DOWNLOAD # Swarvy – Shadows Remixes LP

24 11 2011

A quick post in the morning, cause i dont want you to miss this gem
This is the Shadows vol. 1 and vol. 2 EPs from Swarvy  remixed by some of the best heads in the universe,
and some i never miss a note such as DTCPU, MNDSGN, Ichiro_, Chits or NegroSaki & Ahnnu
Start the listening below, and fasten your seatbelts_Will play some tonight at the Terrace of Batofar in Paris
So drop by if you bored, it’s free entry we are opening for Jonti from 6pm to Midnight

It’s a “Name Your Price” release, so if you’re (really) broke,
don’t panic you still can download it now and pay later?
Or pay now for what you feel & support the artists

This is one of my favorite remix comp of the year, nuff said

BUY # Ichiro_ – Noon EP

28 06 2011

Sorry ya’ll i’ve been quite busy last week, working on this amazing
Richie Hawtin x Anish Kapoor gig…plus one of my best friends wedding
last week-end. So dont need to tell you, that this monday and tuesday i feel like F*
We are lucky enough to watch our thermometer grow up to 36°C (42°C in my office yesterday)
And we’re french, you know…We sucks…So no AC

Anyway, i listened to this yesterday and it kept my ears fresh for 30 minutes
If you’re not working, take a ice bath, smoke a big one
And press:play

Til Ichiro_ hit peoples ears, you can play this again and again.
Keep your eyes on Ichiro_ if you’re doing it already

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