FORTHCOMING # Fatima Al Qadiri – Desert Strike EP [FADE005]

4 10 2012

Fatima Al Qadiri – Desert Strike EP
Out October 23 on Fade to Mind

Released by: Fade to Mind
Release/catalogue number: FADE005
Release date: Oct 23, 2012

01. Ghost Raid
02. Oil Well
03. War Games
04. Desert Strike
05. Hydra

Fatima Al Qadiri is a Brooklyn-based composer and artist, born in Senegal and raised in Kuwait. Al Qadiri uses a surreal life experience to act as melodic narrator in her latest body of work Desert Strike, which also serves as her Fade to Mind debut.

In 1992, ten year old Fatima Al Qadiri bought a copy of “Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf”, a top-down shooter game for Sega Megadrive based on Operation Desert Storm. A year prior, Kuwait’s inhabitants had experienced the apocalyptic vision of aerial bombings, air raid sirens, and skies filled with smoke from black oil fires. Time collapsed, schools closed, Fatima and her sister, Monira, spent their entire time at play-and began an addiction to video games that lasted for several years.

Playing “Desert Strike”, a game that coldly depicts strikes on civilian and military targets was an amalgamation of actual and virtual war game realities for Al Qadiri. This EP of original works is dedicated to the synthesis of terror and child-like wonder, to the strategies of imagination and gaming, while sonically paying homage to the militaristic futurism of early grime.

With sparse, decisive percussion, Desert Strike’s 5 tracks showcase Fatima’s melodic virtuosity. Intro Ghost Raid, named after “The Ghost” F-117A Nighthawk stealth fighter, launches an aerial
bombardment that subsides to sand-blasted lull. Oil Well’s half time, freeform progression speaks to the seductive wealth beneath the earth’s surface. The cinematic crunk of War Games and the title track Desert Strike evoke virtual military action, the sound of toy drones seeking recursive targets. Lush and sparse Hydra reminds us of a vast, toxic horizon revived by streams of liquid life.

Without being able to describe you the whole EP i didnt listen yet, i can only tell you, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, that Fatima Al Qadiri is an amazing and unique artist.
Many people have been completely stuck on her universe from her website to Ayshay massive buzz (f* well deserved) so ya feel me: I love Fatima and i cant wait to listen more…
i also wish (but this a little whim from my inside gremlin) Fatima will team up with El Mahdy Jr one day….Soon please






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