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13 08 2015

Once again,it has been a distant past where I found it impossible to unravel a real musical gem due to the amount of things one can listen to, watch or read about. Honestly, I have to admit that blogging has been far away from my mind since everyone is connected to the same music networks these days.Let`s call it the “gentrification” of music.

On one hand,it is the evolution of discovering new music.On the other hand,listening to what we want cause’ its just there: be it on youtube,wherever streaming is possible or despite the quality of the music and the sound is.

In the landscape where everyone is a f*ing DJ,collecting music in any forms of the sake of collecting,everyone is a maestro, everyone saw everything, listened everything, know everything. And if you dont know you still can pretend to go pee and watch your smartphone for an answer u missed while talking. To this very day,I listen to a shitloads of music and unfortunately or fortunately,I still buy records.

 “I know”

I hear this shit all the time. So yeah im here alone writing about this fantastic record i bumped into.

The tune on is called LIFE IS A KILLER. And its like 16Bit eated Zackey Force Funk for breakfast and shit him like a mutant speaking Eprom. The release is rough, some stuffs reminded me the early Blue Daisy compositions i cherish, some would just fit perfect in any GLK voodoo dance, some you can make love with a billion times in a night…
Who is Sebastian Paul? A vocalist, producer, songwriter based in Los Angeles according to the only infos available.
Again? A beat producer from L.A.?

Yes its from Cali it smooth, funky and shrooms are flying.

How long have i not paid for a digital release on Bandcamp?
So many excel sheets or references i never bought cause u have simply no time and no rest for your mind.


Get to the link, click, listen

Enjoy it until it comes out from your worst enemy’s mouth.

 Its free its loud its funky

and scary

and poetic

and makes me super horny

DOWNLOAD # Brolis – ☼

23 08 2012

Between the mountain of music i check everyday, i cant really post about everything…but im tryin’ my best
This has been stuck into my ears since 6 months and i completely forgot to talk about it…I cant remember also how i found it, and to be honest not so much informations about this guy i can give_unfortunately_but fortunately, you & i are here for the same thing: good & unique music. And that’s what you’re about to listen_Brolis is Donatas Tubutis and he’s from Lithuania (Vilnius precisely). I wont call his music Beat Music, but when you’ll download this and burn it on CD, dont forget to take off the silence between each tunes. This has to be listened one shot, like a long live_so it’s a kind of tape, one side probably_its kinda short, but better have 10 minutes of good something, than an hour of bad something.

Make yourself comfortable, if you dig dub echoes, world drums & Sun Ra_you’ll love this
Plug your subs or headphones, enjoy & share it faster than i did_Wish to hear more from this guy soon

DOWNLOAD # Wih’lo – Wasted EP

2 08 2012

This one goes for my people who were playing Hyph Mngo when that shit was out, and a special thought for all the people stuck in front of my turntables when i played it, 20% of you guys got it and shaked bodies. Rest of you are certainly not reading this, how much sorry i feel for you…Anyway, here’s a post about Wih’lo, talentuous 18 y.o. producer from Chicago. Yeah, again Chicago and you know already know how long this city stayed hided in the dark…Well, its finally about time, so let’s share our treasure: Wih’lo is one of them. His style is a blend of UK Garage & experimental R&B, if you ‘re into Pariah modified vocals and if your mind is fully open, then i think this will please you. Without falling inside the easy Trap style basslines everyone seems to discover right now (lol) Wih’lo is developping a slow, complex construction of synchs & voices on pads. We can gues influences behind this young cat: from Disclosure to Grimes, New Wave from UK’s to Aaliyah’s R&B_This kid grew up with a serious & experimented background, and i cant wait to hear more_I just hope he wont quit producing_Have a listen & Grab a free Download after the jump if you feel it // I do


Download # Raleigh Moncrief – Vitamins EP

18 09 2010

Good news from the underground
Last year, i played This Kick Ass Tune into my show, since that i admitt i didnt need to check about Raleigh since his first material was so rough: still in the tracklistings for 2010, 2011 & so on..
So it’s with a great pleasure i saw this morning threw Friendship Bracelet that he just released a new EP called Viatmins.
It’s again full of 6 banger beats.

Download # Rapohnelizenz-The Beat Tape Vol​.​1

6 09 2010

Some excellent beats right here, i could blabla again up on yall…but i Let dem introduce this gem’

Hello Digital World // Hello Hip Hop People

Here it is. Our first very own Beatcompilation.

When we started this about a year ago, living together in the same building, sharing the same passion for music, we were passing on links of the stuff we found online.It´s a bit like digging for wax – a lot of crap but then at the end of the box you find a beautiful piece of music.. So the next step was to share what you find on an bigger platform.
While browsing the web and selecting everyday what stuff is worth promoting, we meet artists who catch our attention. we just wante more of their music.
We invented this compilation as fans and asked our favorite underground producers to contribute..
We´re happy to deliver you a selection of mainly unreleased beats.

get your mp3-player ready and let us know what you think..

We thank all artists for contributing with us to make this happen.For more informations about the artists,click his track and check his infos-section!


Let dem know what you think

Download # Robot Koch w/Graciela Maria – Brujeria (From Forthcoming Robot Koch LP)

6 09 2010

Yep…Another Robot Koch Futuristic Song, I dont need to tell you but Expect a Brilliant & Savage LP

After last year`s release of his debut full length album entitled “Death Star Droid” Berlin stromtrooper Robot Koch kept himself hella busy. In 2010 alone he dropped the new Jahcoozi album “Barefoot Wanderer” on Bpitch Control, released his EP “Listen To Them Fade“ on Project:Mooncircle, did a bunch of remixes and productions for both major and indie artsits and played stunnig live shows everywhere from Low End Theory in LA to the Sonar Festival in Barcelona. And now he`s back to do some serious damage with his 2nd LP “Songs for Trees and Cyborgs”.
The album shows Robot’s versatility as a producer – it mixes and blends fresh, forward thinking electronic beats with heartfelt melodies and organic live instumentation.

On choice tracks Mr. Koch teams up with the likes of Boxcutter (Planet Mu), 1000 Names (Black Acre), Doshy (Robox Neotech), RQM (Baby Sumo) and Graciela Maria (Project Mooncircle) to present the point where dubstep, hip-hop and its myriad of influences fuse into a kaleidoscopic collage of sounds.

Download # Day of the Woman (Exponential)

1 09 2010

Probably the best fuckin thing i’ve heard this year

Day Of The Woman are Yppah (Ninjatune), Stenographer (Lowestfidelity) and Pollination(Exponential)

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