DOWNLOAD # V.A. – Robot Soup [Potholes Music]

16 10 2012

Almost hitting 1,000 posts on SoWhat, so im happy to pass the info about a good site i’m checking very often:
Potholes In My Blog, who’s also releasing music and they doin’ it well.

Check out this 17 tracks compilation called Robot Soup featuring a bunch of crazy composers, at least I love them & i wish you will as well: Suzi Analogue, Kidkanevil, Elaquent, James Pants, B.Lewis, Monster Rally….wait…there are more?
We are very proud to bring you the fourth entry in our producer showcase series. Robot Soup arrives but a few months after our previous release, Cosmic Island, which served as a follow-up to Space Toast and Midnight Snacks. And like those compilations, Robot Soup contains never-before-heard instrumentals from some of our favorite producers here at Potholes. It also revolves around a central theme of the cooler temperatures that have already made their way across the globe.

We’ve gathered 17 tracks from a beyond-gifted and varied ensemble of artists. These include the likes of Thelonious Martin, James Pants, Suzi Analogue, Sourface, Kidkanevil, and B.Lewis, all of whom, like their cohorts, bring a distinct and engaging interpretation on how the fall/winter months impact our lives.

Thank you to Theodore Taylor III for the beautiful cover and poster design.

You’re not seating in economical class right now. Your seat ain’t close from engines. And there are no babies in this plane to trouble your enjoyment_Trust me, this is all 1st Class, fresh & best quality from different parts of the world.
It’s already opening with a very retro-atmosphere beat science by Mr Pants, and after just the few names you saw floating you are already not…..reading….me……anymore.


Have a good fuckin time with this fuckin good compilation_Big Shouts to Potholes



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