DOWNLOAD # Brolis – ☼

23 08 2012

Between the mountain of music i check everyday, i cant really post about everything…but im tryin’ my best
This has been stuck into my ears since 6 months and i completely forgot to talk about it…I cant remember also how i found it, and to be honest not so much informations about this guy i can give_unfortunately_but fortunately, you & i are here for the same thing: good & unique music. And that’s what you’re about to listen_Brolis is Donatas Tubutis and he’s from Lithuania (Vilnius precisely). I wont call his music Beat Music, but when you’ll download this and burn it on CD, dont forget to take off the silence between each tunes. This has to be listened one shot, like a long live_so it’s a kind of tape, one side probably_its kinda short, but better have 10 minutes of good something, than an hour of bad something.

Make yourself comfortable, if you dig dub echoes, world drums & Sun Ra_you’ll love this
Plug your subs or headphones, enjoy & share it faster than i did_Wish to hear more from this guy soon



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