DOWNLOAD # Various Artists – Out of Dots [JAPAN]

10 10 2012

Two days ago at WOMB, produced and presented by Bunkai-Kei records, was the edition of Out Of Dots_with a very very yummy line-up including Madegg, Aoki Takamasa, Quarta330, Seiho, Notuv, Submerse, Himuro Yoshiteru or mmmmm to name a few. I wasnt there….unfortunately, and god knows i miss Japan right now as winter is coming and also because TEPCO decisions are completely non-sense to me and very dangerous…(if you dont know check out the update BNE just did about Fukushima situation…TEPCO position could cost thousands of people their life and even more we could almost lost Japan_RIP Gil) … fortunately, for those of you who knows about Japan, people there still have this incredible energy, and optimism. So instead of stay home and hide, they produce, they organise, they are pushing the limits…yes again, one step forward. Japan is not really the country you’ll look for right now: medias are having much more to talk about from Iran to US Elections…to keep you asleep. Well, here’s a little something to wake you up and pass over your brain frontiers. Almost 30 artists participated to this event with 3 diiferent stages: Main, Force & Lounge floor. Please note that “Lounge” doesnt necessarely means you’re having a 50euros drink at Buddha bar…This is kinda useless attitude in life, as spending your whole life (or at least few years) playing Counter Strike or WOW online.

I spend my life online…but you know why !!! Here are some tracks i choose from the artists involved.

But u gotta jump for the rest ; )








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