HAPPY 1000th POST # Still Life_ A Various Artists compilation

27 02 2013

Hey there

Long time no talk over here, i was preparing something and just for the sick of it…i did it_

Actually listening some of it again and again…I enjoyed this a way too long for myself, so here is the compilation
that thing i wanted to do…and so it’s full of artists i talked about over the blog: you’ll recognise most of them, and for the one u never heard about: well it’s about time_I tried to choose people and songs that are indeed VARIOUS
So if you’re looking for only beats over here, you’ll find some but if you miss the rest then you’ll miss everything about this reunion of talents. Some will bring you straight to space, some will just break your neck, some will make you wonder where you heard it before & most of those compositions will make you feel good_& even more than that


KIDKANEVIL “Its fuckin sick”

REDEYES “It’s been a while i didnt listen to something so rich & eclectic…
It’s Official!! On a repeat mode!!


BOOMARM NATION “For reals Bruv, this comp is majik!!


Big up to all people who respond for this, and join efforts or time to offer sumthin__here’s the stuffs
Some talks will follow also about them in a series of quick portraits / interviews
Oh yeah its all free, so see this peoples?

Black Zone Myth Chant aka High Wolf, El-Mahdy Jr, Gulls from Boomarm Nation, Yuki Sato, Rez, Moresounds, Redeyes, Low Leaf & Queen Leaf, Rora Realis, Ichiro_, Danny Drive Thru, mezZo, DTCPU, Gypsy Mamba, Every & JIIIIIM from Ounce, Lord Boyd, Brolis & more….

F* amazing, all of them

ALT.LINK // http://www.mediafire.com/?4m1nqu35trgci0u
ALT.LINK // http://www.mediafire.com/?4m1nqu35trgci0u
ALT.LINK // http://www.mediafire.com/?4m1nqu35trgci0u

28 02 2012

16 09 2011

– Never Forget, Always in our hearts-


1 07 2015


[DOWNLOAD] Jeremiah Jae – Good Times (Mixtape)

25 04 2014

This might not popped out yet around big websites and all, but i gotta spread the word about this new mixtape by JaeR (one of the most talented cats on this planet….even tho’ im sure he has a clone….as you look at this AMAZING amount of AMAZING music he put out…)
Anywayhere it is, quite unexpected, but when u follow the man, it’s not really a surprise..

Taking inspiration and its title from the ’70s TV sitcom set in a Chicago housing project, Good Times features Black Jungle Squad regulars Oliver the 2nd, Tre, Isreal and additional production help from Oliver the 2nd, Lord Raja and Stones Throw labelmates Jonwayne and Knxwledge.

Don’t worry this is available right now, and for nothing else in exchange than a click or maybe if you care about spreading good word, a share on your social network? or / and maybe write him what you think at his twitter? or send a space pigeon to deliver some obscure 7″ u found at your mom’s cave? (ever heard about Konducta in India story?
Well maybe another time…)


DOWNLOAD # Gantz – Salvo

16 02 2014


No Comment_ Merci Gantz


[FORTHCOMING] LAS x Mikael EP (Innamind Recordings)

14 12 2013

This is a banana heavyweight piece of wax my friends.

LAS x Mikael EP.

a. LASxMikael – Dem Break
b. LAS – Need Fire
c. Mikael – Drain

Catalog number: IMRV008

I could let it this way and post the f soundcloud but some people would appreciate links and history words,
so u got after the play button, please

Innamind has been doing a very selective work this year and this (only) 8th releases is ending & starting the new year completely in the top 3. After several essential cuts with Gantz, LAS or Thelem, Innamind just certified itself as one of the most serious inprint around with this new EP by both finland born producer LAS & Mikael. Who has been working and push Finnish scene for a very long time. LAS has been over Youngsta”s label Black Box with forward dub works, pushing the 140 limits. On the flip with Kowton over Signal Life…
Not really a surprise that Mala or Joe Nice include this guy this in their sets.
Mikael hasnt got the biggst attention but if you had on his soundcloud you’ll see he’s not someone you should sleep on, with his appearance on the  Mean Seed compilation he made a very serious debut.
This EP collaboration  is just super yummy, i hope you’ve been listening with speakers since that…
In any case, rewind this one.  And be ready when it drops i guess here will be available___
Catch Joe Nice Gourmet Beats show to hear more dubs from those guys. He sure get some recently ; )
And if you want more i suggest you to jump on the Innamind podcast by…MIKAEL //// YUP


Innamind shared this mastered track called DREAMING by MIKAEL. Its a free download, it’s a WAV cut it if you can, play it loud anyways

[DOWNLOAD] Free IZWID Black Label by Seven Davis Jr

9 12 2013

IZWID 002 is available worldwide.
Thats for the news if u missed it since 2 weeks.
IZWID001 is already into my collection, massive heard it couple of weeks ago, people jumped on themselves, jumped on me, cried for a track name…All they got was Barrington Levy as sirens and it felt dope.

But today the post is more about the good people at IZWID who gonna provides a serie of free downloads, you can already grab a free Esgar tune called Rude Boy HERE (click right save as) & also a Se7en Davis Jr one called I don’t wanna answer HERE (click right save as). For sure, each release will get a non-album track as a free download so keep your eyes on the website or subscribe asap to their mailing list to receive exclusives.

Today i received this info that Se7en Davis Jr pays homage to this Prince classic CONTROVERSY, recorded in 2013 exclusively for IZWID.

Make sure you grab this_FUNK

[WATCH] Jeremiah Jae – Shake Stunt (feat. Oliver the 2nd) – Official Video

26 11 2013

Director: Chris Martz

So f* trippyyyyyyy background___Dope video from ‘Dirty Collections Vol. #2′ EP

[LISTEN & BUY] Dakim – DDUST REGOS (LeavingRecords 031)

26 11 2013


Total Runtime: 31min
Cassette ONLY
ltd. to 250 tapes


This is a man i try to collect everything i can, not because im  in a fan boy mood or anything like this.
I’m  collecting any DAKIM works cause it’s one of those rare artists you can discover new things in a track u already listened 15 times, an artist you can “study” or dive into again & again & again for hours, an artist than completely avoided that crazy non-sense hype about beat scene (particulary LA one) which is still to me something to define…We’ll wait for Laurent Fintoni book for this, pretty impatient about his writing & what he collected.

For now, let’s go back to Dakim and this amazing tape for Leaving Records (what else?) called DDUST REGOS
If you’ve been following him the word DDUST might remind you a bunch of CDR DIY sent almost 3 years ago, if you were digging and werent broke u might have copped it.  This new cassette aint nothing but a dak thang, get your ear on this excerpt first, then we’ll talk. Less.

The universal consciousness lives through infinitely variable and constant vibrations, which, while having individual characteristics, are all sympathetic to each other and together form one consistent motion.

The motion only knows to continue and its shape remains fixed, simply being an amalgam of everything, which is always moving but always.

The faster the vibrations, the more they become entwined with and directly influenced by other vibrations, blurring the contrast between them until they become indistinguishable as separate individuals.


Dakim’s music is so rich, it doesnt need so much to blast your brain out of your head, if it didnt leak from your ears first. Its not an easy music, and its very healing music at the same time. But hey, if you are reading this, its either u love Dakim or either u love the blog so dont need to warm you up.

To me, Dakim is an absolute king alongside people like Madlib or Muslimgauze. There’s no such thing as Dakim music, no material sound the same, no one can duplicate his stuffs. Falling into Dakim is more than a listening session around the woodfire. No. Falling into Dakim will make you go completely loco, cause everytime u’ll see a cassette or CDR of him roaming around, you’ll just tell yourself: Wait a minute, i need to listen to this again, im sure i didnt listened properly. Every. Time. Will. Do.


Grab this tape while you can. Its more than an advice, it’s an order.



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