[DOWNLOAD] Jeremiah Jae – Good Times (Mixtape)

25 04 2014

This might not popped out yet around big websites and all, but i gotta spread the word about this new mixtape by JaeR (one of the most talented cats on this planet….even tho’ im sure he has a clone….as you look at this AMAZING amount of AMAZING music he put out…)
Anywayhere it is, quite unexpected, but when u follow the man, it’s not really a surprise..

Taking inspiration and its title from the ’70s TV sitcom set in a Chicago housing project, Good Times features Black Jungle Squad regulars Oliver the 2nd, Tre, Isreal and additional production help from Oliver the 2nd, Lord Raja and Stones Throw labelmates Jonwayne and Knxwledge.

Don’t worry this is available right now, and for nothing else in exchange than a click or maybe if you care about spreading good word, a share on your social network? or / and maybe write him what you think at his twitter? or send a space pigeon to deliver some obscure 7″ u found at your mom’s cave? (ever heard about Konducta in India story?
Well maybe another time…)


[WATCH] Jeremiah Jae – Shake Stunt (feat. Oliver the 2nd) – Official Video

26 11 2013

Director: Chris Martz

So f* trippyyyyyyy background___Dope video from ‘Dirty Collections Vol. #2’ EP

DOWNLOAD # Beat Soup Live from Poobah – Jonwayne X Jeremiah Jae X Detective Tully [08/17/12]

25 09 2012

Well…nothing else to say except that i’m f* happy Poobah are now posting more Beat Soup sessions from the shop.
Here’s the recording from August 17th with Jeremiah Jae, Jonwayne & Detective Tully_You might never heard about D.Tully and if you’re not in L.A.
there are plenty chance you didnt cross his way in or oit of Poobah. Tully is behind stage managing for LowEndTheory, he’s a member of MyHollowDrum and also involved in Futura,
the night created by Teebs & Asura. So get to know the guy ; ) Concerning the 2 other aliens, they had pretty busy activities recently:
JaeR for the release of his Brainfeeder imprint, and Jonwayne…well he’s surely on something else already, so u better follow the cat here
And if you’re wondering why 2 of the most crazy producers around are teaming for this session, then it means you completely missed La Cassette

Anyway here are the 3 recordings, live from Poobah
You kinda know what to do now: Light it up Turn it up !!!

Broadcasted live at 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Friday, August 17th, 2012.




DOWNLOAD # Jeremiah Jae – Lunch Box [All Lunch Special]

10 08 2012

Brainfeeder & Jeremiah Jae are releasing all Lunch Special_Some links were down in the past

So if you missed one or two or three or four, or if your hardrive crashed
you should get all of those treasures (really they are) that im sure we will still
be listening in 10 years_JaeR is such an underrated artist as much as Blue Daisy or Ras G
Burn this on Audio Cd and keep it safe into your collections alongside Knxwledge or Dimlite


DOWNLOAD # Azizi Gibson & Jeremiah Jae – Ignorant Prayers (Instrumentals) [Brainfeeder]

22 06 2012

I guess, it can’t be a better week….via JaeR

Total Happiness, as skatin’ Saturn’s rings

>> ENJOY<<

DOWNLOAD # Azizi Gibson & Jeremiah Jae – Ignorant Prayers [Brainfeeder]

20 06 2012

I’m just back in Europe, & believe me it’s damn hard…so this (long awaited) free “Mixtape” is MORE than welcome.
Two of the most underrated artists in the game right now (& i hope it won’t last) are associating to bring us the craziest
& mental works since a while…Announced since like 4 months, i was expecting it when i came back yesterday morning
I saw “out on the 20th” and FlyLo posted it on the 19th Well…Just the time for me to nap 3 hours between my 2 jobs and it’s there
Thank You very much to those two artists that always push the limits than so many people are following…
No Dear Readers, we are not alone out there_Get it, u won’t regret it


If you want to dig more, they’re both featured on this blog, and dont miss last single dropped by JaeR called Money/ Money and Food
Available digitally HERE

DOWNLOAD # Azizi Gibson & Jeremiah Jae – Lover$

2 04 2012

April Fools // Mixtape Drop on April 30th

Keep it locked ; )

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