DOWNLOAD # Friendzone – Collection 1 [Remastered]

20 09 2012

Hi everyone, updates are back as i was away from le internet for more than 10 days. It’s a bit hard to write again and focus/choose some topics to write about. So it’s kind of good timing that James  Laurence & Dylan Reznick aka FRIENDZONE are dropping a remastered version of their highly acclaimed Collection I. And when i say “Highly Acclaimed” i know it’s not really the record you heard about everywhere. It’s very unfortunate, but at same time let’s be happy that some of us are here to push those kind of projects. Nuff said.

If you are wondering, i’ve been talking about them via different projects/compilations that has been out last months, and sincerely been stuck on I Have Nothing, this track was and is still one i cherish. Friendzone has been producing for Squadda B, Main Attrakionz, Shady Blaze, Green Ova & many more as well working closer with Ryan Hemsworth.
Im not so much into music genres, so apologize if i dont put a name on Friendzone music. It goes from funk to slow jams, from chill wave to post rap. I know it’s hard to stick to a genre and specially if you’re runing a blog but instead of talking about only same stuffs, i really prefer to push what i think to be good and promising artists: Friendzone are one of those.

Download it below


So before you start to listen (or re-listen) Collection I, i just want to give you 2 links to Kuchibiru Network mixtape 1 & 2
the best way to enter Friendzone world: what they like, what they do & who they support_16 & 22 tracks kinda compilation but very eclectic, without a doubt the closer sound from what we can call Modern Rap_instead of Post Rap.

And Joy



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