DOWNLOAD # Co.Fee – Bermuda EP [My Hollow Drum_MHD003F]

6 10 2012

YUP……If u wanna more use the search bar // Have been talking about him-them for a very long time
Spread Love, Share this as much as you can_or Play it “just a lil louder”



DOWNLOAD # Various Artists – AURAL STIMULI Vol. 2 [Resonate]

18 07 2012

A monthly Northern Cali event dedicated to the evolution of dirty beat science, consider yourself a lucky muhfuckah…

At least, you know where you’ll end up ; ) Here’s the 2nd part from Resonate camp.
Straight from Stockton, north cali, representing for that beat family you love so much.
Don’t panic cause right here are featured artists from very different landscapes, and some we talked about
already here at SoWhat? From Mono/Poly to Devonwho, Knxwledge or Gypsy Mamba (who signed the cover as well),
elusive, Co.Fee, Insightfull & some others u probably never heard of if you’re not living in Cali…or if you dont spend
your free hours online listening weird stuffs_By the way, you should do it.
Both of it: Live in California & Spend your life listening music

Pretty good plan, where do i have to sign?
Enjoy this (Free) compilation and share it




BUY & DOWNLOAD # Dropping Gems – Gem Drops Two

15 02 2012

I’ve been a bit away for the last 3 weeks, so i missed bunch of releases (free or not)
and i’m not gonna post all of it, but mostly the important ones.

Loads of Dropping Gems releases i posted over here, are still bumping my player i confess. The last one i talked was Djao, a solid free release i featured for the last year Best Free Music. Dropping Gems chose their label name pretty good i confess, as the 2nd compilation called Gem Drops Two has been released last month, and as the first episode, this 20 works by various artists is as good as the 1st one, and even better. I said it.
Gem Drops that i featured over here, included bunch of my fav’ musicians: DTCPU, Sumsun, Juj, Yuk, Anenon or Devonwho….Thank you so much to Drpping Gems cause this 2nd edition is starting with the one and only MNDSGN.
I dont wanna be rude or not polite but im gonna say it, there are too many fuckin amazing ridiculous great producers on this record: Strangeloop, Daedelus, Co.Fee, Nocow, D33J, S.Maharba, Ghost Feet, Asura….

Should i keep on? Naaah mean…

Roll a big one, Launch the Player, Put your Headphones, Plug your Sub

If i wasnt broke as fuck right now, i would already order the tape…to be sure to have all those production on a proper
material…not only a-digital-your-hard-drive-died-please-kill-me-format

So, i would love you to listen and after that, maybe burn it on a cd, give it to a friend, or your worst enemy,
you can also let it in the bus, so someone u never heard about will listen to that, also bring it with you at supermarket, and while you shop let it play into the Hi-Fi section. Any system needs to be check.
Be sure to listen all the artists involved, not only the “Famous” ones…na mean cause seriously
some will completely destroy your mind such as the intense sub ‘LDFD dropped,
Natasha Kmeto & this amazing “Belly” full of arabians darbuka mixed with amazing voices and drums. Her LP is available via Dropping Gems HERE , i will try to write a review for this one asap. Cause it desserves more than few lines here.
I think i also played Asura composition already 589 times…Its for now the best compilation came out this year.

Yeah i said it. The best one even if i really enjoyed the tribute one to Dilla, this one is so dope

Thumbs Up

DOWNLOAD # 22 Minutes 52

22 08 2011

Uploading this cause its my bday and i feel like gifting to yall

Including Ohsaurus, Salva, unreleased Trilogy, The Heliocentrics, DemHunger, Gonjasufi & Kutmah, yUk & Co.Fee
Hope you’ll enjoy!

LISTEN # Co.Fee – Liv Inn [From LA♥JPN♥LA Vol. 1]

1 08 2011

Following the previous post about this AMAZING compilation, here’s a lil excerpt from it
via one of my fav’ producer around Cali Mr Co.Fee MHD Fam’
Listen and trust me about the quality of others 26 tracks

DOWNLOAD # Co. Fee – Knocksteady Podcast 49

28 06 2011

MHD 4 Ever
Co.Fee dropped this 45 minutes mix of live beats
Go Download it and show some love over at Knocksteady

If you didnt grab his recent EP via MyHollowDrum, its still available as Digital

FORTHCOMING # Co.Fee – Easy Listening EP [MHD004]

23 03 2011

Cover art by Matthew Okeyo

It’s all about MHD…Aaaall about MHD bro’
You know…people will found out about this post, like 3 weeks after this will drop
As i can check the stats from the site, i can tell you that now: it’s all about Blawan’s Bohla EP on R&S
A post i did, quite long time ago…But i know that people are looking for a leak
So if you read this and its the 25th of April, just
don’t panic you have plenty of posts to check out from now

If you read this about now (March 23rd), so you’re a bit just like me
You can wait a bit more for Co.Fee release


Don’t look for any audio preview, i dont have
But tracks with * got a preview on his myspace
Just the tracklist below, you can also go check out at Alpha Pup the article HERE

1. Destroy & Rebuild *
2. Spark Plug *
3. Kali *
^(for those who bought Beat Soup Vol.3..ya’ll know)
4. Gypsy Skirt *
5. Katana
6. Zombie Parade
7. Asante
Oh and i didnt wanna talk about this now, as its a bit early, but Co.Fee & ????? has this very secret project,
unknown for now, away from the beats trends. I think you should make more research about it.
>No links. Use ur brain< 

>>>> UPDATE <<<<

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