DOWNLOAD # Mo’Kolours – Brave [from HAND7009XX]

15 10 2012

I think it’s too late for you to grab the physical release, cause its sold out at OHM bandcamp…but who knows maybe over Discogs?

Anyway, here you go for this free gift, and what a gift!! It’s been almost 9 months since Mo’ released Banana Wine, a 8 track EP
that you can grab here digitally (physical release also Sold Out….yup!)

Two brand new cuts from the Mauritian marauder Mo Kolours as a warm-up to the final EP in his trilogy of releases for One-Handed Music.
‘Brave’ shows Mo’s rhythmic prowess at its simplest: a drum beat and perfectly manipulated sample are sometimes all you need. This one builds and builds and leaves you wanting more.
‘Dredd Music’ is a hypnotic soul cut with a nod to Jamaica, a captivating sufferer’s chant over a typically loose rhythm from the South London-based percussionist.
Only available on the vinyl.

Brave is a f* hypnotic tune, and as they said: it “leaves you wanting more” This drum loop / fingers clap blend is amazing & those backgrounds reminds me of….Calibre.
Yup, the DnB-Jungle-Liquid funk producer with tracks such as Ponderosa with dBridge or others tunes in the vein of Redeyes or Mutt.

Really love this tune and i hope you’ll enjoy it too



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