DOWNLOAD # Vince Staples & Michael Uzowuru – Winter In Prague EP

17 10 2012

Post 999_wrd

She said just pray to sweet Lord Jesus. But He can’t do shit when you bleeding. Still ain’t
got no food in that freezer. You gon’ do whatever you need -­‘Cuz-­ God don’t come when
it’s niggas at the door. Shimmy shimmy ya I’m gon’ give it to ‘em raw


I am in a bad mood today, or should i say a very angry one, or frustrated by again injustice but this time happening at my work. Im seeing one of the strongest man i ever met, falling day after day into craziness, almost 3 years without a pay check from our bosses that were supposed to protect him_This guy helped them with the security during demonstrations for their union. And now this same union peoples putting him out and suing him. Lies over and over again, creating fake proofs, asking letters from his colleagues to testify he was a violent man, same colleagues who told him they’ll never let him down. Mutherfuckers afraid, mutherfuckers don’t want to loose their job, their daily shit day by day they’re swallowing since ages, mutherfuckers dont wanna die, they dead already, mutherfuckers think they’re right or wrong but they’re destroying one man standing life for money or better positions or promotions. Mutherfuckers should die, mutherfuckers should be home without pay with bills all over the table stacking, rents unpaid and looks of people of your fuckin crappy projects they just see on TV when HE’s leaving there. What do they know except their little life, little position, little mind, small dry hearted. Take your hand back and wait for better days, we’ll hit you back. Strong. No compromises mutherfuckers.


Some days its pretty hard to cheer up, and we’re all here 2012 all fucked up around us, no way to run, or escape or fight until cops caught you and break your life in pieces, ask you for money you dont have, that you will ask to your bank with high rates to pay back and will end up broken by the Machine__Eyes get darker as heart is bleeding when u cant even show compassion in this modern town, modern city so modern it let his own childrens sleep outside at winter. Nothing changed since Middle Age and the ones who will say it changed are the one who can enjoy those changings.

Some days i just wanna listen to this song Lord and many others alike: Locusts by Invincible & Finale, La meilleure des Polices by La Rumeur, Le Silence n’est pas un oubli from Lunatic, Rohff’s Générations Sacrifiés

Today im just frustrated and sad cause again Mutherfuckers, Pigs are taking away everything from someone that has already nothing left. 6 millions ways to die: choose one__Completely going nowhere with those words i agree but somedays blogging is also a necessary outlet if you dont want play it Michael Douglas style into your office__
Mutherfuckers will pay

Here’s fuckin dope EP by Vince & Michael, if you didnt know, now you know.






You just finish to read the post N°999

It’s been 5 years im doing this blog, writing some times, some times not_But most important is the music // The blog is suspended for now as im preparing something special to celebrate the post N°1000_
Its still hard to think i made it to 1000 alone, but in 5 years its not really a big success lol // Almost 80,000 views all time with mostly people from USA, Uk & Japan_Some peeps come here to steal topics (i know who you are) , some comes here to discover underground music_Big up to you both

Thank you to everyone who sent me warm messages, or hating messages. I love you as well, u bring so much laughs in my mind everytime i read you guys….so dont stop sending me message of hate & jealousy.

Sincerely yours_BRRRRRAP



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