Watch # Space Invadering by Bender [Futurama]

27 08 2010


(update 08-11 / seems like original link & video disappeared from the web, i just found this one
if any of you got an explanation….ation…..ation….tion….on…n….empty internet space)
from Volume 5, Episode 4

Can’t stop, Won’t stop


Download # Le Club de la Mixtape Part1 [Youthman, X_J & Dena]

26 08 2010

Le CLub de la mixtape Vol 1 Part1 by Le club de la Mixtape

First Part of Le Club de la Mixtape
A kind of reunion recorded some fridays nights…More to come

And cheers !!

Samedi 28 Aout # Limited Touch Special Carnival w/ULTERIOR MOTIVE uk ** WIN TICKETS **

26 08 2010

And yeah its Notting Hill this weekend and we’re in Paris celebrating with one of the most fresh duo in the DnB scene. Subtitles last signature’s Ulterior Motive will be our Carnival Guests.
Alongside, we have 2 of biggest heads of France scene: DJ Science from almighty early ages of Jungle, member of Rane Serato DJ Crew. Right? Ahaha And also Stalefish, Boss of french label Step Express.
Warm up will be execute by Drazel & Snowball from very active crew Breakbeat Exploration (Exploration Music). Check their podcast if u digg some deep & intelligent drum n bass.

Hosted by Taktile Touch Crew djs



Ulterior Motive – Medium Promo Mix by Ulterior Motive Uk

Zero T & Ulterior Motive – Breach [Subtitles Music (UK)] by Ulterior Motive Uk

Ulterior Motive & Judda – Infrasonic – Subtitles 074 by Ulterior Motive Uk

10 EUROS // All Night Long // Open Air Smoker Terrace // 2 BARS


Download & Pre-Order# Exile – Population Control (Samiyam Remix)

26 08 2010

On July 21st, I presented you the remix edition of this (amazing) forthcoming LP by Exile including Teebs, Rhettmatic, Dibiase & more remixes for…FREE !!! If u missed it JUMP
Now it’s about time to finalize this topic with the release of the finla product:
AM/FM album !!! is finally coming out on August 31st

AM/FM is a collection of reworked/remixed/new compositions and interpretations of ‘Radio’ tracks. Features include Alchemist, Evidence, Aloe Blacc, Shafiq Husayn, Samiyam, Blu, DJ Day, Fashawn, Free The Robots, and many more. Twenty-one amazing Exile tracks, that feature friends and inspirational peers which Exile himself has compiled. If you liked ‘Radio,’ AM/FM will defintely take you through another musical journey.

For now, and im very surprised to see it but they decided to offer you Guys one of the sickest remix of this LP…by BrainfeeeeedererrrrrrSamiyam

U didnt expect so much right? PLAY IT LOUD IN YOUR PARTY!!!!

Download & Listen # TRILOGY new Singles, NOISIA forthcoming & some surprises

25 08 2010

Today we have some downloadable stuffs and some not, but what is important is that its good

And Joy

Different than the traditional mix CD using two turntables, this exclusive offering was created live using only one turntable, a mixer, a loop pedal and all original vinyl pressings. CUT thought when performing this mix live it would challenge the contemporary DJ as well as himself. The music chosen for this mix goes quite a bit deeper into the crate than his other contributions. Driven by his passion for Ethiopian, Colombian, Sudanese and Afro-Brazilian sounds, this mix also features a few classic tunes you might recognize. Sound Of The Police puts it all in context to help the listener remember that hip-hop culture is indeed rooted in Africa.

Originally, Sound Of The Police was only intended to be a one-time performance for Mochilla’s “Timeless” concert series opening up for Ethiopia’s own Mulatu Astatke in 2009. He recorded the practice session and after the success of that performance he thought it deserved to be heard and seen by as many people as possible. The live performance attempts to be a reenactment of the CD, but with cameras on the turntable and loop pedal so the audience understands exactly how the records are being manipulated. “You don’t have to be into DJs to enjoy this show. It’s like walking a sonic tight rope and the audience gets to see me fall if something goes wrong,” CUT says. “The interesting parts are when I mess up and fix it. The audience goes crazy and appreciates what a difficult balancing act this actually is.”

Steve Spacek – Dollar (lapti mix) by Lapti

Here’s a (to me) quite good remix of Spacek, Lapti gave it this “guess tha style” ting that i like.
Perfect to loose yourself & save ya money
Share it or/and Play it loud

Change (A Made Up Sound Remix) by Commix

Last month i introduced you to the forthcoming remixes LP of Commix, we had chance to get the full tracklist and also an announce for a launch party.
So yeah if you’re not aware about it, Commix put out the snippets on their soundcloud.
So instead of posting you the Dbridge & Burial remixes, i preferred to post 2 of my fav’ones…
Here are A Made Up Sound (aka 2562) & Pangaea’s Remixes.
Yeah it’s How you gonna feel remix w/ S.Spacek…And its Dope

Release date officially OCTOBER 4th

How You Gonna Feel feat. Steve Spacek (Pangaea Remix) by Commix

Redeyes & Youthman from TRILOGY, Interview at Worldwide Festival, 2010

Lexem Trilogy-Midnight to Morning by Trilogy

Trilogy- Rocky road by Trilogy

Best Kept Secret’s TRILOGY is back with 2 new tunes.
After the anthem Brother Don’t Cry, signed by Mr Gilles Peterson,
supported by Simbad, Benji B, LeftO, Plastician & Anthony Valadez fromFM radio KCRW’s L.A.
my fav’ trio got guns loaded & trust me, this si nothing compare to what’s coming out

So enjoy for now

Noisia’s Vision imprint is back for this 9th 12″…Dude…What can i say
Wicked Artwork, Wicked collab with Legendary Ed Rush & Optical, plus the man who makes all soundsystem bleeds alkl over tha world : SPOR
So u probably dont need me to know that, but im sorry i always supported Noisia, since the beginning. I’ve got all that VISION shits on wax, Even Block Control on moving shadow i almost slept at records shop to get the promo. Usually we received 1 to 5 promos for all Paris. So yeah. RUN Muthaf**** RUN

Noisia, Ed Rush & Optical – Brain Bucket (VSN009) by NOISIA

Noisia & Spor – Falling Through (VSN009) by NOISIA

But its not over for now, NOISIA has a second release comin out under their very own inprint called
INVISIBLE RECORDS. If you remember, and im sure you are, Phace & Noisia released probably one of the most played awaited, sickest, original tune of the past 3 year called Floating Zero.
Don’t fuck with me / Don’t fuck with this tune
It never left my record bag and it won’t
It’s an anthem

Noisia & Joe Seven – Ease Forward (INVSB002) by NOISIA

Alix Perez – The Observer (INVSB002) by NOISIA

Noisia & Alix Perez – Underprint (INVSB002) by NOISIA

Stray – Saturday (INVSB002) by NOISIA

Anyway, so 2nd EP to be release on Invisible and yeah its sick again
Stray, Alix Perez & Joe Seven for collabs
4 ultimate future Drum’n’Bass, just to shut the fuck up to people who said it was dead
They’re generally newbie into Dubstep, and never appreciate DnB, so now it seems a real pleasure to say
See? DnB died, Dubstep Killed it !

Yeah right….Listen this and talk to me again
And as my best buddy says:

See you in another life Brother !!

Download # PMOI Podcast by Kidkanevil

23 08 2010

Plane Trails Mix By Kidkanevil by Putmeonit on Mixcloud

Kidkanevil – Zo0o0o0p ft Oddisee
Kidkanevil – When Doves Bounce (Illum Sphere’s Rebounce)
Red – Yo Mama (Alex Nut Remix)
Tranqill – Chips & Cheese
Andreya Triana – Lost Where I Belong (Flying Lotus Remix)
Illum Sphere – One For Dimlite
Tanya Auclair – Plane Trails
Oddisee – Propa ft Tranqill & Oliver Daysoul
Flying Lotus & Andreya Triana – Tea Leaf Dancers (Eliphino Remix)
Tokimonsta – Jackin4beats Pt.4 ft Andreya Triana, Oddisee & Tranqill
Illum Sphere – Psycho (Samiyam Remix)
Onra – Long Distance ft Oliver Daysoul

Sorry, i’ve been late on this one…but wasnt so much posted everywhere
Good collection of some 2010 Must Have Future Heads

Essential mix from New Ninja Tune Signature….Yes if u didnt know
Kid.K signed on Just Isnt Music

Also announced since a while now, and finally out. Is the last Tru Thoughts ‘s artist Natural Self EP featuring KidK, Eliphino, Prince Fatty remixes…

Natural Self ‘My Heart Beats remixes and versions’

Midnight Sun (Prince Fatty version)
Midnight Sun (Prince Fatty dub)
Street Spirit
All Static (Natural Self remix)
Midnight Sun (Jeremy Sole’s Sans Drums remix)
Midnight Sun (Jeremy Sole’s Moonstomp remix)
The Origin (Kidkanevil remix)
The Origin (Eliphino remix)
The Shock You Heard YULT’s Sub remix)

Here’s KidK remix free download,
Thanks to Rythm Incursions & Tru Thoughts for this


Watch # Great Lengths, a movie about Martyn

23 08 2010

Great Lengths is a tribute to Martyn’s parents, his father, former PSV team-leading scorer Gerrie Deijkers,
who died of heart falure in 2003. Martyn plays his father, Halina Reijn the widow.
After the ball is taken away from him, we see Martyn at his own farewell gathering.


Directed by Ramon Gieling
Music by Martyn

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