to watch in 2010? Letherette.
The duo out of Wolverhampton may only have two official remixes to their name, the excellent reshaping of Bibio’s “Lovers’ Carvings” and Machinedrum’s “Late Night Operation”, but they’ve managed to make a scene shaking impression. Further listens on their MySpace page and you hear what could very well be the UK’s best kept secret. We’re proud to present this guest mix created by Letherette, showcasing a collection of beats and some personal favorites

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Letherette – Eye To Eye (CDR)
Pete Rock – We Roll (Nature Sounds)
Letherette – Master Chin (CDR)
Letherette – In July (CDR)
Madlib – The Mystery (Dilla’s Still Here) (Stones Throw)
Letherette – Check My Head (CDR)
Kashif – I Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On) (Arista)
Pheonix – If I Ever Feel Better (Source Records)
Cherelle w/ Alexander O’Neal – Saturday Love (Tabu)
Letherette – Langsette (CDR)
Letherette – In And Out (CDR)
Machinedrum – Late Night Operation (Letherette Remix) (Normrex)
Letherette – Good For Me (CDR)
Lone – Fire Fly Rainbow (Dealmaker)
Letherette – Feel Real (CDR)
Letherette – Shoe Be Doo (CDR)
Letherette – Blad (CDR)
Letherette – Yea Yeah Love (CDR)
Letherette – Giro Milo (CDR)
Hudson Mohawke – Track #003 (CDR)
Letherette – Donnie Ball Ball (CDR)
Letherette – Optimise In Prime (CDR)
Thomas Bangalter – Club Soda (Roule)
Letherette – This Time (CDR)
Bibio – Jealous Of Roses (Warp)
Bibio – Lovers’ Carvings (Letherette Remix) (Warp)

[courtesy of BTS radio]

10 Years Krunchtime Radioshow (August 2007_Re-up)

18 11 2009

I found that mix in ma hard drive last week…and just re listen to it…It’s just an essential one Full of Classics tunes, progressive & very well mixed
If you missed it, i just re-uploaded it
That’s Essential

10 Yrs Krunchtime Radioshow
[August 2007]

(Special Part 4 – Dub Krunch)

recorded from Radio x 91.8 FM Frankfurt

listening without subwoofers prohibited

01 Abucs 3
02 RSD – Love Of Jah Light – Earwax
03 L-Wiz – Girl From Codeine City – Dub Police
04 Kion – Shine
05 Round The World Girls (Tes La Rok Mix)
06 Scuba 10
07 Mala – Left Leg Out – DMZ
08 2562 – Circulate – Tectonic
09 Mala – Lean Forward – DMZ
10 Marc Ashken (Skream Mix)
11 The Black Ghosts (Plastician & Skream Mix)
12 The Others – Africa – Dub Police
13 Dutty Dubz – Back & Forth – Disfigured Dubz
14 Dutty Dubz – Structured Madness – Trackdonalds
15 Mala – Alicia Keys Boot

Hud Mo # Skiffle Mix

2 09 2009

Fuck You Pay Me Like Jay-Z

1. Scream Club – Drunk
2. Cheryl Lynn – Overworked & Underloved
3. Take – Make Believe (Dimlite’s Incredible Re-Make)
4. Lowest Layer – Where You Been
5. Dorian Concept – Right Direction Through Wrong Perception
6. Taz Buckfaster – Au Revoir
7. Joyce Sims – Lifetime Love
8. Uday Napoleon – Crack Crack Crack
9. Eric Lau – For The D (Pritchard Remix)
10. Rustie – Pressure Bubbles
11. Take – You High (Daedelus Remix)
12. Snoop – Sensual Seduction inst
13. Megasoid – Hadjidselector
14. Alan1 – Drugstore Warriors
15. Labwaste – Duran Roberto
16. Pritchard – Blen inst
17. Latoya Jackson – Private Joy
18. DJC – Blazin Hurts (Ft. Ghislain Poirier, Face T, & T.I.)
19. Dema – Get Your Lean On
20. Samiyam – Asthma
21. HudMo – 3/4 Heart Re-Twirk
22. Noisome – Brainset (Ed Devane Mix)

Jahdan Blakkamoore # Buzzrock Warrior LP dates & Bazooka Shot Mixtape

26 08 2009

Alright…Who said Summer was over? By now, in Paris, atmosphere is getting more hot as we all know September is always a period of big demonstrations.
We parisians goldfish loves to riot after summer,
and Paris Riots Are Always Good Time*
If you’re not showing Ur brand new camera, if you dont show your cigarettes box, your mobile or brand new Iphone, your wallet or your police ID if you’re an undercova….It should be ok

Here’s some materials to riot in a happy atmosphere.

Don’t forget, undercovaz are always nice to you, asking for someones or/and trying to push you to burn cars da first….

– Le Savoir Est Une Arme et Je Sors Toujours Armé –

Jahdan LP will be drop in stores on the 15th September, if you’re into BassMizik u heard him playing alongside The Bug or/and Actual fav’kids bangers Major Lazer….
Anyway Grab that Mixtape and wait for the next demonstration inna neighborhood
You can also buy his single from the LP called She Said (featuring and produced by 77Klash) via iTunes

Zshare / Mediafire / Go to the direct .mp3

1. Jahdan Blakkamoore- More Life (All The Above instrumental)
2. Jahdan Blakkamoore- Walkie Talkie Freestyle (Digidesign riddim)
3. Jahdan Blakkamoore- The Best I Ever Had ft. 77 Klash
4. Jahdan Blakkamoore- Dem Nuh Like It ft. 77 Klash and Spoek Mathambo (produced by Matt Shadetek)
5. Jahdan Blakkamoore- Turn The Other Way (Flo Rida ‘Shone instrumental’)
6. Noble Society- Forgiveness
7. Jahdan Blakkamoore- Never Gonna Stop (produced by DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek)
8. Jahdan Blakkamoore- Like This (Reggae Got Soul Riddim)
9. Major Lazer feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore- Cash Flow (Dutty Artz Move It Refix)
10. Jahdan Blakkamoore – How We Gonna Get There (produced by Ova Ground)
11. Jahdan Blakkamoore- Dubplate For Moonraker (skit)
12. Jahdan Blakkamoore- Bad News (Rockin’ That Shit riddim)
13. Jahdan Blakkamoore- Cali Field feat. 77 Klash
14. Lee Scratch Perry & Dubblestandart- Blackboard Jungle (Subatomic Sound System Remix feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore)
15. Nate Mars feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore- Above & Beyond Dem

Get the mixtape and Read More
via Okayplayer
via Dutty Artz

* Paris Riots Are Good Times

Low End Theory Podcast VI # Nobody & Mono/Poly

17 08 2009
Los Angeles + Bleeps & Beeps + Lazeeeeeeer Synths + Mono/Poly + Collages + Drops + Kicks + Nobody + Heavy Bass is
To Have
click right save as
To Collect

ill-esha – Whompcast 011

17 08 2009

Amazing Mix by Canadian based producer, composer, dj, singer, graphist designer…and so on
Ill Esha. Special mix for Glitch Hop Forum…..if you’re not into Dubstep, Glitch Hop or else…u better pass your way./….Not For Fainted

Download da Fuckin WHOMPCAST


Jay Wikid – Bumpin Thumpin
Samples – Sexual Fire
Graintable – Lost Frost
ill-esha Bevvy Swift feat. Chadio – Victoria Block
Mochipet – Turbo Thizz Petnation
ill-esha – No Diggity Rmx
JmeJ – Move Shake
Heyoka – Hazy
Dewey dB – Fresh Coffee
Liquid Rocks – 100 Bit
ill-esha – Stutterfly
Stickem – Damn Spot
Depth Affect – Hero Crisis
Dewey dB ill-esha – H.A.A.R.P.
Gouseion – Afternoon Cassettes
Vibesquad – Hammer Restep
Downlink – Talk Dubby to Me
Glitchy & Scratchy – 50 Fingaz Rmx
Glitchy & Scratchy – What Frank Said
ill-esha – Cherry Blossoms
Benny Page – Untitled Dub
Headhunter feat. ill-esha – One
Nog & Myles Away – Wanna Be Loved
Satori & Vincenzo – Burberry Boy
Eskmo – Agnus Dei
JmeJ – Ed Solo Rmx
Antiserum – Frisco Funk
Wolf Intervals – All Up Under the Covers Day

Show Sum Luv


(via DanceFever5000)

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