BUY & DOWNLOAD # Astro Nautico x Day Tripper presents: “7 by 7” LP [Cassette_Free Digital]

27 07 2012

Another banger from Astro Nautico family, this time teaming up with Japanese based INNIT to bring us 14 exclusive tracks , 7 & 7 by side…but i let them talk about this great & original project // It includes great compositions by RAJA, Space Ghost, Obey City, Madegg, mfp or Avec Avec…without mentioning Ryuei Kotoge!! Oh Yeah, Here are some of our fav artists, way too much underrated…seriously.
If you’re broke, grab a free Digital Download below
If not, i’ll buy that tape. It’s lovely. Really_Merci

An experiment in cultural exchange and sampling, respective music collectives Astro Nautico and INNIT/Day Tripper Records have collaborated on a transpacific project which finds 7 members of Astro Nautico sampling Kurosawa’s “The Seven Samurai” to create a track and conversely, 7 members of Japan-based INNIT flipping sounds found in the westernized version of the same film, “The Magnificent Seven”.

Erik Luebs aka Magical Mistakes (who has previously contributed a track for Atlantics Vol. 2 and remixed Kuhn) will find himself accompanied by up-and-coming Bay Area producer Giraffage, along with three members of Astro Nautico (Obey City, Paul Jones and RAJA) for the release party of this 14-track compilation, which will also be available digitally and on cassette this Friday, the 27th.



Side A: Day Tripper
1. And Vice Versa – Mild Seven
2. Avec Avec – The F.O.R.C.E is with U
3. mfp – must fight
4. Magical Mistakes – Lower the Odds
5. Ryuei Kotoge – 7
6. Seiho – MAD
7. Madegg – Kaila


1. Kuhn – Even Bears
2. Obey City – Rōnin Strut
3. Space Ghost – Always
4. RAJA – Sharp No Wait
5. Paul Jones – Mortal Combat
6. Steve McJawn – Cotted
7. Time Wharp – しばらく待ってください
BUY the tape from Astro Nautico HERE
BUY the tape from Day Tripper HERE




DOWNLOAD # Julia Holter – Live at the “Ekstasis” album release happening [03.23.11]

27 07 2012

Thanks again to Dublab for sharing this, i dont think you’ll be able to listen to this anywhere else. Julia Holter is simply one of those artists who completely explosed last year.
I dont think i’ve ever seen a Leaving Records artists get so much good reviews, everywhere in the world or online. Then a reissue, articles & so on…Here’s for you the recording
a chance to listen re re listen to her before she comes in town near you. Master Piece



On Sunday, April 1st 2012, dublab & RVNG Intl. presented a free, all ages happening at Atwater Crossing to celebrate the release of Julia Holter’s new album Ekstasis. Julia was joined by drummer Corey Fogel and cellist Chris Votek. Other than those details we will keep it short and simple and let the music speak for itself. This was a performance of sheer beauty from one of one of our favorite musicians. We are honored to share it with you. Please enjoy.




DOWNLOAD # Flying Lotus “Lovers Melt 3″

27 07 2012

artwork by Jeremiah Jae

Another selection by Sir Ellison, full of classics, just posting this cause i love it & cause it will be a shame if you miss it.



BUY # DAK – Youstandit / Leftrecord [Leaving Records_LR020]

25 07 2012

Today is a good day_all days are good (or should be) but this one is a bit better than others…First, i just posted about Analogue Monsta “album” that popup 2day, and so, as i’m a music nerd (not like NeedleDrop guy, read: i dont pretend to be the busiest music nerd) i go check Leaving Records as (almost) everyday_and i was expecting to see Ras G’s El Aylien part II, but…this is still an amazing surprise cause its Monsieur DAK aka DAKIM aka DDust aka The universal consciousness lives through infinitely variable and constant vibrations, which, while having individual characteristics, are all sympathetic to each other and together form one consistent motion. The motion only knows to continue and its shape remains fixed, simply being an amalgam of everything, which is always moving but always. The faster the vibrations, the more they become entwined with and directly influenced by other vibrations, blurring the contrast between them until they become indistinguishable as separate individuals *…. is one of my favourite artist. All Time. I invite you to listen (and DL if u feel so) this very nice collab with Asonic Garcia, one of the rare artist to compose with D

Dakim is a very difficult artist to approach, his universe is always & constantly melting, like a star who wasnt born yet, you can’t really tell what direction the energy will take and if it’s gonna be hot or cold or steal or water. His two DIY-CDRs shows it well, without talking about his “first” release for LR (listen/grab here), but listening to DAK is like jumping in a Lamborghini with a Parkinson drunk driver: Fuckin Exciting. I guess, and its a bit unfortunate (maybe not in fact?) that Dakim is way too much underrated and to me is an artist to range alongside many others: from Dimlite to John Cage, Sun Ra to Aphex. It’s 2012, and everything is going way too fast. Music is the medium you can use to escape all this bullsh*t, reprogram your thoughts to another destination. One thing is sure, when listening to Dak, you’re somewhere like nothing before_and it’s hard to leave his planet…. Space Base is The Place


Three years after ‘standthis‘ (LR001), the elusive and visionary dak returns with a formidable double dose of electronic abstractions and psychedelic hip-hop. The visual accompaniments set the scene: ‘youstandit’ hovers above a chaotic jumble of wires and machinery, all post-idm paranoia and claustrophobic detroit futurism, while ‘leftrecord’ shows a lush green overgrowth, encompassing the gritty, unconventional and untamed rhythms and textures of the natural world. ‘youstandit / leftrecord’ finds dak walking the blurry line between these two starkly different, yet disconcertingly similar environments– untangling, hacking, and digging his way through many dense layers in pursuit of a beautiful and harmonious peace underneath.

You Can Listen some DAK experimentations over le Myspace (yep still exist Son) & grab his past records over POOBAH or ALPHA PUP // To be mentioned a very limited 7″ from (iN)Sect camp, discogs it HERE

“dak’s crazy!!!!!!!!” – Ras G

“<3″ – Flying Lotus

DOWNLOAD # Scion A_V Presents Analogue Monsta – Boom [2012]

25 07 2012

This one is for the people who grew up with Jodeci, Guy, R.Kelly, Teddy Riley
and Aaliyah and Badu or Nubians but you’re more than welcome if you never did…but you should…really…do it
It’s impossible to take back the time or travel into it so educate yourself_wrd

Ok ok ok so i repeat again, Analogue Monsta is Suzi Analogue & Tokimonsta, 2 complete
unknown artists you never heard about…and it’s 11 tracks collection, maybe you heard some in different mixes around. But if you never heard about hers individually or in this project, you should. Really. Its full of feelings, talent & open minds_and Suzi knows where to bring you, all SoulFull on Toki’s drums. We do love Tokimonsta, not cause she’s a female. But cause she’s talented. Thats all_Its (REALLY) about time you know this project cuz its fuckin dope, real talents here, no need to argue more even if everyone is wanking on TNGHT right now (and we dont understand why, cause its really wack) Those 11 tracks are full of souvenirs, old moments from the 90’s our 2 artists surely experienced. We do miss this sound, we really do. So when 2 artists are teaming up to dress a great portrait of what is HipHop in 2012, it can just sound like this: aerial, nostalgic, conscient, great structures forming always a dope song_Even if its soft.
Yeah thats what it is, just like a deadly feather that could break your neck in one snare // Im very happy those materials are finally out, i’ve been waiting 3 years for this

We Love Toki & we Love Suzi & if you love SoWhat? you know that too

Go Grab you free Excellent Music HERE

This eclectic pair, made up of Suzi Analogue and TOKiMONSTA , is a duo of rank. Their collective background of hip-hop, psych rock, R&B and electronic has blown both minds and speakers alike. By pairing radio accessibility with radical thinking they’ve managed to created a classic with a twist hybrid that landed their very first single, NXT MSG on BBC Radio 1.

DOWNLOAD # Squarehead – Girl EP [5ANDSEVEN]

24 07 2012

Serious 4 tracks EP for all the cats here looking for fresh & loud house from UK_Following this Squarehead cat since a while now
and pretty happy to share those dancefllor bombs with you guys. It’s summer (finally) and if its not in your part of the world,
im sure this will warm you up_Dont miss it & listen to the mixed preview. DL after the Jump_If u feel it and want more you should check out his soundcloud…just sayin’


2.Let Me Tell You

Release date: Jul 23, 2012
Artwork by Joel Barton



DOWNLOAD # Flying Lotus “Between Friends” f/ Earl Sweatshirt & Captain Murphy

24 07 2012





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