DOWNLOAD # Pursuit Grooves aka 91 Fellows – Got The Power + Terrapin SkyDome

8 10 2012

A very quick post for the true heads, here’s a very good and fresh production by always underrated Pursuit Grooves
I still, honestly, don’t f* understand why she’s not getting the attention she deserves…it’s a real shame…

Yeah_This is dope….and in case you didnt know, or you ended up on this blog by mistake:
please take time to listen / discover her new project under the alias 91 Fellows_It’s an amazing piece of work including IDM or Cinematic boiling in a Soul pot.
Absolutely essential record for this end of the wo…year. And it has been released already…? Yeah? Now you notice no one talked about it “that” much over the so called Music website:

Sorry, no results matched your query. <— This kind of craps yall know….

Do yourself a flavor and spend the next hour to listen to Pursuit Grooves_91 Fellows


If i were you, i would also listen & download this “mix” which is not the usual shit u hear over internet_so think different and if u like to loose yourself into a textures field,
this will be just perfect: “Terrapin Skydome” was created for the Australian website A Colourful Storm as a 30 minute original live score/composition to a fictitious film,
practically creating a brand new body of work and offering a sonic opener to the new release.






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