DOWNLOAD # . Bija – Explorations: Volume 001

22 08 2012

This is unexpected and completely unknown_and fuck, this is really good.

This is the first, in what will hopefully be an ongoing series of experimental tracks; crossing all genres of electronic music. I write a lot of tracks and love all genres within the realms of underground beats. The tracks here, covering everything from IDM and glitch, to future garage, and ambient, chill, more minimal forms of “dub”. The “Exploration Series” will fall between my eps and lps, which tend to have a particular “theme”, while these will focus on being a collection of experimental explorations. Pick it up for free or toss a couple of bucks if you’re really feeling it……..

. Bija is a producer from Athens, Greece_As an european, im pretty aware about what’s going on in Greece since 3 years now, and if most of my producers friends are taking every inspiration from life in general, this artist surely has a lot to say. As listening to this series of “experimental” tracks, i can confirm: this man talks. A lot.
You might remember some of those post-garage, Burial school drums artists i talked about such as Mirror State or Ghostek, well here’s another artist to discover in that vein, even if to me i found more similarity with deep dnb sounds than garage: ASC, Instra:Mental, D-Bridge…Basically all Exit Records/Nonplus family. Im into DnB since ages even if i never post about it, i played with many artists and i booked quite a lot. This guy deserves all your attention_i hope his music will emerge more than 16 FB likes..maybe cause of you if u like it, u gonna share it___To my dear dj friends, you’ll found here almost anything you were looking for intros or deep atmospheric sets, trust me:
_This is top notch IDM Deep Bass_

Please press:play

Another banger LP is available here, and you gotta check also the man behind all the additional field recordings:
Gluid from Kampen, Netherlands_He’s an extraordinary composer, his soundscapes are next level and it would be such a pity if you missed him_Between Animal Collective’s crazyness machines choirs & Steve Reich’s repetitiv lobotomies:
please go dive with Gluid & listen/download this track called Lure_be sure to check out the soundcloud to get more freebies___________________________________________________

We wish you the best . Bija






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