LISTEN & DOWNLOAD # DTCPU – live dublab “sprout session” (06.25.12)

21 08 2012

Always a great moment when its about to listen to DTCPU, the man who can deep fry your brain_You might (i should say you must) remember the past releases he putted out.
Many of his releases appeared over here: from a Plane to Microwaves / Friends & A Bird and all those great reworks/refllipped / remixes for Mezzo, Swarvy & more.
It’s been a while i didnt hear from the man DTCPU, and its a real pleasure again to see that Dublab makes this “sprout session” from last june available for all of us.
Be sure to lock all windows before you start listenning to this_This is Mad and this is Brilliant_We cant wait for the next DTCPU material to come out
Hopefully a cassette??? Ya’ll know DTCPU is also a talented visual artist, and his collages (as DemHunger ones) are always better quality than others. But hey, some people got it, some people don’t

Haters gonna Hate

LISTEN [audio]


DTCPU herein offers a proclamation of sound derived from the distilled essence of nature blasted through a filter laced with energy of our kaleidoscopic modern age. These are the motions of magnetic forms bent from their natural order. This movement away from the norm is a motion meant to reveal the sparks that fly when reality is curved in new directions. Upon pressing play you will hear such sounds shower upon your ears, so please prepare for the new awakening.






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