DOWNLOAD # 4 Fresh tracks by VTGNIKE

5 09 2012

Again a super refreshing new sound from the East: Russia got a serious stock of amazing producers.
By the time, i hope you didnt sleep and u kept on diggin into the internet dust or internet underlights.
It’s a great occupation, start by unfollow all major websites_then dig_share_spread love

Here’s 4 brand new fresh & great lil things by the mysterious vtgnike/myown depends on the alias he uses i guess.
He was kind enough to share with us those old/new productions. Its 160 bpm so u think u know what’s gonna be?
Nope!! this guy brings so much beauty in this “balls” world, and if only Teebs would like to team up with this guy, i think we will have one of the best thing for the next 2 years__but hey im not the only one over here in west europe to wait for all those Russians to hit the ground and breack your necks: Lapti, OL u guys come first !!

Have a slice of vtgnike shits, im sure you’ll come back cause it’s YummY



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