DOWNLOAD # Suhnraw – Groove – Volume.1

11 10 2012

Here we go for another installement, and getting closer from the 1000th post_
i fuckin dont know what to do about that…ask Philip Glass an interview?
Whatever its not the topic (yet) and we’re gonna listen to this quite good beat collections, if soul & cuts are your thing.
Read: if you grew up with 90’s hiphop there are plenty chances what u’re about to listen will rock your day.
And let’s say it: if you’re a MC, you’ll got what u need ova’here_16 dopeness to smoke up.
Even if its pretty hard to know who from who is the real one, we’re not here to talk with words and make a buzz, we’re here for listening to good music when it’s not experimental one. And this what it is: dope kick ass beats.
At least, this guy looks more than humble, as listening to this piece he did while ago, mentioning Dilla used the sample when some don’t even know who he is. Have a listen_

And why doing one Nas remix when you can Two?

Ok i think i’ve got all your attention by now. This guy is quite talented, but please dont think he’s just doing basic beats.
What i really like about Soundcloud, in a way you just refresh your TL and u got all those amazing music coming straight to your ears when not even 2 hours ago it was still not bounced from people’s machines…

So what did Suhnraw did last night?
This headnodda


Have a good afternoon Fam’



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