FORTHCOMING # Asonic Garcia – Waking To Eternia [Limited Edition Cassette, Mitamine Lab]

25 09 2012

Im not gonna talk much about this forthcoming cassette from one of the best kept secret of the scene__Well, you might never heard about him & i never really wanted to write or review about his works as well. For many different reasons but first because he’s not the kind of guy into Media shits & showing off or else. Thats a good news. He’s more probably the kind of hardworker, focus on music compositions with his solo works or with his other project. Asonic Garcia is more than another random Soundcloud account, and trust me he deserves all your attention.
He’s already getting the support from people like BUN, Glia, Dak & much more.  Asonic Garcia is a member of the Secret Sidewalk Quintet. And also producing by his own.

As i said i wont talk so long, cause i will do it later when the cassette will be physically on Earth via (always excellent & underrated) Mitamine Lab_for now, please enjoy this video of the track The Next Day featuring Mr dak, following by two featured tracks from the cassette: including another one with dak! YES!

“Waking To Eternia” limited edition cassette coming soon on Mitamine Tape Club.

produced and recorded by asonic garcia

remixes by:



For now, i let you with those Two excellent releases: Senzu Beans published in 2009 & LoFiSmokeBeats #1 from last year, both available as free downloads. So please enjoy those gems, please share it around.
If like me, losing yourself into music aint a big deal, then you’ll love his universe. For LoFi lovers & More !!!


Expect more to come very very soon_____ ; )



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