DOWNLOAD # Supreme Cuts – Whispers In The Dark (ReAnimation)

11 10 2012

One of my 3 fav’ band of the year is dropping again a new EP, but this time with only remixes from their highly acclaimed LP called Whispers in the dark. Which is one of the best shit that came out this year, but no one really talked about this…or maybe they did but i feel a bit in a same state of mind as the time we bring Ben UFO in Paris and no one showed up…You know: a bit too early_Thats exactly the purpose of this blog. So lets keep on this way

SupCuts 1st EP & LP can be bought via Insound HERE and even if it’s not sold out yet, i really suggest you to bought those ones, i have a feeling it will be collector soon or later…just sayin’
So here’s a remix EP from the LP, so not all tracks have been remixed, “only” 6 but its better to have 6 dope ones than 12 so-so tunes. Lets check it out about the remixers: we have mister Brenmar on a side, freshly signed but not newcomer’s Howse (if you were playing it a year before TriAngle signed him big up to you bro), also; and this is not a surprise: Chicago’s duo The-Drum who are completely on fire at the moment: from productions for young genius Haleek Maul to their brilliant EP released via MischkaNYC (get it here) those folks completely satisfied my ears over the last months so i can tell you now they will be featured in the top 10 of the year. Alongside those 3, we have Astro Nautico’s The Range from Providence who also just released his Disk EP via DonkyPitch, check it out here, it’s quite crazy one. Don’t worry cuz, if you’re broke get his free EP material righ’HERE. Well this is already a fuckin dope team i confess, but to add a bit more madness to this we have nothing else than Juke’s mass murderers  Sich Mang also from Chicago____Last, but not least Physical Therapy came to bring their tasty fingers on Sup’Cuts materials.
The result is a very very eclectic remix EP, and after the whole listen i truly felt i listened to more than 6 tunes…so i cant do differently than telling you to drop over the soundcloud player and grab them one by one. Maybe i will do a zip with all into it with artwork later on this week______ Peace & believe in Supreme Cuts !!



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