LISTEN # Durlin Lurt – Laundry (Dirty Tapes)

22 08 2012

This can probably be one of the best and exciting news of the year: the return of Monsieur Lurt_Responsible for one of the maddest ever crispy fried filthy material since the year 2000: Him Jenson. Sounding more fun and filthier than ever, the conceptual work spans the alphabet (twenty six tracks with many familiar guests) sampling you-know-who through an experimental hip-hop lens that is unique and absurdly organic. This material, from what i know so far is an absolute master-piece & classic record, highly acclaimed all over the planet_and its the only one he putted out. We don’t count the one with Jarrod Fowler published in 2006, and we certainly don’t know much about his many collabs with Jonwayne_but what we are sure about, is that Durlin is one of the most enigmatic cat in the game, and wondering who’s hiding behind this nickname is just a waste of time. Please don’t.
If you’re ending up here, scrolling down/up over the website, and you feel curious about it then click HERE & jump over Leaving Records who are the only ones (and god bless you all) who gave Him Jenson a proper home.


Now let’s focus on what we have here: a “new” track by the man, out via Dirty Tapes soundcloud, and i hope, and im pretty sure, something is cooking right now. If Dirty Tapes releases a new Durlin whatever u call it thing cassette cdr….
it’s gonna be just wonderful_i cant wait and its giving me again another reason to chill on this planet.
2012 is a good year for Music, and gonna keep on to be. Dirty Tapes already released marvellous materials by Bluezr, Sir Froderick, Mark Aubert, BUN, Asonic Garcia, Ohbliv, RBE or DTCPU_So whatever’s gonna happen, catch the train if you’re not into it already, and just don’t care about the destination…Think Murray







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