DOWNLOAD # Plastik Sound UK presents – Plastik People Compilation Album Vol​.​1

28 09 2012

Completely unexpected compilation coming out from the vault, big up to unknown Plastic Sound UK peoples
who absolutely murdered the tracklisting. This 16 tracks compilation is a very must have for all of us: Fans of big subs and deep atmos.
But also, for the reason that Music world has lost his mind quite a while ago, and so many shits are introduced as must-have….or incessed like OMG this is brilliant
So for the people concerned: take a dico and check letter B for Brilliant_now you should have a proper definition….and its amazing but we have right here, right now
a proper exemple of Brilliant works: the selection is absolutely brilliant. Cause it brings in the same bag, very different stuffs, even if some deaf ears will say: uuuh its dubstep its boring its all the same…
Well // SORRY // but // YOU’RE WRONG // sorry >> Listen those deep anthems & download it !! (and even if you dont want, your body will nightwalks and turn on computer and turn on HiFi and wake u up)

I wanted to write a lil focus on one or two of those artists, but time will come for this (it’s in fact still under working)

Enjoy, and have a great weekend



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