FORTHCOMING # OL – Body Varial EP [Error Broadcast, EBC019]

21 09 2012

Released by: Error Broadcast
Release/catalogue number: ebc019
Release date: Oct 8, 2012

OL continues his musical odissey, crossing genres & having fun with references. Seems like all bets we’ve made on him are gonna win!!!
Maybe OL’s materials didnt reach your ears between all those digital releases poppin everyday. I can understand that, but if you’re showing interest for east europe / Russia scene, his name might bring you to hella good memories. Alongside another bunch of musical aliens such as Lapti, DZA or Pixelord to name a few, OL established as one of the must hear artist this year. This 6 tracks EP, to be released on 7th October via pushing the limits label Error Broadcast (distributed by Alpha Pup), is the 3rd physical release by OL, following a superb 7″ imprint via french based Faces Records & an obscur hard to find 10 tracks CD published via Pongo.
For this ep, OL aka Oleg Buyanov takes a different way from his past works, embracing a future footwork path melting with loud 808 kicks & subs, topped by screwed 90’s hiphop lyrics such as Ghostface…It’s more close from his recent works like ANYTHING or IWM (both available as gifts).

Body Varial EP  is a very mature project bringing & condensing the energy of the artist into 6 tracks, including a featuring with brother in arms Lapti (which is i think the one we are all waiting for the album or ep or anything else…..sincerely) The result is an absolute powerful piece of Music, where OL turns out most of other producer’s vulgarity into a sensitive & surprising Bass affair. Reminding me some of the best early 2562’s synth or Martyn’s kicks structures_as well manipulating acapellas harmonics as good as Knxwledge.
Really. After the first listen i had of this promo, i was more than surprised, and felt completely sane cause: i was right, OL is one of those big ones now.
Here’s the 1st excerpt from this very awaited EP, the tune is called Combination & there are plenty chances you’ll hear this again pretty soon. BUMP!!

For his new EP ‘Body Varial’ OL. is embracing both Footwork tempi, the production aesthetics of Trap, and the fathomless echo chambers of Dub. ‘Body Varial’ is as dark and dangerously brilliant as black snake skin. Its glossy textures flow elegantly though OL messes with pitch and complex percussion quite a bit. The warmth of former production has been replaced by cross-synced synth patches and adventurous harmonic compositions. ‘Body Varial’ combines sex with musical sophistication, offers common ground for bass nerds and dance folk. An immense piece of music.


I’m sure you’re burning to listen more, and you’re right: Body Varial is one of those dopest release of this new autumn season, trust me it will keep you W.A.R.M.!!!
If you can’t wait until this EP drop (and i understand this), Error Broadcast made one of his past release: Random Phrase, available for free // Grab Grab Grab

>>>>> Also to be mention this interview + full ep stream at LiveForTheFunk






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