DOWNLOAD & PRE-ORDER # Dawn Hunger (Fuck Buttons’s Andrew Hung) – Stumbling Room

6 10 2012

Big big big up to Marie from Zoobook agency for the head up


Massive forthcoming solo project from Fuck Button’s Andrew Hung called Dawn Hunger, interpreted and performed live by Claire Inglis and Matthew de Pulford. Here is the A side, free for download (thanks a lot for this).
This tune will be released on vinyl by the 5th of november. You can already pre-order it HERE, i really recommend you to do it now by this website, dont wait for it to be sold out at all stores , if like us you are feelin’ Fuck Buttons & want to hear something new: this is the right time.

The debut Dawn Hunger single is a double A-side consisting of the songs “Stumbling Room” and “Billowed Wind”

Written and produced by Andrew Hung, DAWN HUNGER is an exploration of the female voice.

Dawn Hunger is interpreted and performed live by Claire Inglis and Matthew de Pulford. In this process we see the generation of identity; an interpretation of self. Actions become objects and being gives way to soul.

This is a music that is both turbulent and disconcerting. Bereft of excess; jagged components are given space to breathe and move, attracting each other into unsettling frenzy. Groove is redefined by unhinged yet locked drums. The female voice screeches and wails to disturb, and compel in equal measures.

This is the captured moment of air becoming rain; love becoming confusion.

Really really feelin this new direction, and cant wait to have a listen on this B-Side, after this very promising A one.
Without a doubt this tune on wax will warm your house for the winter coming, and we cant do anything else that wishing good luck to Andrew with this new works.

Don’t Sleep___






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