[FORTHCOMING] LAS x Mikael EP (Innamind Recordings)

14 12 2013

This is a banana heavyweight piece of wax my friends.

LAS x Mikael EP.

a. LASxMikael – Dem Break
b. LAS – Need Fire
c. Mikael – Drain

Catalog number: IMRV008

I could let it this way and post the f soundcloud but some people would appreciate links and history words,
so u got after the play button, please

Innamind has been doing a very selective work this year and this (only) 8th releases is ending & starting the new year completely in the top 3. After several essential cuts with Gantz, LAS or Thelem, Innamind just certified itself as one of the most serious inprint around with this new EP by both finland born producer LAS & Mikael. Who has been working and push Finnish scene for a very long time. LAS has been over Youngsta”s label Black Box with forward dub works, pushing the 140 limits. On the flip with Kowton over Signal Life…
Not really a surprise that Mala or Joe Nice include this guy this in their sets.
Mikael hasnt got the biggst attention but if you had on his soundcloud you’ll see he’s not someone you should sleep on, with his appearance on the  Mean Seed compilation he made a very serious debut.
This EP collaboration  is just super yummy, i hope you’ve been listening with speakers since that…
In any case, rewind this one.  And be ready when it drops i guess here will be available___
Catch Joe Nice Gourmet Beats show to hear more dubs from those guys. He sure get some recently ; )
And if you want more i suggest you to jump on the Innamind podcast by…MIKAEL //// YUP


Innamind shared this mastered track called DREAMING by MIKAEL. Its a free download, it’s a WAV cut it if you can, play it loud anyways

[STREAM & ORDER] Gulls – “Shades and Cycles” Cassette MIXTAPE

12 11 2013

Boomarm Nation‘ brother GULLS is back with this unexpected live dubbed mixtape full of unreleased, reworked, dubbed, edits of his favourites joints. This piece of music is probably your only chance to get your hands on those materials, cooked only once for fine forward sounds gourmets. Only 40 copies have been made so if you’re digging Sahel Sounds or if Music for Saharan Cellphones means anything to you, then you must jump on this very limited item. Check this tracklisting and stream those audio samples…Pure magnetism !!!

Gulls – “Shades and Cycles”
Audio samples from the 60 minutes Cassette Mixtape. Release by PDXINDUB. Cassette only, limited to 40 copies. White tapes w/ full color J Card, dubbed in realtime for maximum bump.

Cop it. http://pdxindub.com/product/pdxindub15/

The Sabri Brothers Live edit/Gulls-Deep Conga (version)/
Lenzmen meets Bombossi/ Gulls-System Pools Shock/
Balani noise/ Jah Shaka – Talking Drum Dub/
Gulls-Long Arm/ Strategy-Valentines Dub/
Gulls-Snax (Monkeytek’s VIP dub)/ Gulls-Snax Variation.

Hamdawa/Jah Shaka -more loops edit/El Mahdy Jr.-Gravity/
Mahmoud Guina/LV-Livin Up (Gulls Remix)/
Lahbib Boutaxi-Side 1 (Gulls edit)/Dont DJ-Drob/
Gulls-Give It Up/Gulls-Glass Sides/Gulls-Eastwood Bounce/
El Mahdy Jr-Permanent Defeat (tease)/
Positive Black Soul – live -outro.

Cop it. http://pdxindub.com/product/pdxindub15/

DOWNLOAD # . Bija – Explorations: Volume 001

22 08 2012

This is unexpected and completely unknown_and fuck, this is really good.

This is the first, in what will hopefully be an ongoing series of experimental tracks; crossing all genres of electronic music. I write a lot of tracks and love all genres within the realms of underground beats. The tracks here, covering everything from IDM and glitch, to future garage, and ambient, chill, more minimal forms of “dub”. The “Exploration Series” will fall between my eps and lps, which tend to have a particular “theme”, while these will focus on being a collection of experimental explorations. Pick it up for free or toss a couple of bucks if you’re really feeling it……..

. Bija is a producer from Athens, Greece_As an european, im pretty aware about what’s going on in Greece since 3 years now, and if most of my producers friends are taking every inspiration from life in general, this artist surely has a lot to say. As listening to this series of “experimental” tracks, i can confirm: this man talks. A lot.
You might remember some of those post-garage, Burial school drums artists i talked about such as Mirror State or Ghostek, well here’s another artist to discover in that vein, even if to me i found more similarity with deep dnb sounds than garage: ASC, Instra:Mental, D-Bridge…Basically all Exit Records/Nonplus family. Im into DnB since ages even if i never post about it, i played with many artists and i booked quite a lot. This guy deserves all your attention_i hope his music will emerge more than 16 FB likes..maybe cause of you if u like it, u gonna share it___To my dear dj friends, you’ll found here almost anything you were looking for intros or deep atmospheric sets, trust me:
_This is top notch IDM Deep Bass_

Please press:play

Another banger LP is available here, and you gotta check also the man behind all the additional field recordings:
Gluid from Kampen, Netherlands_He’s an extraordinary composer, his soundscapes are next level and it would be such a pity if you missed him_Between Animal Collective’s crazyness machines choirs & Steve Reich’s repetitiv lobotomies:
please go dive with Gluid & listen/download this track called Lure_be sure to check out the soundcloud to get more freebies___________________________________________________

We wish you the best . Bija




DOWNLOAD # Dub Temple Records presents – Lee Sctach Perry Beat Tape [Compiled by 8man & Grimes]

29 03 2012

The third installment in Dub Temple Records Beat Tape Series is a tribute to the great Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.
Compiled by 8man and Grimes
Artwork by 8man
[DTR-BT 003]

Be Sure to check out in the same series: Scientist Beat Tape & King Tubby Beat Tape


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