[DOWNLOAD] El Mahdy Jr & X_J – Peugeot 504 Dub (Free DL)

1 10 2013

The Future is Bright___

The almighty Peugeot 504 break version (or wagon in english i presume)  is an absolute classic for people from France & Algeria. I could even say that as Couscous, the famous dish from north africa, it became a symbol of Franco-Algerian culture (yes there is a Franco-Algerian culture).  So, every summer, many brothers go spend a month or two in Algeria by their families, bringing TONS of gifts from Paris to the bladi. Taking the car from Paris to Marseille, then the ferry and then depend on where you are located in Algeria, you’ll still have to drive to reach your villages.
People from Algiers are kinda lucky to not keep on driving…but at same time won’t enjoy Aurès or amazing landscapes from countryside. A must visit for anyone, the algerian parts of the Sahara is amazing.

The french rap band 113 made a song about this classic summer return in a song called “Tontons du bled” (Homeland’s Uncles) check out the video HERE.  We all have friends who returns Algeria or Senegal every summer. Some hate it, they prefer to stay all sumer with their friends in the projects, but more you grow up, more you go and less you want to come back to Paris suburbs.

Anyway, that was a lil note for you guys before you ask or wonder why this song is named like this, as illustrated…

So here’s a track we did with Mahdy, with some rips from a very dusty tape i found in a car my bro gave me_African Cassette of someone i wont tell you who, maybe later who knows___Anyway, if you are interested you can click HERE



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